Experimental Burst

A place to throw down various ideas on improvements Magical Burst's system and throw out interesting mechanics which deviate from standard play.

Provided below is a table. Replace "SHORT SUMMARY" with a short summary (a single sentence, two at max) of the system change or mechanic. Replace "TYPE" with either Improvement (improves something in MB) or Mechanical (adds to MB but not necessarily improves). "DETAIL HERE" is obviously the more detailed explaination of what you want to achieve. Add another table section to any existing ideas to signify any suggestions/additions/fixes to the mechanic.


On 6: Less mundane arrays in battle
Arrays are boring and don't include any bonuses… Now when a PC/NPC rolls a 6 or 12 when performing an action in battle if the attribute being rolled is for:
Attack - Add attack attribute to final damage.
Defense - Reduce damage by defense attribute.
Support - Ability to "push" PC/NPC turn order this many times after next turn's initiative (a "push" being a swap of a character's turn above or below its current position).
*Character's still receive 1 OC per 6 rolled.
*Refined changes:
Attack - Add attack attribute on 6 to final damage. Add attack attribute x2 on 12.
Defense - Reduce damage taken to half (rounded up) on 6. Reduce damage taken to a quarter (rounded up) on 12.
Support - Ability to "push" two PC/NPCs turns the next round on 6. Ability to "push" four PC/NPC turns the next round on 12.
Holding bonus
Holding in a turn gives a bonus of +1 (for hit and damage rolls) on that turn. Every turn that a character "throws away" by holding will double this bonus (+1 [first turn], +2, +4, +8 etc).
Hope and Soul
Hope and Soul are based off of the corruption rules for Seeds of Grief and World Of Darkness morality rules. You start out with both 100 Hope and Soul. When you see something horrifying you roll 1d20+Cool with a TN of 15 or for nasty ones 20. If you fail the roll subtract the number you got from the TN and subtract what you get from Hope. If you get a 1 on the d20 subtract 20 from Hope. Hope is your outlook on life. If you reach 0 Hope your Soul either starts taking damage or the DM takes control of your character as she commits suicide or goes to the forces of darkness. For Soul it is dependent on fluff. For Soul, youma can corrupt Magical Girls with a Soul Blast. The save is 2d6+Magic vrs. 2d6 from the Youma. If you fail the save your Soul takes 1d10 damage. You also must make a Soul save when you Advance. The GM has a TN and the roll is the same. When you reach Soul 50 you begin to take 2 Overcharge instead of 1 when you increase dice. However for damage you add your Magic, not just half. For Sorcery rolls you also can take on Overcharge voluntarily instead of hoping you roll a 6. You still gain 2 Overcharge instead of one, however. When you reach Soul 0 you become a Youma.