Gamma Vert Septem-Septem

Game : Space

Vital Info

A Clone Soldier

Designation: Gamma Vert Septem-Septem
Post-Vat Vital Duration : 7 years (what? Really!?)
Sex: Male
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 226 lbs
Quote: "Apparently this causes confusion, so I will explain. Names are the informal designations apparently used by real people. So, I do not have one."

Race: Humanoid Clone
Job: Fighter/Dark Knight/PALADIN
Exp: 2/5
Destiny: 2

1. Find out why I disobeyed orders and ejected rather than accepting termination. Such should not be possible.
2. Make the finest churros with my own hands.
3. Bring about a reckoning on Hel II

Life Goal. Become a Hero.
Battle Theme: Theme of Clone Knight


Level 7
HP: 231/231
MP: 64/64

Stat Value Bonus Total
POW 13 4 17
RES 11 0 11
DEX 4 0 4
MIND 6 0 6

ACC: 4
AVD: 8
ARM: 27
M. ARM: 17
Force: 7 (6 naked)
Finesse: 2

HP/level: 33
MP/level: 8
Weapons: Blade, Brawl, Concealed, Huge, Ranged, Reach
Armor: Heavy, Medium, Light, Shields
Skill Points: 18+12



Skills and Abilities

Athletics 6
Awareness 6
Nature 4
Vehicles 5
Swimming 2
Synthesis: Cooking 3
Synthesis: Weapons 4

Innate: Cover
Limit: Parry

1: Shield Bearer (Treegift~), Paradigm Shift, Unstoppable
2: Forceful Intentions
4: Last Resort
6: Black Sky


Weapon: Chaos Breaker (Tier 4 Blade, Follow-Through, Glowing)
Armor: 8451C-Class Power Armor (Tier 3 Heavy Armor, +2 POW)
Shield: Riot Shield (Tier 3 Shield, +2 POW)
Accessory: Vanquishing Vambraces (Tier 3 Accessory, immune to Break techniques and SPECIAL)

Potion x 2 (restores 25% hp)
Sweetie-Pie Pumpkin Candy Bar (restores 30% hp, 15% MP)
200 gald, 500 folyensgil, 1500 folyen


Novice: Blind, Hex, Sleep
Intermediate: Melt, Drain, Temper

Limit Breaks
Rank 1: Missile Massacre (Weapon Attack, Area, Backfire, Elemental (Shadow), Power Item (weapon), Revenge, Stylish)
Rank 2: at level 10
Rank 3: at level 11+ with accomplished life goal

Killer Moves

Major: Camlann Charge (20% HP: targets an entire group, deals 1 additional damage step)
Minor: Dark Slap (10% MP: removes Charm, Berserk, Zombie, Blind, Poison, Sleep, Stop, Confuse, or Seal, deals no damage, allows user to move up to a medium range)