Full name: Hastur Kcq'lwa◕◷◾Ⅿrsh'luϕ LrϞ'chqЧirЧtgkrth
Age: Non measurable by linear time! She looks 13 though.
Height: 1,5 meters on Euclidian notions!
Weight: Unmeasurable due to not respecting common laws of physics and matter.
"Normal" Apperance: A pale, thin girl with blue skin, red eyes and long tentacle-like hair that stops on her shins. Strangely enough, her facial features sometimes… Change, like her body is an entire shimmering surface. She has also really, really sharp teeth. Normally she wears a long yellow dress.
Costume: A flesh-colored bodysuit, with non-euclidian fabrics and strangely changing colors and size every time. Also, eyes, mouths and various appendage sprout from various part of the suit all the time.
Relationships: ???