Lieutenant Henriette LeClair



Name: Lieutenant Henriette LeClair

Age: 26 11 ???
Height: 5' 6" 4' 9" ???
Weight: C'est grossier de votre part! ???
Bust size: HUGE TRACTS OF LAND Washboard

Resolve: 21/21

Magical Attributes

Stat Array Value OC
Magic Attack 11 0
Fury Defense 3 0
Heart Support 7 0


"*" Unresolved

Normal Attributes

Stat Value
Charm 6
Insight 2
Tenacity 6

Element: Mirrors
Weapon: Light
Power: Reflection

Specialization: Witch

Hex: Minor; enemy takes 1 damage per turn; 1/Turn
Boost: Free; Voluntary overcharge; 3/Scene
Recover: Recover 1d6+2 resolve out of combat; 2/Session
Inflict: Free; If successful attack, Bound, Bleeding, or Stunned on enemy; 1/Scene
All or Nothing: Free; Take up to 12 damage to do that on attack; 1/Scene
Blast Strike: Major; 1 OC Attack; attack all enemies in a position
Second Chance Attack: Minor; If miss, reroll attack; 1/Scene
Miroir du Coeur: Minor; Get information about enemy's next move; 1/Scene
Reaping Strike: Minor; If successful attack, extra 1d6+1 damage; 2/Scene
Cruel Reaper: Passive; +1 to damage

A deep blue scarf, made of delicate silk allows Henriette to appear much like her non-mutated self. Those who get too close and reach out to touch her might feel some strange forces in the air, but for all intents and purposes, she appears as if she is a normal girl and not a floating, angelic, mirror-person. The scarf is delicately embroidered with the names of all those dear to her, her flightmates, Dirk, as well as Vaughn and Stranahan. Those passing a sufficiently high sorcery (DC 23 due to creation magic used) can suppress the effect, and a highish insight can see through it.

Common: Inflict
Special: All or Nothing
Free: Blast Strike

+1 Magic
+1 Heart
+3 Base Resolve

Special: Second Change Attack
Special: Miroir du Coeur
+1 Magic

Prestige Class: Reaper

Miroir du Coeur
Minor Action, 1 Overcharge (Support), 1/Scene
Henriette reads her opponents intentions, gaining some level of insight into people who may not even speak the same language.

In combat, her ability grants her knowledge of the enemy's capabilities and/or their next actions at the GM's discretion.

Outside of combat, she can use it to communicate directly with a person for a short time as well as share experiences and feelings between the link.

Nom Musique Pensees
Lily Piano Concerto No. 3 in Dm. Op. 30 (Rachmaninoff) Such a strong love for all life. You helped me grow as you help all things grow. Thank you.
Naida The Lark Ascending (Williams) I saw true beauty where others saw ugliness. I saw possibility where you saw only tragedy.
Rosalyne Bolero (Gergiev) I imagined such a fire might burn the ground you walked on, but perhaps it will be a light for others.
Cille Romance for Piano and Violin, Op.11 (Dvorak) I believed to the end that your story had many pages left. I still do.
Adalvulf "Fantasie" Impromptu, Op. 66 (Chopin) So much like my own father… Strong, brave, encouraging.
Ingra Reverie (Debussy) I went knowing that I left a brighter world for you, child.
Vladko Termitsan Liebestraum No. 3, Notturno (Liszt) Against my better judgment, I led her to you and believed that I made the right choice. I stand by that.
Vaughn Piano Concerto in A Minor Op. 54 (Schumann) We were spirits of the same mind, adherents to ideals greater than the men who professed to follow them.
Nov Girls Lux Aeterna (Ligeti) In my final moments, I gave myself unto you all. May it be enough.
Farmhouse Children Violin Concerto op. 47 in D Minor (Sibelius) May my light forever be your shield, your champion in the dark uncertainties.
Dirk Concerto Grosso in D minor (Vivaldi) I will always remember you, my love, as the one who showed me we could all be free.

Letters to and from Dirk
To Dirk; Written the week after their first date
From Dirk; Received the following Tuesday
To Dirk; Delivered two weeks after Dirk's letter.
From Dirk; Delivered by Angie a few days later.

Extra Documents
To Chester Vaughn; Written following the escape of Vladko Termitsan.