Active Time Points

Each character has 3 ATP per session to spend. Unspent ATP is lost at the end of each session, and at the beginning of each session, ATP refreshes to 3.

1 ATP can be spent to:

  • Regain a use of a once per combat ability
  • Instantly swap one piece of equipment with another (caveat being removing the automatic once per battle instant swap we get)
  • Activate a Custom Attack built as a 4 point Limit Break

2 ATP can be spent to:

  • Regain a use of a once per session ability
  • Activate a Custom Attack built as an 8 point Limit Break

3 ATP can be spent to:

  • Activate any Job Ability with a 1 destiny cost that does not produce a permanent effect (Dark Knights with Souleater can fuck right off)
  • Activate a Custom Attack built as a 12 point Limit Break

The GM maintains the right to declare "rocks fall, you die" if you're being an asshole with ATP.

Custom Attacks

Custom Attacks are gained every time a bonus ability is granted due to AP and are constructed much in the same way as Limit Breaks. Custom Attacks are always standard actions, and they cost 1-3 ATP to activate, depending on their point value. (1 ATP —> 4 points, 2 ATP —> 8 points, 3 ATP —> 12 point) When you gain a Custom Attack, you may construct it for any ATP cost that you wish, which means you may choose to eventually have a set of 1 ATP Custom Attacks that can be used multiple times a session, or a set of 3 ATP bombs that each consume all of your ATP for a session when used.

Attack: Weapon applies a +2 Damage Step bonus for Custom Attacks. Attack: Magic does not exist, because it is horseshit, and damage is actually equal between spellcasters and melee users using Attack: Weapon so long as equipment tiers are equal.

Trance and Limit Break

When a character enters Trance, they:

  • are cured of all status effects
  • deal +2 damage steps with all attacks
  • gain 3 temporary ATP that disappear at the end of their Trance state and are used before their normal ATP
  • may spend a standard action to use a Limit Break, but this ends Trance
  • gain other bonuses depending on what the fuck Kain feels like doing

Each character builds and maintains one Limit Break, which begins at 15 points, increases to 20 points at level 10, and finally to 30 points whenever the GM fucking feels like it.