P.A.C.A. (I'll leave it to you to figure out what that acronym means)
I always loved the way the city looked in the winter…I wonder if it's still pretty?

Air-Raid Sirens filled the air outside. It was strange. It wasn't the first wednesday of the month, was it? Was there a tornado, or something? But then came the thumping. Like a massive drum being hit in the distance. Thump….Thump….Thump….and then the whistling. And then the massive blast that sent the glass of your room's windows flying inward. At least, that's how it happened for me. I'll assume it happened the same way for you.

Then came the military cordons. Martial law, they announced over the radios and TVs before they both shut off. The electricity went out all together afterwards, I remember because my mom had a big collection of candles and it was the first time i'd seen her light most of them. There'd be gunshots every few minutes. I think it was people trying to leave the city meeting the soldiers firsthand.

Then in the middle of the night, the gunshots got more intense. They went on and on with no stop for almost 2 minutes, before everything went silent. I guess whatever the soldiers had been shooting at had won. I heard a vehicle stop outside. My parents brought me downstairs, and we walked out. It looked like a moving van, but the outside of it said FEMA, or FEMO, or something like that…We got inside, and there were these…big cold tubes, like see-through 'frigerators. I climbed into one, and then…Well, then I got out and we started having this chat. I wonder how long it's been…have you seen any tubes with my parents in them, by the way…?

We'll be using the UNKNOWN ARMIES ruleset in this game. You can read all the fluff and such, as it's really damn cool, but i'm mostly using UA for it's mechanics. Don't ask why.

Use the Street Level (220 Points) chargen option, and don't make anything fancy like a Mage or an Avatar. Just a regular dude.

Keep in mind, that concept wise, you're playing a character who was frozen in some sort of cryo-pod before the apocalypse really went down, meaning your characters won't know what happened or what is happening. So no survivor-tribe characters or anything.

Join #PACA on Sup/tg/ if you've got any questions! Or just find me.

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