Loewin von Stolz

Name: Loewin "Cloral" von Stolz
Age: 15 years
Height: 139.70 cm (4' 7")
Weight: 44.00 kg (97 lbs)

Personality: The youngest member of the von Stolz lineage displays the family's traits in earnest: pride, courage, and a burning determination backed by an equally volatile temper. She has a clear understanding of modern business, joining her father in many ventures for the family business. Publicly, she is known to be rather stoic and reserved, though personal accounts belie a temper and general emotional stability appropriate for a girl her age, in some cases even younger. Though she lives up to her name, it is recommended that the Board watch her longer before committing to installing her as heir.

Family Background: The von Stolz are an old family of Sachs, dating back at least several centuries. They long enjoyed nobility status as a clan of warriors, but the focus of the lineage changed some time in the late 19th century, shifting toward trade. They achieved considerable success as a result of their vaunted fearlessness, risking investments many other merchants considered to be "too risky." However, despite this marked success, their war-born past eventually began to draw the ire attention of the public, accusing the family of war profiteering during the recent and widespread unrest in the country and region. Arnold von Stolz, current head of the family, showed a rather unprecedented considerable foresight in moving the company and family to Albaea, much to the fortune of the Board. To gain trust, Arnold began committing the company's resources toward the Novgoraadi incidents war effort on behalf of Albaea, failing to see the irony. The man's eldest child, the lad Löwe, was born back in Sachs to a woman of full Sachsen blood. The mother, however, was not committed to "fleeing" their home country and remained in Sachs. The boy is planned to be the heir to the company but is hardly known to potential Albaean investors, raising doubt intrigue about his efficacy. The second and only other child is the lass Loewin, born to an Albaean consort noblewoman. A curious noble trait of the lineage is its willingness to accept new members, regardless of "purity" of blood. Any that are raised by the family are considered to be within it. Perhaps this level of inclusion has attributed to the success and adoration of the business. As such, the girl is certainly a valid potential heir, despite the Board's decision to ignore her vim and business acumen. Regrettably, the girl's mother passed almost a decade after giving birth. We have little information on her as the Board had not yet begun internal espionage safeguarding its assets on a personal level, but it is clear that the local populace was fond of her. To solidify the appearance of his good faith efforts in aiding Albaea, Arnold von Stolz has chosen to send his daughter to assist directly in the Novgoraadi incidents war effort. One questions how a father could sound the death knell for his own daughter; even as a businessman it is clear she is one of his most important assets, at the very least a lucky coin one never bets on principle. His commitment to Albaea is unquestionable, surpassing that to his family.

Update: The Board has decided it would be best if news of the girl's "career change" was kept quiet until such a time that they can affirm the new path is correct for her. Thus, she shall be referred to by her nickname for now. The nickname was only ever occasionally used among family and some close friends and is thought not to be compromised. Should any employee need knowledge of this name, they are to report to their immediate superior with a brief letter indicating name, title, and reason for request. We expect to maintain little contact with the girl, so reasons for needing the name generally concern handling of any possible information leaks.

A small, slightly crumpled piece of paper is hidden within the folds of the report, written in some form of code. On the back, one can make out the first half of a cipher which ends abruptly, followed by the words "Previous Handler: William 'Red' Hornbill."
Personal Observations: I am vehemently disgusted at how the Board treats the girl. She is nothing but committed to the family and her father, though her compassion requires a trained eye to observe. The Board, however, chooses to treat her as some hybrid of a circus exhibit and science experiment. Certainly the heir is also committed, but his eyes lack the luster of hers when discussing business and he's noticeably absent from most social functions. Most unconscionable was the Board's request for me to Persuade the girl when she was younger at the smallest sign of an outburst. True, her tantrums have lasted too apparently into her adult life, but humans are not guard dogs. I expect to be replaced as the girl's Handler soon; apparently my "insubordinations" have become too pronounced. I just ask that whoever takes my place not forget that the girl is a human being first and the job second.