Fenna Faris Fillmore
Who am I? Seriously? You're just coming up to me and asking that out of the blue? Well, I appreciate some guts, but I'll knock you out if you do it again, so listen VERY closely. I'm Fenna Faris Fillmore, and… oh, if you were brave enough to approach me in the first place I'll go ahead and tell you that I'm fourteen and a half years old this month and approaching five feet. Oh, don't you DARE think I'll tell you my weight like that, that's not even funny.

This is me!


This is me too!

Thanks to this 'overseer' animal, I have powers to do what normal people can't. Then again, my sister does too and since she's not ONLY an idiot but totally blind - literally - I have to use those powers to keep her from getting herself killed. What a headache, right? Right! None of that really matters, though, since I can make a real profit off of doing miracles for people, even if they don't end up getting exactly what they want. What's that? Oh, I don't care how you feel about it, because everybody tells me that; that's just life!

Oh, you want to know about my magic?

Well, I don't just do magic. I have to have these numbers to do it - I know, I know, they annoy me to look at too - and I have to play a game of dice-rolling when we're actually in a fight. So that's why I hope it doesn't happen often, you see? I mean, it could have totally been something more fun, like card games, or some sort of virtual reality or something, right? But, it's not. So my stats look a little something like this:


Stat Value
Magic 7
Fury 6
Heart 5


Stat Value
Aggro 5
Cool 3
Sharp 6
Social 7

Element: Miracle
My actual power itself is to make miracles happen. You know, unexpected, impossible things that can't, by logic, actually happen, but do anyway? The stuff you read in storybooks and see in movies? That's me! So you'd better pay up, 'cause it ain't free, and it ain't cheap. But it could actually be worth your while if you want it bad enough, huh?

Effect: Miracle Matter
… Don't tell anyone, but I don't actually know how to do it right yet. I can pray for a miracle and it'll happen, but who knows what it'll actually be? I have to actually go out of my way to pick these dice up and throw them— two six-sided ones, to be exact, and treat one as in the tens place, another in the ones place. Just like that Magical Burst thing you've probably read, or at least that's what I was told to say. Anyway! At the beginning of every turn, as a free action (that means it doesn't use my turn), I have to throw those stupid dice and refer to this table. Whatever I get is my Magical Effect for the rest of that turn and I can use it however, whenever. Sounds great, right? It would be if I could get what I WANTED. Either way, the results are a little something like this:

