Harmony Hamilton
Personality: Harmony is the younger of the two 16 year old Hamilton twins. She's also regarded as less talented than her ambitious, intelligent, and charismatic sister, the heir apparent to the family business. She's mentally plagued on two fronts; Harmony feels guilty for the exploitative methods used to gather their family fortunes and provide their way of life, plus she feels inferior to her twin. She tries to do everything she can to help people out in worse conditions, though her stuck up parents don't necessarily approve of her volunteering or wanting to donate to charities. Harmony generally isn't particularly interested in other rich kids, but she goes out of her way to help out a blind girl at her school named Lily. Given magic, she plans to use it to save people. Ultimately, Harmony's kind actions are a means of differentiating herself from her sister in a positive manner; she does it so she can feel like she's better than her sister at something, so she strongly questions whether she's a good person.


Harmony on the right

Element: Fusion
The power to combine two things into one. She can fuse two objects to make a new one, or even two people!
Fusion Field: You and another magical girl fuse together into a single person. You both retain your personalities, but must cooperate to share the new, combined body. Between the stats of the two of you, take the highest for each number and add 1. You have access to all of both of your effects and combine your resolve totals. Any OC you take while fused is given to you both after you return to normal.
Ex: Girl-A (Resolve 10/Heart 6/Fury 4/Magic 8) Fuses with Girl-B (Resolve 18/Heart 2/Fury 8/Magic 4) to create Girl-AB (Resolve 28/Heart 7/Fury 9/Magic 9).

Power: Fission
Not only can she combine things together, but separate them, too! An obstacle in the way? Split it into two pieces. She can even create pseudonuclear explosions.
Separate they fall: The target is divided into multiple, weaker versions of itself. Spend your turn making a support challenge, if you succeed the enemy is split into two for 1d6 turns. Each half has 50% of their usual stats (rounded up) and half their remaining resolve. At the end of the 1d6 turns, the halves reform and their stat totals return to normal, except resolve which is found by combining the separate halves' totals.

Finisher: True Fusion
From mind to body, the two targets are thrown into a metaphorical blender and mixed until no distinction between the two is possible; it creates a new person balanced between their different attributes and personalities. Both resolve and all stats are added together to find the new totals. All attacks count as team attacks. Upon fusing this Finisher to fuse, you may immediately attack and retain this form until the end of the turn. At any time, the two players of the True Fused characters can opt to take 1 point of OC to extend for another turn.
Ex: Girl-A (Resolve 10/Heart 6/Fury 4/Magic 8) True Fuses with Girl-B (Resolve 18/Heart 2/Fury 8/Magic 4) to create Girl-AB (Resolve 28/Heart 8/Fury 12/Magic 12). All her attacks are made at +2 to hit and deal +2 damage. Girl-A takes one OC to initiate the effect and they share 3 OC to make it last for 3 additional rounds.

Heart: 9
Magic: 3
Fury: 6

Aggro: 6
Cool: 3
Social: 5
Sharp: 7

Resolve: ?