Electric Spaghetti Monster


Lemme' tell you!

"Charity - "Oh, don't worry about it TOO much, doing these things is often its own reward!"

Name: Lenore Denagere
AKA Lena Renegade
AKA Lenny
Age: 17*
Sex: Female
Height: 5'0" (5'3" with hat)
Weight: "A girl has to have secrets, right~?"

Job: Black Mage
Title: Spaghetti Mistress

1. Find my mother again Found her! I was so happy to see her again!
2. Steer my brother off his self-destructive path. W-well, hopefully he'll turn out all right.
3. See all the libraries in the world Complete! Wow, I've seen and done so much!

Life: Learn something my father hasn't. Complete! Behold, Laplace Laser!

Theme: Orchestral Army
Trance Theme: Selene's Light -spread star Magic-


Level 15
Class: Black Alchemist
EXP: 0/5
Destiny: 3
PHANTOM Destiny: 1
HP: 360/360
MP: 360/360 (Half costs)
AP: 0/100 (What shall it be?)

Stat Value Bonus Total
PWR 28 10 32
RES 6 4 10
DEX 4 0 4
MND 16 0 16
  • Stronger Together: +4 Pwr, +4 Mnd
  • ACC: 7+4(+1)
  • AVD: 5+5+2+2
  • ARM: 60(+90 temp) (Auto-Protect)
  • M.ARM: 140(+90 temp) (Auto-Shell)
  • Force: 8(12)
  • Finesse: 5
  • HP/level: 14+6(+4)=20(24)
  • MP/level: 8+16=24
  • Weapons: Brawl, Huge, Concealed, Ranged, Arcane
  • Armor: Light
  • Skill Points: 22+24
  • Type: Arcana

Note: Laplace Laser is at 16xPWR before other mods from last fight, Lightning Field will be intact, so starting Laplace multiplier will be 23xPWR assuming I'm at full health.



My Specialties?

Skills: (cap 9)
Awareness: 5
Escape: 3
Lore (Magic): 9
Lore (Eidolons): 3
Perform: 6
Synthesis (Alchemy): 9
Systems: 5
Negotiation (signature): 10

Taught Cactuar by Ricard Highwind!
Can speak Mu! Au au!
Focus (Innate)
Bottomless Pockets Magic Hat (Bonus)
1:Specialization: Lightning
1:Counter Magic
2:Specialization: Lightning
4:Favored Spell (Originally Thundara, then Thundaga, and now Laplace Laser)
Limit 1: Chemist
6:Specialization: Lightning
AP1: Elemental Seal
8:Unnecessary Force
AP2: Magic Sword
10: Mixer refunded for Obliterate
Limit 2: Truth
12: Observe
14: Fashionable
Limit 3: Fastcast
AP3: Charity Aura

My belongings~


Weapon: Eternal Storm (Tier 8 Arcane (Quick Cast). Break Damage Limit. Imperil, Stormsoul (Lightning Enhancer + Lightning Absorb + take over machinery), Auto-Flight (Make fluffy cloud), Enervate (When using Angel Snack, can take one of the stripped buffs), Auto-Life, MP Refresh, Hot-Blooded, Spellburst (Laplace Laser) (doesn't destroy or disappear, just becomes not usable for rest of session. Also, ALWAYS slow)) (Priceless)
Armor: Raiments of Ishtar (Tier 8 Light. Auto-Protect, Adept (On a damage roll of 6,6 the user may immediately cast another spell they know that they have sufficient MP to cast. This property can't trigger itself.)) (Priceless)
Bracers: Boost Bracelets of the Renegade Knight! (Tier 8 Bracer. 5 AVD. Auto-Haste, Auto-Shell, Precision, Fiend-Killer, Accurate (+4 opposed checks, +2 AVD) Sentient (+8 reroll on Lore: General), Crystalbound (drain 10% of spell damage))
Add-On: Brotherly Love - Tier 8 Add-On. This sparkling, prismatic jewel, when properly set (earrings, necklace, ring, bracelet, whatever) confers +4 Res, Half MP Cost, and Ring of Blades (Force Whirling Spear, does Force * Level damage to anyone who attacks in melee). (Priceless)
Add-On: Honey Amber (Tier 7 Add-on, Party Effect, Overdrive)
Familiar Add-on: Cloak of Rubicante - (Tier 8 Add-on. Fire Absorb, Fire Enhancerx2, Party Effect)
Food: Elvaana Squid Sushi (Charm-proof, +4 PWR, Jagged, Seal-proof)



1x Soft
2x Moogle Tent
9x Potion
1x Hi-Potion
1x Ether
5x Hi-Ether
2x Font of Clarity (Party Effect MP Restore, Tier 7)
3x Aether Draught (Regen + Rejuv for battle, single target)
2x Elixir (!!)
3x Party Effect Phoenix Down
5x Party Effect Remedy
1x Party Effect Hi-Potion
3x Party Effect Hi-Ether
4x [Variable] Status Touch Bombs
4x [Variable] Status [Variable] Strike Bombs
4x Love Potion (???)
3x Starlet's Spring Day
8x Gentle Rain (Party Effect + Remedy + HP Restore (Tier 5))
6x Calming Mistral (HP Heal (Tier 7) + Party Effect)
6x Soothing Sirocco (MP Heal (Tier 7) + Party Effect)
2x Lakshmi's Embrace (Revive + HP Heal (Tier 5) + MP Heal (Tier 5))
4x Healing Mist (Party Effect + HP Heal (Tier 5) + MP Heal (Tier 5))


