Cursegirls NPCs

321 Stars

  • Aldric "Tsugaru" Mizushima - Sylvie's brother and a member of the professional Dance Dance Revolution team 'the 321 Stars.' Holds a 'secret' only one other person knows about. Relationship with: Sylvie, Heart.
  • Cynthia "Exotic Ethnic" Gosingtian - Leader of the 321 Stars, Aldric's girlfriend and Sylvie's friend. Also possesses a 'secret' only one other person knows about, coincidentally the same one. Relationship with: Sylvie, Magic.
  • Ambessa "Witch Doctor" Campbell - Easygoing, rich person with a heart of gold who funds the 321 Stars. Not the most skilled on his feet, but watches over the team. Relationship with: Sylvie, Heart.
  • Zakiya "Ever Snow" Baer - A punk from a rival team, was rescued and integrated into the Stars after the murder of one of her teammates. Relationship with: Sylvie, Fury.
  • Sen "B4U" Zhang - A quiet bookworm and the youngest of the team. He has a fascination with magic and believes it exists, despite having no proof of it. He takes Sylvie along in his research attempts in the belief that she's interested in it too. Relationship with: Sylvie, Magic.

Paranormal Intelligence Agency

  • Jamal Jenkins - Taldeer's superior and Eddie Murphy. No really, he's Eddie Murphy in every cop movie ever. Relationship with: Taldeer, Heart.
  • Namrata Patel - Occult expert, Taldeer's main contact on the strange back at the agency. Relationship with: Taldeer, Magic.
  • Maria Walker - Ditzy airhead employed at the agency. She thinks Taldeer is really sug- I mean, amazing. Relationship with: Taldeer, Heart.


  • Baron Samedi - Loa. A really bad influence on Adelaide, but gets shit done. Relationship with: Adelaide, Heart.
  • Maman Brigitte - Loa. Samedi's wife. Blunt, has fire powers. Also not the greatest influence. Relationship with: Adelaide, Magic.
  • Baron La Croix - Loa. Talks a lot, mostly just follows Addy around. Doesn't do much. Relationship with: Adelaide, Magic.
  • Loco - Loa. Potion-brewer. Brews potions. Relationship with: Adelaide, Heart.
  • Papa Legba - Loa. Runs the Spiritual Crossroads. Supposedly responsible for Adelaide's spiritual connections. Relationship with: Adelaide, Heart.

Miscellaneous People

  • 'Daddy' - A police detective and, in Emma's mind, Hero of Justice. He's proud of his daughter's enthusiasm, but wishes she could see things in shades of gray. Divorced; gets Emma every other weekend. Relationship with: Emma, Heart.
  • 'Momma' - An ex-stay-at-home mom, now going back to work as a receptionist now that Emma is old enough to get herself to the bus stop. Emma loves her, but, well… she's no Daddy. Relationship with: Emma, Heart(?)
  • Susie - A shy, studious girl with dark hair and glasses. One of Emma's few friends, ever since Emma stood up for her when she was being teased. Relationship with: Emma, Heart(?)
  • Anna - Magnus' 12-year-old daughter. She was originally intended to be the recipient of a Cursed Object, but… wasn't. Relationship with: Magnus, Heart.
  • Senor Chang - Taldeer's rival. Plays Eldar and totally isn't a serial killer in another universe or anything. Nope, not at all. Relationship with: Taldeer, Fury.
  • 'Mother' - Don't ask Taldeer about her mother. Just don't do it. Relationship with: Taldeer, Fury.
  • Grandmama - Adelaide's grandmother, who mysteriously sent her a cursed gift. Whereabouts unknown. Relationship with: Adelaide, Heart.
  • Mama & Papa - Adelaide's parents, have no idea what she's doing. At all. Relationship with: Adelaide, Heart.
  • Jennifer Lianna V - Joyeuse's Onee-sa- BFF and adopted sister. A cop with a K-9 unit. Relationship with: Joyeuse, Heart.
  • Ashley Cache Emull - Owner of the "World Over Petshop." Joyeuse stops by to sell him curious creatures for his black market dealings. Relationship with: Joyeuse, Magic.
  • Teddy - German shepard, K-9 unit. Jennifer's partner. Tad suspicious of Joyeuse; tries to attention hog Jennifer away. Relationship with: Joyeuse, Fury.

Cursed Objects

  • Top Hat -
  • LJHS 'Hall Monitors' Armband -
  • Dream Diary -
  • Fancy Comb -
  • Wrassleleague (Fake) Champion Belt with Anna’s lost Nyancat’s doll -
  • Cross Necklace -
  • Father's Dog Tags -