Game : Space

Vital Info

The Little Liquid Metal Girl

Name: Leen (Given)
Age: Young in Heart, Body, and Mind, otherwise old
Sex: Robo-Female
Height: Little, Variable
Weight: Variable
Quote: "B-being flat on certain parts is OK!" "…A hero fighting on an empty stomach or not fully charged isn't a hero at their best! A good hero knows how to play support and be on the front lines!"

Race: Android (VMU?)
Job: Paladin
Exp: 3/5
Destiny: 1

1. Make everyone on the Excel appreciate the non-combat aspects that can be possibly related to being a Seeker just a bit/a whole lot more! Right now, that's cooking (can't go on an empty stomach!) and making people look cute/nice (helps with people's opinions, and being cute is great).
2. Protect everyone when things look their most dire! …By myself! Why 'by myself'? Well…figure it out yourself! Or ask me!
3. Y-you want another?! …Give me a minute. …Am I…hmm…

Life Goal. Give my amnesia case a happy ending!

Battle Theme: Theme of the Leen Meen Fighteen Macheen


Level 6
HP: 246/246 (234/234)
MP: 60/60

Stat Value Bonus Total
POW 7 0 7
RES 17 2 19
DEX 3 0 3
MIND 8 0 8

ACC: 4
EVA: 5
ARM: 62 (Unmodified 25% HP Value: 74)
M. ARM: 37 (Unmodified 25% HP Value: 43)
+HP from Saint's Cross: 24
Force: 6
Finesse: 2

HP/level: 39/41
MP/level: 10
Weapons: Arcane, Blade, Reach
Armor: All
Skill Points Total: 35



Skills and Abilities

Athletics: 3
Awareness: 3
Being Cute: 5
Escape: 3
Healing: 3
Language: 3
Stealth: 3
Synthesis (Cooking): 5
Synthesis (Armor): 3
Systems: 3
Swimming: 1

Innate: Cover
Limit: Saint's Cross

1: Unstable Mind Warp (Treegift~), Unusual Species (Construct, +2 RES), Sentinel
2: Astra
4: Leadership
6: Skillful Hero


Weapon: Heavy Spear (Tier 2 Reach, +2 RES)
Cooking Weapon:
Armor: GABRIELLA (Tier 5 Heavy Armor, Unique, 50 ARM, 25 M.ARM)
Shield: EMBLEM (Tier 4 Shield, Stoic)
Accessory: Orb of Opposition (Tier 2 Accessory, Accurate [Opposed Roll +2])


Novice: Cure, Poisona, Banish, Dia
Intermediate: Protect, Shell

Limit Breaks
Rank 1: Flexibility: New Form (12, Amorphous, Flight, Regeneration? 2?), Self Only, Power Item (EMBLEM)
Who said mind altering was limited to other people? It's a lot easier to warp your own mind, after all. Of course, warping the mind for the sake of efficiency…
Rank 2: at level 10
Rank 3: at level 11+ with accomplished life goal

Killer Moves

Major: Expel Life (30% MP: Inflicts Poison and Zombie against a single target on a successful opposed Force roll. Both effects are rolled separately. Can't cause damage to a target, it should have been 30% but I forgot that so it was 40%, I'm silly.)
Minor: Push (15% HP: Causes Short Range Knockback with a physical attack.)