1x Chocobo Fricassee (Wind Ward)
2x Beef Pierogi (Pwr+4 Food)


Achy Breaky Heartrod (Tier 6 Arcane, Imperil, Thunder Enhancer, Quick Cast) (a bunch)
Lenore-Powered Bug Zapper! (Tier 3 Accessory, Special: Swarm-killer, 1kg)
Hand of Tantalus (Tier 4, Omni, Custom, Tantalizing, PRICELESS, wielded as Brawl/Arcane)
Lightning Rod (Tier 3 Arcane, Properties: Quick Cast, Lightning Enhancer, 2,400g)
Aegea Grab (Tier 4 Light, Hot Blooded)
Earth Crystal (Earth Absorb Accessory)
Flowery Gloves (Tier 2 Bracer, 1 AVD, Mnd+2, 150g)
Resilient Mage's Robes (Tier 5 Light, Seal Proof) (6750 or something)
Blessed Robes of the Renegade (Tier 6 Light, Fortified)
Bracelet of Unrelenting Force (Tier 6 Bracer, Accurate (+4 Opposed), +3 AVD, 4875g)


15x Synthesizing Alcohol (Tier 1 MP restore, can only make Tier 1 items)
3x Health Extract (Tier 1 HP restore, can only make Tier 1 items)
3x Powdered Gems (Lore: Eidolons +2, +4 when used in Consumable)
4x Gummy Berry Juice (+2 Athletics, +4 in consumables)
1x Mandragora Heart (Plant Killer)
1x Lamia Scale
3x Iboga Petals
6x Explosive Powder (Explosive)
1x Charged batteries (lightning-strike)
1x Water Balloon (Water-strike)
1x broken pottery (Earth-strike)
2x Neural Delaying Venom (Slow-touch)
1x Spring-loaded hammer (Impact)
2x Varia Root (variable effect)
4x Alraune Petals (used in making virgin Ethers) (might be inaccurate)
10x Megalodon Fangs (might be inaccurate)
5x Wind Drake Wing (might be inaccurate)
5x Treant Root (might be inaccurate)
Jeremejevite (Tier ?? Gem, ???) (20000g)

Key Items

Formal Wear
Black Mage Girl Outfit
Black Mage Girl Formal Outfit
Lightningbolt Earrings
Unknown Gel (Lightning Conductor, maybe Lightning Enhancer?)
Copy of Sandy Summoning Glyph
Bottle of "Ooh La La" (Bust+ on females, ??? on males, +2 social skills (Inquiry, Negotiation, Acting, Perform, et al))
Bottle of "Jilted Bride's Sorrow" (BOO HOO HOO)
Bottle of "Starlet's Spring Day"
Ladybug Compact Mirror
Bee Thorax Lipstick
Mantis Scissors
Bottomless Bra (like her Magic Hat, but in handy chest compartment. Goes with all sorts of outfits and fits a bit better because Ooh La La's made her old ones too small!)
Wind Mirror Shard x1
Cyber-Abomination remains
Carmilla's AMAZING DRESS (http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1253277)
A pair of silken gloves that can improve non-combat spells to some degree, a pouch of dust that makes one invisible, a wand with the power to control animals, a crystal ball someone like 12GIL's or Ayane's, and a thick grimoire of spells.
301298g is what I have


Black Magic:
Novice: Thunder, Hex, Fire, Poison
Intermediate: Thundara, Bio, Blizzara
Expert: Thundaga, Wateraga, Death, Aeroga, Transform
Superior: Doomsday, Virus
Ancient: Scathe, Laplace Laser, Ultima

Observed: Frog Song, Aqua Rake, White Wind, Angel Snack, Supernova, Roulette


Limit Break
Levin Lenore's Lovely Lethal Laplace Laser - Attack: Spell (Laplace Laser, 3 Points), Multispell (3 spells, 18 Points), Elemental (Lightning, 1 Point), Debilitatex2 (Lightning Weakness, 4 Points), Stylish (+3 Acc/Avd Allies, 6 points), Power Item (Eternal Storm, -1 Point), Random Target (Enemy Only, -1 Point)

Trance: Wild Magus
Regain all 1/session and 1/combat abilities
Gain Fastcast
Unlimited MP for the Duration of the Trance
+2 Damage Steps on all attacks
Special: X-Wild Magic: Lenore is able to use an instant action to spontaneously learn two new spells (whether "learning" these is temporary or permanent is unknown), randomly chosen (the first time she used it, she got Comet and Mighty Guard) and then cast both of them simultaneously with a Standard action.
Duration: 3 rounds.

Summons: Magus Sisters, Starlet, Mist Dragon
Calls: Carbuncle

Why I'm here?




Personal Thoughts


Campaign : FFIX-2