Daughters Of The Blind Tiger

We'll be playing with FATE Core. Intended to be a one-shot. Tentative date is Labor Day from 4 to 10 PM EDT?


"You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone." ~ Al Capone

In the hazy summer of 1926, a man watches uneasily over his shoulder the passersby on the sidewalk. Nervous and fidgeting, he reaches into his pocket for a cigar and a lighter, something to ease his nerves, something to let him blend in.

Coat tightly wrapped around his shoulders, he slips into a hole in the wall club on the main drag behind other patrons. The music is loud and cheerful. A flapper girl pulls one of the men entering first aside to dance. Another puff from the cigar blends into the dense air.

He sits at a table alone, watching from under a broad brimmed hat as the other patrons cavort and make merry. They drink and gambol with impunity, and far more than the hot summer night is making him sweat beneath that leather coat. The smoke in the room is stifling, and instinctively, his hand digs into his pocket to fool with the lighter once more. No amount of fidgeting affords him comfort, however, and his nervousness causes him to remember his task belatedly. Watch the barman. Where would he hide the guns? Where would the back door be? Where is the man who runs the place? To blend in, he takes in a free lunch though he politely declined a drink.

He isn't puzzling for long. From across the club, a pair of eyes meets his. The Big Boss. Rising quickly, he makes for the door without having ordered a thing. Another flapper tries to court him onto the floor, but with a few stammered words, she quickly moves on to other prey.

The creak of the club's door assures safety, but he isn't more than two blocks down when a triad of cloaked figures, small and thin, children, block his path.

"Where ya goin', Vergil Smith?" one says, a delicate singsong tone issuing from her throat. Her hood comes down, and the smirk on her face sends a chill down his spine. "Boss Thompson don't take too kindly to coppers tryin' to bust his racket, you know, even if ya are only takin' a peek."

His hand drops to his pocket. "I'm not afraid to shoot a little girl. I know what you are," he says.

"Do ya?" she answers, and suddenly, silence covers the block. Loud jazz and swing music infinitely muffled without any warning. The silence is eerie, deafening. The sweat under Vergil's collar drips down his sleeve. "Then you know it won't help."

And so Vergil Smith disappeared into the night, caught by the pedigree bloodhounds of New York, the ultimate speakeasy insurance: The Daughters of the Blind Tiger.

Set in a New York that never was, mostly based in the year 1926 but with other anachronistic variations as needed, Daughters of the Blind Tiger tells the story of the rise to power of Patrick "Red Boss" Thompson and the strange group of girls under his watchful eye. Arriving in New York with naught but the clothes on his back and a young girl named "Nezumi", supposedly a foreigner word for "mouse", Thompson rapidly established himself as a criminal with a knack for finding girls with unusual talents. No one knows quite where they come from, and only they can say whether what they do is really magic or not, but one thing is for certain: They have made "Red Boss" Thompson a name to remember.

For purposes of character creation, the idea is that any supernatural abilities are low-key and could easily be mistaken for just a strange fluke. Think of it in a magic realism sense, like maybe your character can track a man through the dingy streets after a hard night's rain or perhaps your character can tell at a glance if a man is carrying a gun on his person. Come and fetch me if you're super eager to mini out the phase trio stuff. Otherwise, standard FATE Core applies.

New York's Most Wanted

The man behind the Blackberry Street Gang, a small but powerful organization with a strange source of power, "The Daughters of the Blind Tiger". Thompson's ruddy complexion, a sign of his Irish heritage, is what earned him his name, but his ruthless regard for his enemies is what allowed him to live up to the title. A first-generation immigrant from Ireland, Boss Thompson regards his "Daughters" with affection, caring for them whatever their background.

A newcomer to the New York mob scene, enemies are many and powerful, but Thompson's ace-in-the-hole is earning him a solid footing in illicit activities.

And Their Daughters

Name "Daughter" Name Player High Concept
Shirley Fields "Tights" Krackalacken Egotistical Supergirl
N/A "Cherry" 120px-EB_Territorial_Oak.gif La Petite Filou
Samantha Summers "Colors" '-' Brutal Psychopath Not actually being played
Edna Stiles "Bonnet" Oxford Little Miss Preptime