Edna Stiles


Great (+4) Notice
Good (+3) Investigate Rapport
Fair (+2) Athletics Burglary Contacts
Average (+1) Drive Empathy Lore Resources



Fate Points

Current Refresh
Number 3


High Concept

Little Miss Preptime

Edna is a meticulous planner with a keen ability to predict how to make things turn out just so. With just a little time to figure out the right course of action, there's no stopping her, but she gets flustered when things go off the rails. She's not absurdly lucky, though it sometimes seems that way to people who didn't notice her timing the guards' patrol patterns or checking below windows for a soft landing.

Invoke - Any time Edna could have reasonably determined some predictable detail in advance, it can just be assumed that she did. Where she's concerned, everything goes according to keikaku.

Compel - Unfortunately for Edna, the world isn't a static place, and that can get her in trouble. Maybe there was a dumpster full of mattresses under that 30-foot ledge last night, but if the garbageman came unusually early today, she's in for a long drop.


Trust No One

Though she puts on a sunny disposition and an innocent smile, Edna knows that if there's one thing that can't be relied on in this world, it's other people. She might manipulate and use them, but she'll never be able to put her faith in anyone but herself.

Invoke - Of course, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean everyone's not out to get you. When you expect everyone around you to betray you, sometimes you pick up on the signs others would've missed…

Compel - …and sometimes you see signs that aren't actually there. When people behave ambiguously, Edna always assumes the worst. Late to the pick-up? Sure, it could be a flat tire. It could also be giving the police time to surround the warehouse. Better not to take the chance, even if it means a few blown deals.


Always a Way Out (Burglary): +2 on Burglary rolls made to create an advantage whenever Edna's trying to escape from a location
Attention to Detail (Investigate): Edna can use Investigate instead of Empathy when defending against a Deceive attempt.
Body Language Reader (Notice): Edna can use Notice instead of Empathy to learn aspects of a character through observation.


Campaign: Daughters Of The Blind Tiger