FFIX-2 Shops

Chez Stiltzkin

A master of mercantile and traveling knows what he can and can't sell to the adventurous clientele he's likely to encounter on his journeys, so he offers a variety of both components and pre-made items for his discerning customers.

Consumable Components

Health Reagents (Tier 3 HP Restore) - 400g
Health Reagents (Tier 5 HP Restore) - 600g
Health Reagents (Tier 7 HP Restore) - 800g

Distilled Alcohol (Tier 3 MP Restore) - 400g
Distilled Alcohol (Tier 5 MP Restore) - 600g
Distilled Alcohol (Tier 7 MP Restore) - 800g

Various Remedial Powders (Any Status Heal) - 160g

Cannon Powder (Explosive) - 40g for a pint-sized keg

Powdered Glowdust (Glowing) - 8g a pinch

Miracle Reagent (Party Effect) - 4800g

Wonder Tonic (Remedy) - 4800g

Powdered Chemical Weapons (Tier 3 Status Touch) - 160g
Powdered Chemical Weapons (Tier 5 Status Touch) - 1800g (Includes Trouble Touch)

Varia Root (Variable) - 320g


Phoenix Down - 480g

Hero Drink (Peerless, Party Effect, Variable Positive Status Touch) - 18,000g (A single set of four drinks, each marked with a different colored crystal on the label. Stiltzkin claims he bottled these from the still of the acclaimed dwarven alchemist Roderick Bacon, a hermit who lives by himself on the Forgotten Continent. Limit: 1)

He seems to be fresh out of skill bonus and spellburst related items. Shame.


Mundane Foods (Attribute Boost +2) - 80g - Imported from Lindblum delis!

Swamp Shark Fin (Pwr +4) - 4000g
Ground Rhino (Res +4) - 4000g
Venison Steak (Dex +4) - 4000g
Elven Tomatoes (Mnd +4) - 4000g

(The above four are also available in quarter-sized packages for single portions, 1k each. Mix and match! If used to make Tier 8 food they improve to +6 instead of +8, don't be silly) - Expensive during the current economic shifting! Great for making exotic tacos.

Herbs and Spices+ (SOS-Status) - 80g - The new and improved variety!
Secret Herbs and Spices (Tier 6 Auto-Status) - 2600g - Now in SECRET edition.

Fruity Elemental Sauces (Element Enhancer/Proof/Strike) - 160g - Snowberry? Check! Sweet pepper? Uh-huh. Electrical lemon? Sure!

MSG (Follow Through) - 480g (Supposedly a flavor enhancer of some sort)

Blood Orange (HP Drain) - 800g - Mmmm-mm! Tasty, tasty blood.

Rabbit Liver (Lucky) - 4000g - Looks like the feet weren't actually that lucky.

Vodka Orange (MP Refresh) - 800g - For the alcoholic on the sly, or for a wild party snack!

Variety Pack (Anything Eater) - 2600g - A little bit of everything, for when you don't feel like choosing.

Your Favorite! (Overdrive) - 2600g - Oh man, he stocks this, too? You've GOT to put this in something!

Miracle Reagent (Party Effect) - 4800g - Also good for cooking.

Fugu (Precision) - 4000g - This specially prepared poison blowfish is safe, but that nagging feeling at the back of your head tells you to be careful regardless, even after you've eaten your meal.

Perfect Garlic (Two Status Proofs) - 2600g - The perfect way to boost your system against afflictions!

Luscious Dark Chocolate (Triple Critical) - 800g - A great way to boost your energy! Makes you feel good, so when you make those crucial strikes you're at the top of your game!

Equipment-Making Materials

He offers a stock of various materials, molds, add-ons and other such things for equipment, with the following formula:

Price = (Item synthesis cost (including 25% discount for tier 5, 50% discount for tier 6 and 75% discount for tier 7) divided by 4, then subtract an additional 20%)

In other words, a tier 7 component for Lucky, for instance would consider that a tier 7 weapon's original price is 280,000 gil. Cut that to 25% of the original price due to houserules to 70,000. Synthesis price is half of that for 35,000. One fourth of the synthesis cost is 8750. A 20% discount on that makes 7,000, so a Lucky component for a weapon would be 7,000 gil. IN OTHER WORDS:

For Weapons:
Tier 1 Property: Why the fuck are you buying a tier 1 property. 15 gil
Tier 2 Property: 70 gil
Tier 3 Property: 240 gil
Tier 4 Property: 850 gil
Tier 5 Property: 2,100 gil
Tier 6 Property: 4,500 gil
Tier 7 Property: 7,000 gil

Basically, for tier 7, divide the item's RAW pricing by 40, a tier 6's by 20, Tier 4 and below by 10, and figure it up by calculator for Tier 5, it doesn't quite add up right, something like 13.33333 repeating. As for what he has available:

Element Ward, Limited, Accurate, Attribute Bonus, Element Strike, Gemini, Glowing, Impact, Jagged, MP Damage, SOS-Status, Status Proof, Status Touch, Element Enhancer, Fortified, Follow Through, Element Field, Fiend Slayer, Overdrive, Auto-Status, Piercing, Imperil, Super Virulent (Tier 6), Lucky, Precision

If you want explanations or fluffing for any particular thing, just point it out and I will.

Special Offers

A Megalixir, a Phoenix Pinion, and a Moogle Helmet for 77,777 gil.

Megalixir - A powerful type of elixir that any alchemist worth their salt has heard of. This is truly a miracle medicine.
Phoenix Pinion - An infinite use Phoenix Down with special properties related to the eidolon Phoenix. Apparently can be equipped?
Moogle Helmet - An accessory that gives you the powers of a Moogle.