Lecia Lina Asami

Name: Lecia Lina Asami

Age: 14

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 112 lb, plus whatever the shades weigh


Lecia is a person that has spent way too much time with Super Robot Wars, and other mecha related things. Fancy robot things are in fact one of the greatest things to have ever existed. Her life has mostly been consumed with collecting things that relate to super robots, and Super Robot Wars is her most favorite thing in the history of forever. Her lifelong dream is to be able to actually create a super giant robot herself, something that even her current powers cannot quite muster, but she wouldn't count that. Has to be a completely natural super robot, even if such a thing is completely impossible, some people can dream.

And in case I didn't elaborate enough on that collection, IT IS A FUCKING MASSIVE COLLECTION. All the Super Robot Wars games of this day and age? She might be missing one of the NES ones, but god damn, that is a relic. (She probably has it on some ancient emulator, or perhaps on a sort of Virtual Console release or something. The rest? She has those too. All of them, played. SRW is her WET DREAM COME TRUE. And of course, for that to be possible, she'd have to be really big fans of other super robot shows. Which, she is. The collection of anime is absolutely staggering. She has anime that she hasn't even watched yet in there, because she certainly doesn't have time to see all of it BECAUSE THERE'S SO GOD DAMN MUCH OF IT. It would take a lifetime to see it all, really. The ones that starred in Super Robot Wars have certainly been watched, and some other ones have been too. She even has some hilariously bad attempts at the genre locked away, which she has watched for laughs.

But now to get to the actual little girl. Thanks to having all of this stuff, she is frequently talking about it whenever she's at ease. That isn't to say that she's unaware of the world…well, of the things in the world. She's much too busy with her collections to do much with actual people unless it's over the internet, around super robot sites, or perhaps the MMORPG she's screwing around with at the time (which usually involves robots). Speaking of robots, she's not JUST interested in super robots, but other such machines as well. With the progress made, they have become something very, very interesting. If she's not engulfed in super robot things (something forced from time to time), she's looking at real machine things (usually for educational purposes).

And despite having the pure energy to be such a fan, it's noted that she is really good at keeping calm. So there was a *insert something destructive that 2050 still has to worry about* messing around really nearby. Despite how that would make her entire super mega ultra collection go poof and the chances of it happening were pretty reasonable, she didn't do anything like burst into tears. And if it were to go poof…well, let's cross that when it comes up, but I don't think she'd go homicidal about it. Pain? Yes. Plenty. Murder? No. Unless they burned it all right in front of her. THEN we have a problem. A REALLY BIG PROBLEM. Burning it away from her would just be met with disbelief, proof presented will certainly result in a breakdown, but god so help the world if it's burned/otherwise destroyed right in front of her.

She's most definitely a bit spoiled…but she has made it a note that she was spoiled BY HER PARENTS, and doesn't really expect anyone else to give her MORE things, considering that her parents do that enough already. Though lack of fancy foods is a bit annoying when the time comes (and hence, once a magical girl, certainly has /something/ on her mind about that), but it's not like she's expecting to be showered with gifts and praise.

Appearance, As A Magical Girl