Eloise Lachance
Personality: She possesses a serious, mostly logical nature. Though not stupid, she tends to take things at face value and is a rather naive, gullible child. Eloise is a polite and well-behaved kid. At age 12, Eloise seems to be in something of a phase where she considers it appropriate to go everywhere and anywhere totally dressed up. Shorts or jeans or a simple skirt and a teeshirt? Never. Her manner of dress tends to be as formal as the speech mannerisms she attempts to use, though she might not always understand entirely. It may have something to do with her perception that her older brother Stanley likes mature women; she's got a childish crush on him. Her family is British, with her mother and father having been childhood sweethearts; her dad went to college in America and later in life decided to move there with the rest of the family following. It's been about a year since they've been living here.


Element: Memory
Memories are important. In some ways, they define us. Eloise can change this, whether by changing one's memories, implanting, or even erasing them.
Do You Remember? - In short, magic-guided amnesia. I take a point of Overcharge, then the target and I roll a Support Challenge versus DC 14. If I succeed, I can designate one their stats as 1; they simply can't recall how to make use of it. The stat stays at 1 until they spend their turn to roll a support challenge versus a DC of 12, but the 2 higher for each point of additional OC I take.

Power: Lost and Found
Eloise has a certain way with both making things disappear as well as later finding them. While a less extravagant example might be hiding an object in a pocket dimension, she can also make enemies lose some ability of theirs for a time.
Misplacement - A part of the enemy's power is temporarily misplaced. Whenever an enemy uses a special ability outside of a normal attack, roll a "clash" against them. If your roll beats the enemy's roll for the effect, their ability is cancelled and can not be used for 1d6 turns, plus you take 1 OC in your attack stat. This effect does not consume a turn.
Ex: Lesbian bitch attempts to use sexyflames on Eloise and rolls a 13 on her support activation roll. Eloise rolls 14 on her Misplacement clash attack roll and prevents the effect from succeeding or being used again for 1d6 turns.

Heart: 6
Magic: 9
Fury: 4

Aggro: 4
Cool: 8
Social: 3
Sharp: 6

Resolve: 22