Closed Circle: Five Day Chase for the Pearl of the Orient

A FATE mini-campaign set in modern-day Hong Kong! Tensions have been rising as the PRC exerts ever more influence upon the port city, and tradition clashes with modernity in one of the world's preeminent global cities. Everything comes to a head on June 26th as the bombing of an under-construction train line from Hong Kong to the mainland precipitates a magically-enforced lockdown of the city. Magical conflict has spilled out from the shadows of society out into the open, barely contained by anti-magic zones set up by Feng Shui masters taking advantage of Hong Kong's heavily mystically influenced city planning.

The campaign begins in media res on June 28th, three days before Hong Kong celebrates its 15th anniversary of being passed over from British rule back to China. You all are endowed with supernatural abilities, and for the past few months you have felt a strange yearning to head to the city known by many as the Pearl of the Orient. Now it is clear you have some more profound role to play in the conflicts shaping up in the city - or you're at least trapped to watch the show…

Char Gen and Updates

Feet in the Water (6 refresh)
As of June 29th in-game, everyone should be at +1 unspendable refresh.

Remember for the purposes of this campaign, a "session" is a full day of in-game time. Note this for recovering from consequences.

Character Player High Concept Aspect
Addy Centipedes Accidental Voodoo Witch
Aerie Shookie Your Local Amnesiac Gamer Ghost Tourist
Caleb Shelterer Power Unlimited, Power Uncontrolled
Rini Bigwood Aspiring Supergenius Extraordinaire
Siyao Ford Littlest Sister of Mercy

What You Know!

A Primer on Hong Kong

Theme: Hong Kong is a nexus in the global economy, a center for trade that has faced a struggle for independence vs influence by the PRC Aspect: Global City #5 Faces: CY Leung, PRC supporter
Threat: Magical conflict has erupted around the city, and martial law has taken over. Furthermore, HK has been isolated from the world by a magical barrier. No one gets in; no one gets out. Aspect: The Closed Circle Faces: ???
Theme: The city is embedded in a cultural narrative that evokes the exotic alongside the traditional, the outlandish alongside the progressive and pragmatic. The Hong Kong action film, the image of the international business man, and the common street food vendor exist alongside each other. Aspect: The Pearl of the Orient Faces: Jackie Chan, action film star; Tony Chan, Feng Shui master; Ricky Wong, entrepreneur

Location - Tsim Sha Tsui
Description: The corner of the Kowloon peninsula, a waterfront marketplace, a tourists' mecca, a sea of hotels.
Threat: Barely contained conflict between Triads and police(?). Dragons.
Aspect: First Lockdown
Face: The Man with the Dragon Tattoo (?)
Music - theme of the lockdown

Location - Central
Description: The financial center of the city, located on Hong Kong Island. Best known for housing the International Finance Center.
Theme/Threat: ???
Aspect: ???
Face: ???

Location - Kowloon Walled City
Description: A blast from the past! This cramped box of buildings was a hideaway for criminals of all types until its demolition starting in 1993. Now the Triad in the city have performed a strange ritual to bring it back, on top of the park that was created in its place.
Threat: A battlefield between Triad and government forces, centering around a garrison that holds a horrifying secret…
Aspect: Barely Room to Breathe
Face: Zhang Laoshu
Music - theme of the city that should not be

Location - Red Road Public Library
Description: An abandoned library that seems to have a strange supernatural presence dwelling within. Has been calmed.
ThemeThreat: Genius loci of the library ???
Aspect: Shelves of Memories
Face: Goat goast(?)
Music - theme for a battle of wills

Location - Wanchai
Description: The former red light district of Hong Kong, now a spot for tourists who want to enjoy the nightlife. Still has hookers though.
Theme: An unfortunate victim of magical fallout
Aspect: Hookers and Blow:Tourist Style
Face: ???

