"A journey's purpose is to provide growth and enlightenment, not to further one's selfish ambitions or to spill blood. Do not forget that."


Name: Kleha
Age: "Still an egg unhatched, who has, in its youth, not yet come to understand the truths of the world."
Height: "A body that cannot peer over the heads of others on its own gives greater meaning to a spirit that rises to enlightenment, to view the world and its many spirits from above."
Weight: "One's mind weighs no more than a feather; what purpose is a body but a vessel?"

Origin: A village far inland, extremely traditional and rural, refusing most of the temptations of the encroaching industry in favor of embracing the 'old ways.'


Dice Stat Uses
5d6 Will +Heart (Spirituality), +Body (Hand-to-Hand Combat), +Acuity (Gunfighting)
3d6 Acuity +Heart (Conversation), +Body (Mechanics), +Will (Gunfighting)
4d6 Heart +Acuity (Conversation), +Will (Spirituality), +Body (Physical Labor)
2d6 Body +Heart (Physical Labor), +Will (Hand-to-Hand Combat), +Acuity (Mechanics)


Dice Title Uses
2d8 "I am but a voice of the spirits." Rituals, exorcism, spiritual communication etc.
2d6 "We desire peace." Diplomancy, calming others with words, being a pacifist, etc.
1d6 "I hear the whispers of the land." Nature, survival, etc.
1d4 "I shall never abandon a task already underway." Stubbornness, refusal to admit failure, etc.
1d4 "Kleha-child" Conflicted thoughts, held within the Priest blamed for the shortcomings of the village.


Dice Name Relation Misc.
2d10 Kha Spirit Guide A raven that appeared, injured, in the village one day with no warning. A much-younger Kleha, already imbued with strong spiritual beliefs, saw him as a 'spirit guide' after seeing to his recovery, as he refused to leave. Or maybe she fed him too much? Either way, they've been inseparable for years, and now their relationship is closer to 'best friends' than anything else. His name was given to him when she was a child and definitely doesn't imply he's the reincarnation of a warlord or anything.
1d10 N/A Free Free
4d8 N/A Free Free
4d6 N/A Free Free
1d6 ??? Mother Yet another Shaman of the village. Whether she's still alive or not is never spoken of; only that "her spirit is in harmony with the world."
1d6 ??? Father The chief of the village, a rapidly aging man barely able to continue to perform his sacred duties. This means a succession is necessary soon, but the villagers' view on it is that his spirit is soon to leave its vessel and return to the world, which in itself is pretty sacred.
1d6 ??? Sister A somewhat disobedient youth who, much to the dismay of the village, prefers to operate on a realistic mindset and see the importance of things in the world as what they actually do, as opposed to their 'spirits.' These views are kept mostly to herself, obviously, but she doesn't hold back her supreme jealousy that Kleha is the one tasked to travel the country.
1d6 Arsha Sister A mischievous child, barely old enough to begin understanding the village's teachings. Though Kleha has made many an attempt to teach her how to take it easy, her other sister is seen by most as a bad influence, as without any other children her age to befriend she relies on whoever she can. That means she ends up playing pranks on a bunch of spiritual old people, which is anything but good.


Dice Name Description
2d6 Kha Kleha's spirit guide and best friend; often assists whenever he can, but unfortunately for him a bird can only do so many things, so his task is usually 'be around just to be around.'
2d6 Ceremonial Robes ('Coat' Refluffed) Yep, sure is a robe. A bit bulky due to the weather, but it's not like there isn't heavy clothing underneath that too. Because there is.
2d6 Ancestral Remains A set of bones, wrapped in cloth or carried carefully somehow, that once belonged to a long-lost ancestor who founded the village and now desire to return to a sacred place in Vladivost for a very specific ritual. Using them for anything other than their intended purpose is strictly forbidden.
1d6 Ritual Tools Incense, maybe some other shamanic tools that were lying around. Just in case.
1d4 Ceramic Knife A survival tool that occasionally sees some ritual use; is never to be used for combat, no matter what.


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Campaign: Fordland