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Lindblum, Tantalus Hideout

Requester Mission Reward
Cinna Anyone seen my dolls? I think someone's been messing with my collection again! Oooh, when I found out who… well, can someone please look for them for me? I'm missing a vintage Princess Garnet (15 years old), a recent Lady Eiko Fabool (16 years old), and a Mini-Freya. Help! Coffee
Canary Hey guys, I need a spare script of I Want to be Your Canary so I can study my lines for the New Year's Festival… but I can't find any! Not a single one in the whole town, sheez… what's going on, anyway? You'd think a popular play like that would have more copies around. Even my retainers couldn't find a copy! Uhh, I dunno. Advice? I'll owe you a favor? You can't see it but I'm smiling really cutely and looking at you with big, puppydog eyes!
Baku Any of you guys feel like actually doing some work around here instead of sittin' around, playin' darts? A monster's climbed up on the radio tower; someone get it down, will ya? Money
Zidane Hey, anyone mind picking up twenty Gysahl Greens for me? I would do it myself, but I'm in a hurry. Just leave them with Baku. Thanks! An old, rune-covered rock, pretty sure it has something to do with Terra. Probably worth a good bit to a scholar.
Marcus Speaking of the New Year's Festival, Lindblum's high and mighty are having their annual hoity-toity winter ball. Nobles, merchant kings, Regent Cid, too. Anyone who's anyone is going to be there. I know it's usually off limits, but something's got me worried… the supply shipment for the party came from the Forgotten Continent, and cargo's escort is armed. We need a few people to check it out. NOT the Nero Brothers this time. Whatever you 'find', and I guess you can keep the disguises?
Ruby Hey, y'all! Been a while, I know, just poppin' in to tell ya that I'm opening a new mini-theater here in little ol' Lindblum since my one in Alexandria was such a stampede of good business! I need actors, though, and while I know there ain't never any shortage of those in Lindblum, if y'all know any up and comers who wanna have a little priority on the list then send'em by me! Y'all get paid, don't worry!
Blank Is anyone actually doing these? Typical of you idiots, you're just letting it pile up without actually pitching in. Maybe the other guys will feel sorry for some of you chumps. Anyway, I'd like to do some background checks on a few people around Lindblum. If you see me, I'll give you the details. *Scribbled more recently in an angry hand* Fine I'll get his fucking dolls. I'll give you a weapon, how about that?
Trick Sparrow Hey, guys? You remember how last month part of the Industrial District got clogged with grimy, gooey gunk from Mr. Pritchard's house? Well, I was hanging around and I hear some loud BANG BANGS, I think that crazy inventor is up to something again! Someone look into it, pleaaaase, before something bad happens? Some of my secret stash!