Cille Lund


Name: Cille Lund

Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 pounds. …Were you expecting something witty?
Bust Size: Not flat. There's your witty!

Resolve: 18/18

Magical Aptitudes

Stat Assigned Value OC
Heart Support 3 0
Magic Attack 7 0
Fury Defense 11 0


Attributes of Normal People

Stat Value
Charm 3
Tenacity 4
Insight 7


Element: Barriers

Power: The ability to bring drawings to life

Weapon: Barriblade

A clear, semi-transparent sword crafted from her barrier element. Thin and long, but sturdy enough to easily hold when tearing through things. It leaves a burst of color on the cuts it creates, though the colors fade quickly. However, in recent times, the weapon doesn't get too much use!

Specialization: Knight





  • Tier 1
  • +1 Fury (Rearrange: Denied)
  • +1 Fury (No Rearrange)
  • +1 Heart (Rearrange: OK! Heart is now Support! Magic is now Attack!)
  • Tier 2
  • Gain a new Magical Talent from your Specialization (Desperation) (No Rearrange)
  • Gain a new Magical Talent from your Specialization (Life Bomb) (Rearrange: Denied)
  • Gain a new Common Magical Talent (Empower)
  • Tier 3
  • You're a kid now, you're a Witch now (basically: gain Hex)


I see… a light…