11 Barrage When you roll an attack on multiple targets, you make a secondary challenge using support attribute, DC 14. If you pass, you ignore penalties to hit and damage for multiple attacks. If you fail, the penalty to hit and damage becomes how far you missed by. This penalty overrides the existing penalty and can reduce damage to 0.
12 Vampirism When an attack is successful, gain resolve equal to 1/3rd of the total damage dealt, rounded down. If resolve is full, can "spill" to anybody nearby.
13 Absolute Truth May pay 1 resolve to reroll any challenge made by the power's user.
14 Aiming Can willingly subtract an amount (up to 3) from a damage roll to add to the Result for hitting and vice versa. Hit to damage is a 2:1 conversion either way.
15 Destiny When using static defense, the Result for the opponent to beat is your defense stat doubled as opposed to defense+3.
16 Soul Shifting As a free action, the user may choose for her own attack roll or an ally's to be 'shifted,' meaning 1 is the number to reroll instead of 6. If used on an ally, they must be willing. Must be called before rolling.
21 Fudgin' the Numbers As a free action once per turn, the user can edit her Magical Attributes by removing a point from one and placing it into another. A Magical Attribute cannot be lower than 1. If a Magical Attribute raises above 9, it becomes a 2:1 ratio to increase it further.
22 Questionable Cureall This magical potion recipe might be a little too potent. Take one point of Overcharge (to any attribute) to restore 1d6+4 points of Resolve to yourself or another magical girl. The recipient of the potion also takes a Temporary Change of your current support attribute. Can only be used twice per battle or other scene.
23 The Thin Blue Line May take 1 OC (to any attribute) in order to take one additional Cover action at any time. There is no limit to the number of Cover actions that can be taken in this way.
24 Body Armor Reduce all damage taken by 2.
25 Parasitic Embrace When declaring an attack, you can take a point of Overcharge on your attack attribute to heal as many points of your own Resolve as you deal to the target, to a maximum amount healed of 6; the damage is not capped. If you choose to take a further point of Overcharge on your attack attribute and deal damage, the target suffers a -2 penalty until the end of your next turn. You may only use Parasitic Embrace on a single target multiple times if done consecutively and successfully. Parasitic Embrace may be used to clash if the attacker is a legal target.
26 Commando Chokehold Take an additional point of Overcharge and roll your attack, if it hits, the target must remain in one place, use its lowest attribute for defense, and cannot attack until it can spend a turn to make a Support challenge (succeed on a 12+) to get free.
31 Wicked Wish If an attack connects, add 1d6 to damage.
32 Sleepwalker's Riposte Perform an additional clash as a free action at a cost of 1 OC.
33 Reading the Leylines One free OC in Magic may be taken.
34 Echo If you hit the target with an attack on your previous turn, roll this one with a +2 bonus.
35 Volume Remote You may take 1 OC to raise or lower the volume of a target, adding or subtracting 2 damage to/from all their attacks for the duration of the encounter. This action consumes your turn and can't be used on a single target more than once at a time.
36 Self-Repair Unit Action to trigger regeneration of 1d6 Resolve for X turns at the cost of X Overcharge points.
41 Redline Riposte When clashing an opponent, the opponent rolls first, and this effect's user may add Overcharge after rolling the Attack.
42 School of Hard Knocks When rolling damage, roll one extra d6 and discard the lowest die rolled.
43 Pierce Your strike thoroughly penetrates the opponent's defenses, leaving them vulnerable. Upon declaring your attack, take 1 OC to attack. If you successfully hit the enemy, they take a -3 penalty to their defense stat (if they swap stats, the penalty applies to whatever their defense stat changes to) until the end of your next turn. If you hit an enemy currently under the effect of Pierce with this effect, the duration resets.
44 Metamorph Take 2 overcharge to support attribute. Raise an ally (or self)'s highest magical attribute by 2 and reduce their lowest by 2. This lasts for 1d6 turns. At the end of those 1d6 turns, the target takes resolve damage equal to their middle magical attribute, which was not affected by this effect.
45 Wait, What?! Pay 4 resolve, and as a free action increase an ally (or self)'s attack attribute by 100. Simultaneously, decrease the damage they would deal with their next (or current) attack by 100, after calculating overcharge bonuses, to a minimum of 0. Just in case, half attack stat rule does not apply.
46 Glorious Gamble Flip a coin after an attack's damage has been rolled. If it comes up heads, the damage is doubled. If it's tails, the damage is reduced to 0.
51 Higher Order Spend a turn to make a contested Support challenge against an opponent. On success, you control their next turn. You may use the target to clash or cover for their action. You take all OC for their actions under your command.
52 Repairs The user takes 1 overcharge and heals herself or an ally by 1d6+X, where X is half of her support stat, rounded down.
53 Winging It The user may reduce any stat by 2 points to raise a stat of the other type (Mundane to magical, or vice versa) by 2 points.
54 I Know What You're Thinking Spend 1 OC. You may roll a Read An Enemy check without spending your action. You gain a +1 bonus in rolls to clash or defend against the target until the end of your next turn.
55 Big Words Every consecutive attack you successfully clash or defend against grants you a +1 bonus against the next attack by the same enemy.
56 Words of Holding On your turn, you may spend your action to take one overcharge and roll a support challenge against your target. If you win, their next action is skipped; they may defend against attacks but may not clash until after the end of this round if they have not acted or the end of the next round if they have.
61 Enchant Make a DC 13 Sorcery check (magic stat only) to grant mundane objects one of the following boosts. The boosts are non-stackable with other magical effects and Elsa does not benefit from them: -2 DR, +2 damage, Ability to fly.
62 Oopsies! Swap a single magical attribute value for the value of an attribute in the same array-slot belonging to an ally until dispelled as a free action. Can only be used on a willing target and automatically fails if actively resisted. Using this effect is a free action itself, but may only be done once per turn.
63 Over There! When the user herself or an ally is being attacked, she may as a free action make a support challenge to redirect the attack to another ally, succeeding on a DC of 12 or higher. An enemy may not be the target of redirection. This effect is a free action, but may only be used once per turn.
64 Frontal Assault Spend 1 Attack-Stat OC to make both 5's and 6's explode for the turn, both still accruing overcharge.
65 Preoccupation The target finds themselves suddenly infatuated by something within their view. After spending your action, for every point of Heart OC you take, they suffer a -2 penalty on every roll until the end of your next turn.
66 Super Ultra Mega Über Luck All combatants, when attacking, may quadruple the damage done (after applying modifiers) by their attack if the to-hit roll had a number of sixes equal to or greater than (2 + manual overcharge taken).

