Claire Kilbire

Name: Claire Kilbire

Age: 15
Height: 4' 11" (or about 1.5-1.6m if we finally switched over to metric)
Weight: Wait what? Who the hell asks these questions?

Claire is a fairly petite woman with shoulder-length hair that is either red or brown, depending on what the lighting scheme is. The same could be said of her eyes, but it seems at least there's a majority consensus of "red". Despite having graduated from high school last summer, she still tends to wear her school uniform - it still fits, and she is at least making a token effort to find work before becoming another draw on the stipend.

The Story:

Once upon a time, (because all the best stories start with 'once upon a time'; although I guess some of the more fantastic ones start with 'If I'm elected, I promise…') Claire Kilbire discovered that the world was one fucked up place. Robots did damn near everything for us. Included in that had to be tons of things that humans as a society had forgotten how to do, to the point that we all seemed reliant on them. Taken to its logical conclusion (although Claire's slippery slope mind can rarely be called "logical") one could see the entire world up in arms because a coffee maker decided it wanted rights.

As much as she wanted out from under her robotic overlords, she would miss too much if she decided to just go and shun anything more advanced than an abacus. Her grades during her senior year suffered as a result, since she couldn't figure out how to both not be a slave to technology and not have to build a tiny home in the trunk of a tree and eat venison with a frightful pet falcon in some mountain range. Eventually she figured out a plan: she simply had to know how to do something that the robots couldn't.

In retrospect, the whole "magic" thing wasn't really part of the plan. And it's not something she's listing on her résumé. But it's better than sitting around all day, right?