Eberi used to be the town bratty rich girl. Her mommy died in a car crash and her daddy was never there. The housekeeper never really paid her any attention, and she didn't make friends with the other magical girls. As a result she has abandonment issues.

Eberi was a huge comic book fan growing up and always wanted to be a superhero. However when she grew up and realized vigilantism wasn't a good career path she chose to want to be an astronaut, or help colonize other planets. She however knows that if she can do this she won't be able to see the fruits of her labor. But she wants humanity to live in the stars some day. To do that she's going to need more than just Cosmic Manipulation. Maybe Atmospheric powers?

She's like an Angry Marine and swears a lot to be tough and amusing to other people. She's also easily irritated and pissy, but under all that RAAAAAAAGE is someone who believes in the right thing. Also thinks she's bisexual because she can't accept that she's a lesbian.


She is 16 years old.

Element: SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE. Or "Asterokinesis" if you want to be boring.
Effect"Quasar Pulse Beam": A beam of concentrated energy with the force of an actual quasar. You add your full attack Stat to the damage instead of halving it. You gain 1 Overcharge and cannot use this in consecutive turns.

Power: Flight via gravity and mass manipulation. Right now she cannot extend those powers further than just herself without great strain. How can she can maneuver is a secret for the ages.

Effect: Just flying. That's it.

Finisher"Supernova": Roll 1d6 after succeeding on an attack action; roll multiple 1d6 by the result of that roll and deal that much damage in addition to normal attack damage. However, you must roll 1d6. Divide what you get by 2 and you get Overcharge on the number you get. If you get an odd number, round up. If you get a 1, you get 1 Overcharge. You also add on the extra 1 charge to the total because of the Finishing Move being used.

Resolve 22/22
Magic 5
Fury 9
Heart 3
Sharp 7
Cool 5
Aggro 8
Social 3