Dis Nigga Gay

Pending Suggestions

  • Cut Tier 5 costs to 75% of the normal, cut Tier 6 costs to 50%, and cut Tier 7 costs to 33%.
  • Allow a character to consume multiple pieces of food but still use only one food's effect at a time. The active food effect can be swapped via the 1/combat equipment swap.

I Kain't Believe This System Needs So Many Fixes

Destiny-Related Issues

Limit Breaks

  • Having three limit breaks makes them each seem less significant
  • The three destiny cost is just really not worth it yo
  • The way you trigger limit breaks makes them exceedingly rare, and Lenore and Nat will almost never trigger them that way due to being magic users.
  • (Psst Kain do Theta's Trance kthx)
  • (Psst also finish thinking on super opus for Ammy's trance kthx again)
  • (Psst you should also tell Aori that unlimited MP is only for Lenore's trance now since we discussed that kthx x3)
  • Limit breaks basically break encounter balance all on their own. If you make a boss the PCs can take down normally, the sheer enormity of the damage disparity between their normal actions and the limit break ensure the limit will easily destroy the boss. If the boss is designed to survive limit breaks more readily, then it practically becomes mandatory to use them because you'd be crushed by sheer beefcake otherwise.

Destiny in General

  • The uses of Destiny are really varied in their usefulness, with some abilities (most job abilities that use it) that seem to assume Destiny is a resource that's easily renewable like fate points; others treat it as a more scarce resource (job swaps)
  • Really cast is just bitter that Dust made things like surface thought telepathy cost destiny when everything else in the system is MASSIVE EXALTED STYLE POWER LEVELS.

Equipment Issues

Equipment Costs

  • They're borked. The scaling jumps from 28k for tier 5 weapon to 90k for tier 6 to 280k for tier 7. The amount of gil that has to be given between levels to meet that, in addition to other equipment costs, is redonkydonk.
  • (Cast's tentative suggestion is cutting tier 6 costs by half and dividing tier 7 costs by 3)
  • We're already past the point of no return with "consumables are trivial to acquire" though. Whoops.
  • Ranged Weapons don't do anything at all. Plz buff.

Synthesis DCs

  • They're still borked. Tier 6 weapons at DC 20, Tier 7 at 25…these aren't really doable numbers.

Element-Strike Equipment

  • How work? Accessories are apparently boring, but full on Skies of Arcadia shit would be OP.

Combat Issues

Squishiness Disparity

  • Find a way to be able to threaten Theta/Ammy reliably without the damage totals being totally murder on Lenore
  • Also do this without making the setup reward making a glass cannon too much or allow too much dodging of that consequence of the build

Lack of Positioning

  • There isn't really a way to make range or positioning matter in battles
  • Nor an easy way to obstruct enemies from reaching a particular ally or cover them in battle
  • If there is a solution of some sort it should hopefully not bog down battles too much