Fina Flora Fillmore

Um, hello? I'm Fina, er, Fina Flora Fillmore. I'm Fenna's twin…well, er…technically she's my older sister by two minutes. I'm ah, fourteen and a half and a little bit less than five feet tall…um, my sister and I are near identical except, er…she's got eyes. Um…as you can see from the blindfold, er…I'm blind. Not born blind, just blind. Like I can't see blind. Um…I don't have eyes blind. That's why I wear the blindfold…er…and that's why there's blood, I don't really want to scare people with empty sockets. Like Fenna I'm a magical girl but I'm not really good at it.

Er…this is me? Sorry…


Um, I'm not in my magical girl from here. I just always wear the blindfold I just prefer it to sunglasses. But I think I look not bad in my magical girl form. I know my sister looks good, even if Fenna says she's all ugly looking. I sort of wish I had her dress, it's really pretty and super formal, I'm only in er…armor. And I've got a sword. I'm not even sure how to use it! See! That's me below! *waiting picture!*