Name: Flaurentine il Via Veronica Claudia Flamenca Dickass

Age: 113(?)
Height: 5'0
Weight: Not very much. Fatass.

Resolve: 18 / 18

Magical Attributes

Stat Value
Magic 3
Fury 4
Heart 5


Normal Attributes

Stat Value
Aggro 9
Cool 3
Sharp 8
Social 7


"[Flaurentine is] not an unrecognizable crazy redhead with drillhair at all- the only instance of 'drills' is the tiny curl at the bottom of each 'tail, which hasn't seemed to increase or decrease much. Not to mention it's essentially tangerine orange instead of bright red, and said curl has a slight hint of mocha streaming from the tips. And 'mocha' is probably the best way to explain the color of the uniform she's wearing which hasn't changed much in appearance since BEFORE she transformed with the exception of being… horizontally reversed, meaning pockets are on different sides than they used to be and the like. And there are little wing ornaments on her back as well. However! The outfit… changes color, just slightly, every few seconds. Little Flauri herself doesn't look excited or hyper so much as her usual timid, flustered self, looking around and struggling to stay airborne"

Element: Scrambling
Effect: Oopsies! Swap a single magical attribute value for the value of an attribute in the same array-slot belonging to an ally until dispelled as a free action. Can only be used on a willing target and automatically fails if actively resisted. Using this effect is a free action itself, but may only be done once per turn.

Element: Sonokinesis
Effect: Aerial Support - In combat, Flaurentine may be either directly engaged with an enemy or away from combat, designated as 'Attack Mode' and 'Support Mode' respectively. While in support, at the beginning of the turn order, she may choose to either Read an Enemy as a free action or to make a support check for miscellaneous tasks such as detecting hidden/faraway enemies or moving allies into position when they fall behind. In Support Mode, Flauri may make no attacks nor may she take damage from sources that could otherwise attack teammates, though she may be able to be ambushed by separate targets.

Power: The Warp
Effect: Over There! When Flauri herself or an ally is being attacked, she may as a free action make a support challenge to redirect the attack to another ally, succeeding on a DC of 12 or higher. An enemy may not be the target of redirection. This effect may only be used once per turn, and on an 8 or lower on the roll Flauri disappears for 1d6-2 turns, to a minimum of 1, though she may act on the turn she reappears during. This effect is a free action, but may only be used once per turn.

Clause: Free Actions - Both 'free action' effects can be used without taking a turn, but only one may be used per turn; both swap and redirect may not be used in the same turn.

Magical Weapon: Sonokinetic Waves. Flauri's only able to consistently teleport with minimal effort while transformed due to using the sound of herself clapping her hands as a focus to measure distance as the sound travels, instantly warping her own body along the sound's path to a set location. While untransformed she is able to gauge distance and teleport accordingly, but without hyper-enhanced senses and focal ability hearing lots of sound hinders more than it helps. Recently, due to her travels from the Hispalian border, she acquired the ability to use the power as a sort of sonar to detect all movement and warp certain areas of space by producing a noise humans cannot hear. In addition, at close range, she can make small sonicbooms and interrupt radio frequencies provided some effort is put in.

Finisher: Occupation
Element: N/A
Description: A last-ditch effort; despite her age and tragic amnesia even Flaurentine is aware that two solid objects cannot physically occupy the same space simultaneously. At the same time, she's aware she would have priority over said space if she did so through some force of magic, allowing the otherwise poor girl to give physics the middle finger and rip a person or object apart from the inside by teleporting inside of them/it. Considering the goriness of it all she wouldn't dare try unless absolutely necessary as a last resort.
Effect: Make an attack roll versus the target's remaining resolve as a static number; on success, and only on certain targets that aren't able to interfere with her magic-usage, Flaurentine may instantly reduce a target's resolve to 0. After doing so, roll 1d6 per point of involuntary overcharge taken in the attack roll and call the sum of those rolls X. Flaurentine then takes damage equal to the resolve the had remaining minus X.

Flauri's Diary

What a zoof.