Colorful Daughter
Physical (2)
Mental (4)
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Brutal Sociopath

High Concept
You know, Papa says I shouldn't break customers' legs, even if they ain' payin' their respects. He ain' say nothin' bout customers' wifes or kids.

Colors is cheerfully brutal. She relishes violence, and even the thought of breaking things makes her ecstatic. She can control herself pretty easily - she is a sociopath - but she finds it funny to joke about macabre subjects all the same.

Pissing People Off

Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Heyy! Hey, hey! Is for horses! Teehee.

Colors loves getting on people's nerves - or, more specifically, she loves their reactions. She usually controls herself around Papa, but it takes a lot of Willpower to avoid it completely.


Ooooppss, did I just set your house on fire? Teehee.

Colors also loves starting trouble - for herself as much as for others. Some might think she had a deathwish. They're probably right.




  • I'm absolutely Great at Fighting! Not 'cause I have some queer powers like any o' my sises, I'm just that amazing!
  • I'm pretty Good at Provoking people, whether it's rilin' 'em up, or scarin' 'em 'til they need new pants!
  • I've also got a pretty Good Will. Papa says it'll get me in an awful lotta trouble one of these days. Teehee, it already has!
  • I'm no confidence gal, but I've still got pretty Fair odds of Deceivin' people or Sneakin' around
  • And I'm also a pretty Fair Shot!
  • I'd say for a mob girl, I'm pretty Average at Breakin' an' entering, and I have a few Contacts other than papa and my sises.
  • I'm also Average at Noticin' Things an' Understandin' People. I ain' no detective, but I ain' blind either!


God says I ain' gotta work on Sundays, an' mister? My knife agrees with him!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

She doesn't dress up on Sundays, even if Thompson forces her to work anyway.