Laura Ingram

Name: Laura Ingram


Age: 22
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 135

Blonde with green eyes, Laura wardrobe consists mainly of jeans and t-shirts, which invariably feature the logos of motorcycle companies, breweries, or decades-old rock bands. She also wears a brown leather jacket, a bandanna, and sunglasses.

Transformation Sequence
"Without conscious thought, Laura springs into the air, turning a forward flip with her knees straight and her legs bent forward at the hips. A fireball explodes behind her, reeking of gasoline and leaving Laura a black outline against the blaze. As she comes down, her outfit has changed: the worn jacket has been replaced by a sleek leather jumpsuit, solid black with bright red hems. Her hair gains a solid foot in length - far more than her helmet would comfortably allow. As she turns in mid-air, a far-off engine revs, getting louder and louder while she falls. A motorcycle comes into view - jet black with red flames, to match her outfit. With a screech of brakes and the smell of burned rubber, it skids to a halt beneath her, and she lands standing on the seat, helmet tucked under one arm."