Kazimir Holender
Age: 18

Stat Dice: 15d6 total
Acuity 6d6
Heart 4d6
Body 3d6
Will 3d6

Fisticuffs: 6d6
Shootan: 9d6
Diplomancy: 10d6
Druiding: 7d6
Mechanomancing: 9d6
Athleticalism: 7d6

Trait Dice: 6d6 + 2d8 total
2d8 "I had never touched a gun in my life until I met Esfir, but when she wanted to go hunting I found father's old rifle and learned the comfort the crack of a gunshot brings in the silent wilderness outside Junasema…"

1d6 "…where we found the best hunting spots by the light of the stars, and their positions in the skies."

1d6 "I had learned them by my glassworks, in stealing out to the hills at night to test the telescopic lenses I crafted. When I wasn't creating whimsical glass animals and stained-glass bottles for Esfir of course. Those were happy times for the both of us…"

1d6 "…but our passion took us too far, too quickly, and we were forced to run from home together. I took a grievious injury to my leg as we made our escape, and it has brought me pain both emotional and physical ever since."

1d6 "It was only by the strength of my apothecary learnings that I did not succumb to my injuries that night."

1d6 "The trip will be filled with hard choices. Already one whom I considered a friend tried to chase me down. I shot him in self-defense, and I don't know what happened to him after that…"

2d6 "But I am still the heir of the Holender family, and this train is my domain. I will care for it to the best of my skill until I reach Vladivost…"

Relationship Dice: 4d4 + 2d6 + 2d8 + 2d10 total

2d10 Esfir "…though I don't know yet if I will reach this city with her by my side. I love her, but…"


2d8+1d4 Father's old hunting rifle "It is too large for me, but with the scope I crafted for it, my aim remains steady and true." (might downgrade to 2d6 if people think this is ridiculous)

2d6 Mechanic's Toolkit "It seems almost to have been made for my train, each tool chosen carefully to complement it. All I used to do with the wrench as a child was beat off bullies though."

2d6 Peacoat "It is of the finest quality, custom-made for the heir of the Holender family. I'm sure it represents nothing but shame to them now though."

1d4 Walking Cane "It does the job, but the real support in my life right now is Esfir…"

1d4 Apothecary Set "It is a box of mystery. I don't know what half the herbs in it even do."

Level up and fallout record:
Teaching Kleha how to love her station: +1d6 Will, set Esfir's relationships to d4s for next conflict