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[11:13:24] <Charm> Pluto, can I ask you a question?
[11:14:16] <Plutonis> Maybe
[11:14:49] <Charm> In a game of magical lolis with curses, what the flying fuck possessed you to create a 35-year old ex-WWFer neckbeard as your character?
[11:15:02] <Plutonis> I am Plutonis
[11:15:07] <Plutonis> That is your answer
[11:15:22] <Plutonis> An answer most people would be satisfied with
[11:15:32] <Charm> …


In the grim darkness of the 20th century, many a brave little girl fought fiercely for her right to manipulate the powers they could call only 'magic.' The only problem, though, was that what they were fighting were mostly themselves and the objects that gave them the powers to begin with; such began the journey of all Magical Girls, struggling to break the chains of the curses that plagued them so. By the way, all the curses are unnecessarily wacky too.

Info & Houserules

  • Instead of using the book stat distributions, distribute a total of 40 points between Magical and Normal Attributes. No two Attributes in a category may have the same value. Max of 9, min of 3.
  • Magical Effects and Finishing Moves may be custom made - talk to Tree for approval.
  • Each magical girl has 3 specializations with values 4, 3 and 2 that are added when making checks with Normal Attributes related to these specializations. Ex: a magical girl with sharp of 8 and a 3 in history specialization rolls 2d6+11 for historical knowledge checks.
  • Each magical girl has a cursed item that has granted them magic. It afflicts them with a curse that progressively gets worse as per the curse stages listed below.
  • Each magical girl has a taboo behavior - some code that must be followed or some behavior that cannot be done lest the magical girl lose their powers temporarily.
  • When creating relationships, each magical girl may have up to a maximum of 15 unstrained points total in all relationships.
  • A magical girl's birthday is significant - more specifically, their birthstone determines whether or not they grant a curse-ridding benefit when killed by another magical girl. Magical girls born in January and December may kill each other for benefit. February and November are also compatible. March and October. Etc … until June and July.

Birthstone Compatibility:
Garnet : Turquoise
Amethyst : Topaz
Aquamarine : Opal
Diamond : Sapphire
Emerald : Peridot
Pearl : Ruby


  • Curses progress in 'stages;' when one stage is broken, the magical girl who broke the curse may take one Advancement as per the official PDF.
  • Each curse 'stage' is activated by a trigger of some sort, unknown to the curse bearer themselves. So, somebody who's had their curse for years will almost definitely have had multiple stages activated. Nobody knows what happens to those who had all 5 tiers activated simultaneously.

Tier 1:
-minor annoyance - no threat to livelihood or normal social life for the most part
-imperceptible as supernatural to outsiders
-affects only self
-your cursed object communicates with you only in a very rudimentary way, never with actual language. this communication is imperceptible to outsiders.

Tier 2:
-moderate to major annoyance - life goes on as normal, but it's enough to stress someone out if left unchecked
-imperceptible as supernatural to outsiders
-affects only self
-your cursed object communicates with you using a combination of simple language and rudimentary methods. this communication is imperceptible to outsiders.

Tier 3:
-poses a minor threat to normal lifestyle - you can carry on as normal without too much difficulty but you will get people worrying over you and asking questions
-adds an additional power-related complication to the taboo - a backlash effect in addition to losing magical powers
-imperceptible as supernatural to outsiders
-affects only self
-your cursed object has developed a way to communicate with you using the full gamut of human language but cannot manipulate the world outside of itself and what is minimally necessary to communicate. this communication is perceptible to outsiders only after careful examination.

Tier 4:
-poses a moderate threat to normal lifestyle - but one that can be largely mitigated by cleverness and effort through purely mundane means
-slightly enhances the complication to breaking taboo - a moderate backlash effect that in addition has a small chance of temporarily bringing back a low level curse stage
-perceptible as supernatural to outsiders, but only after careful examination
-affects only self
-your cursed object has minimal ability to communicate with you by manipulating its surroundings according to your magical element and power in addition to its previous abilities. in addition, it has limited access to your mind and senses for the purposes of communication. this communication is perceptible to outsiders.

Tier 5:
-poses a substantial threat to normal lifestyle - one that is impossible to resolve without magical intervention and ending the curse
-greatly enhances the complication to breaking taboo - a stronger backlash effect that, if left unchecked, can threaten to bring back previously broken low level curse stages such that they must be broken again
-perceptible as supernatural to outsiders
-affects others in close proximity symbolically, not spatially
-your cursed object has direct access to your mind and senses for the purposes of communication, in addition to previous effects.


Name Player Element Power Attributes Birthstone Curse
Adelaide Augustine The Bard Voodoo Loa Bokor F>M>H Aquamarine Spirits
Emma Watkins Oxford JUSTICE Indestructible H>F>M Amethyst The Eyes
Joyeuse Gardlin III Inugami Parabiology Biofact F>M>H Peridot (SARD…ONYX…) Doubles
Magnus Steel Plutonis Muscle! Strength and Stamina of Thirty Men! F>H>M Emerald Mockery
Rebecca Sanders Charm Holy Empathy H>M>F Aquamarine Religion?
Sylvie Mizushima castfromhp Delirium Symbolsight M>H>F Garnet Dreams
Taldeer Boreal zoofman Faith (IN THE EMPRAH) FOR THE EMPRAH H>F>M Diamond HERESY


Cursegirls NPCs

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Cursegirls OC Record


  • Episode 1A - MANLY MEN and WITCH HUNTERS proceed to BE MANLY and HUNT WITCHES respectively. Additionally, little girls get kidnapped by older women.
  • Episode 1B - Chillin' in an extremely boring city leads to forced combat sequences, effectively becoming one of those series that seems like it's poorly-written at first until you get to the part where it's like "ohhh, that's why it was so sudden." Or maybe it IS just poorly-written. And hey, more little girls get kidnapped by older women, what an unexpected surprise!
  • Misc. - Sylvie in a bathroom.
  • Episode 2A - The musclegirls meet up and discuss who they are instead of having flashback sequences. Perhaps it's for the better.
  • Episode 2B - Lesbians- wait a second that was supposed to be a bad joke, how did this shit end up happening? Oh fuck goddamnit. That poor little girl.


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