Your Personal Helper


A supposed android discovered years upon years ago with no AI chip or apparent purpose, Francesca is a lifeless, motionless doll with the capacity to utilize written information and manifest it in the form of existing abilities or powers. Unfortunately, with no AI she has no personality of her own and cannot operate without being remotely controlled by somebody else… yet.

Current Specs

Physical Stability Limit

Resolve 18

Magical Attributes

Stat Base Current
Magic 2 6
Fury 2 3
Heart 2 3

Normal Attributes

Stat Base Current
Aggro 5 5
Cool 4 5
Sharp 5 6
Social 7 9

Element 1: Medical

Element 2: Voodoo

Finisher: ?

Special Ability: Nurse(?)

Appearance: zzz

Known Upgrades

Scattered through the library are holofile disks with detailed, though oddly-coded descriptions of magical elements and powers, with some footnotes detailing their intended purposes. Each of them may be inserted into a slot on the back of poor Francesca's neck, the universal port for modern androids, and provide information necessarily to utilize said abilities. She can hold two at a time, with each having a different effect. Some are unknown.

However! In addition to just providing the doll with the ability to use certain - mostly minor - effects based on other Seers, certain combinations are able to act together to create the equivalent as 'Finisher' attacks known as 'Combinations.' Even if the provided stats are altered, the only requirements for these 'Combos' are for the same two Elements to be currently inserted. They, too will be kept track of below.

Known Combos

Burst Climax - Fire+Water
Nega-Space - Vacuum+Veil
De-Tensify - Liquid Metal+Medical
Hold It! - Veil+Scientific Method
Cosmos Cage - Light+Shadow
Hellbender - Fire+Inertia
Window of the Soul - Sight+Time
Serpentine - Liquid Metal+Water
Nurse - Medical+Scientific Method
Blazing Skies - Fire+Sight
Burst Flare - Fire+Shadow
Full Stop - Time+Inertia
Gran Purge - Water+Veil
Death Silver - Liquid Metal+Shadow
Liquid Prison - Liquid Metal+Veil
Miracle - Fire+Holy
(Please don't ever do this) - Blood+Medical
Lux - Lunar+Technomagic
Dawn of (etc) - Lunar + Conspiracy