Sloppy? Deal with it. It's enough of a pain in the ass to have to refer to it every time I use it, too, but at least the miracles actually happen in the first place. Be thankful!

Power: Fortune
Oh, but that's not all. Seriously, you think randomness is a power that really matters? Pfft! I have the most amazing luck in the world now… well, I inspire it, I guess. Finding lost wallets with money in them on the street, narrowly avoiding a car crash, whatever fortunate thing you can think of, is probably GOING to end up happening to you if you're within… oh, so many feet of me? Yards? Miles? I never really counted, and I'll get jealous if you score too many lucky things around me, which is probably a worse fate than never having the fortune to begin with. So what's the point? Oh, there isn't any! I'm just good, so you should be glad to be around me, that's all.

Effect: Super Luck
All combatants, when attacking, may double the damage done (after applying modifiers) by their attack if the to-hit roll had a number of sixes equal to or greater than (2 + manual overcharge taken).

… That, you see, is something called a 'critical hit.' And in this shoddily-written game you're playing you can't do it without me around, see? Aren't you glad I'm there? … What do you mean, enemies doing it too? Everyone knows that "Arr-Inn-Gee" thing hates them and never gives them good rolls! I'm really not worried at all and you should be ashamed of yourself for even considering it.

Finisher: Resplendent Rain
Attribute: Heart
You're still listening? Really? Well, I'm impressed! Then, I'll tell you what my best attack is: well, actually, it's not an attack at all! Can't believe it? Good! So I'll go ahead and reveal the details anyway, it's not like you'd ever be able to stop it. The way it works is, I start by taking whatever my Heart attribute is and throwing a number of those dumb six-sided dice equal to it— that'd be 5d6 right now, but 'buffs' and whatever can make it bigger sometimes, so it's a good idea to pile those on first!

After I've done that, I can take each d6 result and use it to either damage an enemy or heal an ally by that exact number. Sure, sure, rolling a 6,6,6,6,6 and using it all to deal 30 damage with no save isn't fair, even I know that, so I'd have to make an attack roll against an enemy and THEN add whatever number I want to to the total damage if it succeeds, even though I have to declare which ones I'm adding first 'cause they're gone forever if I miss. I know, I know, headache. For healing, though, I don't have to roll anything else, I can just pump a number into somebody's resolve and call it that; the only deal with that one is that I have to like you, or at least think you're worth keeping alive. Good luck! No really, I mean it!

Finally, just to clarify, when I use this Finisher I can both attack and heal in the same action, and if I want to hit multiple enemies I have to multi-attack as usual and just add the number to the damage result at the end; I still DO take multiattack penalties and all that trash. The only real condition is that I use every number I got in some way. Easy enough to understand? It better be, because I'm not explaining it again. That isn't to say you can't just scroll up and reread it because you're obsessed with my lovely self explaining things to the idiot you are, but at least don't tell me when you do it, because I seriously don't give half a shit.

Oh, you've leaving? Well then, I'll just tell you the next part LATER. Get out of my sight.