Location - Mong Kok
under construction~

Events of June 26th

12:00 PM The under-construction Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link is bombed, and the city is magically isolated from the rest of the world
3:00 PM Martial Law is officially declared
7:23 PM the last designated necessary public space is warded by an anti-magic field, and Hong Kong police forces officially declare that order has been established

Events of June 27th

All day - a kid in a brown robe wanders around town with a police entourage, picking up individuals with magical potential or powers.
4:30 PM A radio tower begins to emit a strange signal, one that is only picked up in areas of the city where magic works.
??? Demons are exorcised from the giant Buddha statue by a group of Feng Shui masters. Or something like that…?

Events of June 28th

10 AM Kowloon Walled City Park is magically replaced by the old Walled City itself through a Triad ritual
10:30 AM Government forces converge on the Walled City, entering and engaging the Triads in battle
3 PM Sea serpent destroys a lot of restaurant boats near the south of Victoria
4 PM The Middle Kingdom theme park is locked down by Hong Kong police
7 PM Wanchai former red light district left in shambles by a magical performance artist gone terribly wrong
8:30 PM The Walled City disappears once more

Events of June 29th

Early Morning - the government temporarily breaks the seal on the city, just long enough to send paramilitary and military forces into Hong Kong

Fuckin' Logfiles

June 26th

June 26th, precampaign intros
June 26th, the other precampaign intros

June 27th

June 27th, the OTHER other precampaign intros

June 28th

June 28th, Session #1
June 28th, Mini #1: Addy and Arae go adventuring in an abandoned library.
June 28th, Mini #1.5: …but not all was as it seemed. Read this AFTER the previous log.
June 28th, Mini #2: Caleb learns how to hit on girls. But he leaves out a word.
June 28th, Mini #3: Rini's crush on Zhang is so intense she's willing to get shot in the arm to meet him just for a date in a room filled with dead babies.
June 28th, Mini #4: Siyao listens to the problems of the Keeper of the Angrybird and decides she's having nun of it.
June 28th, Mini #5: Everyone gets together for a chat about what they did during the day and all the shenanigans they had. If it sounds like the end-of-day discussions in Devil Survivor but longer, it's because that's essentially what it is.

June 29th

June 29th, Session #2 p1: Everyone starts off the morning with a bang, and Addy shows them all why she needs to be a Food Network chef in the future. Oh and there's paramilitary coming into the city now.
June 29th, Session #2 p1.5: Rini runs off. No one is surprised.
June 29th, Mini #5.5: Fuck you I'm not redoing all my mini numbering because I forgot to upload one log. Rini and Zhang have phone sex or something.
June 29th, Session #3 p1: SOISOISOISOISOISOISOISOI, Caleb is an asshole (on accident this time) part 1, party split after paramilitary troops attack.
June 29th, Session #3 p1.5: Siyao meets with the Hong Kong Independence Movement, and Addy gets into a tickle contest.
June 29th, Mini #6: Caleb is megatier asshole dick part 2. Who would've thought this mini would have more plot than a full session? And who would've thought it was a good idea for two kids who don't share a common language to go run off and pursue this plot? Well, they ended up playing Fire Emblem so it's all okay.
June 29th, Mini #6.5: This is the part you read after the above mini because it's so much better that way.
June 29th, Mini #7: Rini has coffee with the New World Order. And yes, we did play virtual pool on some website while doing this mini.
June 29th, Mini #8: Rini gets dragged into Triad family drama or something.
June 29th, Mini #9: Arae finally gets all her memories back. Yeah, sorry, no funny synopsis here.
June 29th, Mini #10: Caleb pays the price of victory.
June 29th, Mini #11: Addy and Siyao meet their friendly neighborhood draconic embodiment of Hong Kong's economic power. And then they get shot at. A lot.
June 29th, Mini #12: I can't even write a summary for this because the thing that happens afterwards is too silly.
June 29th, Session #4 p1: I really should just go hang my head in shame for having gone forward with this despite it all, but I don't know if anyone else caught the shamefur display or maybe it was just too shamefur to bring upSO LOTS OF GOAST THINGS HAPPEN BECAUSE THERE ARE GOASTS IN THIS CAMPAIGN.