Will there ever be an age without a war…?
Dreams and magic have no meaning without a civilized world…
The ignorant ones always strive for power, never realizing that what lies beyond is despair…
But maybe they will bring with them hope, and show us a new way of life…
God bless the visitors from the land of dreams and magic… and glory to the soldiers of light who will lead us to the new world.

— Unknown

This Campaign

Hello there! Welcome to the world of pok-er, Final Fantasy IX!

It has been a full eight ten years since the second Battle of the Iifa tree, and the world of Gaia reigns in (mostly) peace. The Mist has withdrawn, no longer being produced, and with it has affected much of civilized life, forcing them to adapt with their new 'steam power'. This mist-free technology has allowed a rapid expansion of civilization, allowing brave souls to travel to previously unsettled areas such as the Forgotten Continent and form new cities.

And yet, all is not entirely right with the world. An entire race of black mages stands on the brink of extinction, living paltry year-long lives that end far, far before their time. The summoners have been reduced to but two remaining survivors, themselves also threatening to be wiped out… and no child in sight from the elder summoner to provide a glimmer of hope. Pirates have become more prevalent than ever, taking to their steampowered airships far out of the jurisdiction of Alexandria and Lindblum. A malevolent tribe of Qu on the Forgotten Continent have taken over the business of local colonies in cutthroat fashion. The continents themselves seem to drift apart, the distance between them growing: scholars swear that the impossible is happening - the world may actually be growing larger. And as if to support their claims, marine archaeologists have begun to discover more and more ruins on the ocean floor… And, amongst all this, some unrest appears to be growing on the former Mist Continent yet again…

The events are slowly cascading. The world is on the brink of another troubled time. And once more, it finds itself in need of heroes…

Unfortunately, it has you guys.


Current issues

The Main Characters

Character Player Class
Amaryllis Middleton castlefromhp Tonberry Knight
Lenore some radish guy Walking Nuclear Bomb
Mr Prickles Himself Juicy Cactus
Theta a large zoof Terra Ranger

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The World

New Regions of Gaia
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The Supporting Cast

Baddies of Gaia
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* Mini: [http://pastebin.com/WWYiHTUy]: Ammy and Nat searching through the remains of the Aitchison mansion.

The Forgotten Continent Arc

The Lindblum Arc

The Treno Arc

The Enterprise Arc

  • Session 27-2, [http://pastebin.com/yKV0AeFe]: The group sets out on foot for New Cleyra, stopping right before the battle against Doomtread in a tunnel.
  • Session 28, [http://pastebin.com/5RUTgSZc]: Battle Doomtread, talk with Dragon Knights, meet Ragtime Mouse, climb up to Bahamut's Temple, run into Ricard again after being teleported to the Enterprise.
  • Session 29, [http://pastebin.com/MGmHNuzm]: Explore the Enterprise, learn about another world, cut apart robots, take home moebots
  • Session 30, [http://pastebin.com/kYMzLe4a]: Grab a crystal, throw a dragon at Lani to make her go away, celebrations in New Cleyra, and a chat with Bebe et al. Crystal Shard #6: Green
  • Session 31-1, [http://pastebin.com/bD7k1HQj]: Renegade holds up his end of the deal and gives Nat a memory Tiara. Arguments with Mary over the Summoner's Pact, visiting Nat's hideaway in her aether realm, feels.
  • Session 31-2 [http://pastebin.com/qNb58NXD]: A chat with the General in New Cleyra, more chats with Renegade, then a long talk with Ambrosia about her past and memories.

Madain Sari and Esto Gaza

Madain Sari Proper

New Year's Preparation

The Glutton Arc

ATE Collection

Like, Maps and Shit

Seaways Canyon
The Cursed Repository


[19:15:13] <Isabella> Odin: "Remember when I destroyed your homeland?"
[19:15:19] <Isabella> Celina: "Yeah, that was something."
[19:15:28] <Isabella> Odin: "Hey, look up there. Mistletoe."
[19:15:41] <Isabella> Celina: "Oh my. You know what they say about mistletoe…"
[19:15:46] <Isabella> Odin: "Indeed…"
[19:15:52] <Isabella> Celina: *stab* "It kills norse gods."
[19:16:06] <Isabella> Odin: "But that was…. baldr…." *die*

[11:36:09] <Kain> I am never dating another eidolon again. Ever.

[15:45:41] <@Kain> 2d6+6 a wild kraken attacks
[15:45:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, a wild kraken attacks: 10 [2d6=3,1]
[15:45:55] <Kraken> i did no such thing
[15:47:23] <@Kain> 2d6+7 a wild ammy attacks
[15:47:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, a wild ammy attacks: 16 [2d6=6,3]
[15:47:29] <@Kain> 1d6 reroll 3
[15:47:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, reroll 3: 6 [1d6=6]
[15:47:38] <@Kain> 2d6+9999999999
[15:47:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+9999999999: 10000000003 [2d6=3,1]
[15:47:53] * @Kain just dumps dice on the table
[15:48:20] <@Kain> 2d6+7 a wild Theta grim reaps
[15:48:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, a wild Theta grim reaps: 18 [2d6=6,5]
[15:49:05] <@Kain> 1d6 boulders
[15:49:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, boulders: 6 [1d6=6]
[15:49:13] * @Kain dumps more dice on the table
[15:49:40] <@Kain> 2d6+6 a wild nat shockwaves
[15:49:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, a wild nat shockwaves: 13 [2d6=2,5]
[15:49:45] <@Kain> 1d6 reroll 2
[15:49:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, reroll 2: 1 [1d6=1]
[15:49:50] <@Kain> ~amnesiac moe~
[15:50:04] <@Kain> lenore's turn came around? Hold on lemme get my bad of d100s
[15:50:06] <@Kain> *bag
[15:50:36] <@Kain> 2d6 just for fun let's see what the truth is
[15:50:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, just for fun let's see what the truth is: 4 [2d6=2,2]
[15:51:12] <@Kain> that's an intermediate white spell so probably resonance
[15:51:20] <Rosetta> >allowing resonance
[15:51:54] * @Kain dumps more dice on the table as sextuple boltaga hits the field
[15:52:22] <@Kain> alright now the enemy turns
[15:52:35] <@Kain> okay nat blew every one of her abilities
[15:52:39] <@Kain> player turns again
[15:52:55] <@Kain> ~kaingame~ 
[13:17:32] <@Kain> You somehow manage to balance on a fucking paper airplane while underneath Ammy's mental block and sailing towards a castle in your head owned by your tea-drinking gothic loli clone.
[13:17:38] <@Kain> Where the fuck did this campaign go wrong.


Kaingame's Official Themesong