Since the time of Final Fantasy 9, ten years ago, the settling of Madain Sari has brought some interesting facts to light - old documents have been found, detailing unfamiliar Eidolons, many of them sealed away in parts unknown around the world, and many more hiding, distancing themselves from those who would seek to misuse their power…

Previous Eidolons


As Maduin, but is female, relies on the MND stat exclusively, and deals (MND x 26) Holy damage to all enemies in a short range with her Astral Flow, Terra Homing.

New Eidolons


A mysterious three-headed queen said to be associated with Leviathan and the underworld in some way. Known to be fickle…





A pair of brotherly minotaurs wielding hammers. Not much is known about them, they're mentioned only briefly in the logs of a summoner.


A spirit of retaliation that uses its speed as both powerful offense and defense.


The spirit as fleet as the wind, embodying the love of adventure and travel. Rumored to have put on a few pounds…


Supposedly the king of the Underworld, this creature is said to be able to forge absolutely anything.



A patient and noble bull that serves Bahamut in more mundane tasks. Often takes different forms to disguise itself.

Magus Sisters

A trio of witches that once lived in Alexandria, their power was so great that they were said to have become eidolons when they died.

Mist Dragon

A legendary creature said to prowl the Mist Continent. With the absence of the evil fog, where might this beast lurk now?

Siren and Starlet

Beautiful, alluring women, and very powerful. One is said to be associated with fortune, beauty, and courage, and the other is known to seduce unwary sailors and drag them to their demise. They have little to do with each other, but they're commonly mixed up, much to their seekers' dismay…


A legendary sword of titantic power, the stories about it claim it to be sentient, and it is theorized that the sword itself may in fact be an Eidolon.


A lazy, but highly intelligent cat creature that can speak the human tongue, albeit in a thick Conde Petian accent. As his name implies, he is fond to wander the world, ever in search of amusement, some of which he creates himself.


The sea-hydra bound in service to Leviathan. It is said to rescue drowning sailors and deliver them safely to distant shores.


A terrifying snake that once lived in the branches of the Iifa Tree, now it roams the passages beneath the earth, ever hungry.


An earthen giant that serves as a companion to the wolf, Fenrir.



A murderous midget who may either be a cold-blooded murderer or a karmic avenger. Absolutely relentless, whatever the case, but has sometimes been known to be friendly…


A loud, perverted octopus creature that claims that he and his buddy Typhon are Eidolons. Unlike other eidolons, this creature does not hide itself and makes his presence known in any local near a major body of water as he pleases. Known for causing excessive property damage, loss of dignity (of both himself and others) and general mayhem.


A cutthroat Eidolon that cares only for gil. He sells his services to the highest bidder, no matter what they might ask. He considers obliging his contract the highest form of honor, and expects to be paid often and well by his employers on their side of that contract. Travels with an eidolon dog named Daigoro. It's unknown what he actually spends his gil on.

Recipe to summon an Eidolon that's already bound

1. Crystal shards(?)
2. A place of power associated with the eidolon
3. A focus related to the Eidolon
4. A ritual?
5. ???