Briar Longtail

Game : Treasure of Mana

Vital Info

Lucre: 150-100+320=370
HP: 50-(31-10=21)=21/50
DP: 1/1
Exp: 4/5

Full Name: Chobin Briar Longtail
Public Name: Briar
Quote: "I didn't steal it. I swear" "I swear, not all Chobin's are thieves." "It is pronounced cho-bin"
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Height: 3'1" (Tall by Chobin Standards, which usually max around 2 feet)
Weight: 50lbs
Fur Color: Grey


Stat 34/34 30+Lv(5-1)+1 Bonus.

Battle Stats


  • He is dressed in leather adventurer's armor and a leather hat. He is quite finely dressed compared to other Chobin you might find on the road or the woods.

Skills and Abilities

Trained Skills


  • 0: Epic Ability: Master Thief - Instant, Self
  • Innate Ability: Steal - Standard, Single
  • 1: Mug – Passive
  • 1: Sleight of Hand
  • 4: Treasure Hunter
  • 8:
  • 12:
  • 16:
  • 20:
  • 24:
  • 28:

Untrained Skills



Weapon Proficiencies: Blade, Brawl, Concealed, Ranged, Reach
Right: Magic Whip (Reach Rank 2. 500)

  • This whip can extend to medium range and retract rapidly.
    • Can attack at medium range?
    • Can pull things lighter then the user towards the user.
    • Can pull the user towards things heavier the the user.
    • 2d6 Roll;5 Acc;11+11 Damage

Thrown: 3 Sahgin Tridents (Reach or Thrown, Rank 2)

  • ??

2d6 Roll; 5 Acc;14+14 Damage ??

  • Left:
  • Armor Types: Light, Medium
    • Drake Scale Armor: 10/10 Sleep Proof
  • Accessory:
    • Slot 1: Harness of the One Winged Dragon: Functions as per Blue Mage's Mutation: Dragon, only with +1 EVA instead of 2; has that and Dragon Killer though. Attached the to the harness is a crystallized eye of a drake, and the wing itself is seamlessly emerging from it. If you look close enough, it kind of looks like Shade. Out of battle the wing hides within the crystal.


  1. Precision Crafting Tools
  2. Magical Assassin's clothes + B/W Shimapan
  3. Candy x4
  4. Walnut
  5. Silver Wrapper
  6. Empty Assassin's Death Pouch



Limit Breaks
Rank 1: Stop 3 + Speed Break 4 + Attack 3 - Amorph Immune

  • HOBBLE. Briar strikes at the foe rapidly, using whatever he has at hand to hinder their mobility. Teeth, Daggers, Whips, Fists, and even Arrows are directed towards their legs and knees.

Rank 2: at level 15
Rank 3: at level 25 with accomplished life goal


Role-playing Notes:

Goals 1/20

  1. See a Spirit Fully
    • I really dislike being blind to things. Being left out of the spirit experience is really annoying.
  2. Learn Magic
    • The few chobin sages have been around for countless generations. Briar envies the HELL out of them, power AND a long life? He's gotta get him some of that.
    • Apparently those who know magic can see spirits. Another reason to learn magic.
  3. Mid Term: Go where no Chobin/Chobin has gone before, do what no Chobin has done before.
    • Things briar has done that no chobin has done before:
      • Meet the High Priest (Nevermind, Thorn said he met him before.)
      • Meet Wisp
      • Ride a Dragon
      • Kill a Dragon
      • Fight while flying
      • Jump off of a Dragon to kill a dragon
      • Meet Shade
      • Touch a Mana Spirit/Shade
      • Make Friends with a vampire
      • Fight off an assassin
      • Unintentionally allow an assassin to assassinate them-self.
      • Dance off with a Sahgin/Dragon/Siren.
  4. Long Term: Make major strides to rise up in the world.
    • Such things as:
      • Gain alot of monetary power
      • Gain Magic Magic
      • Gain Power in general
      • Get accepted into the inner circles of important organizations.
      • Gain Allies from all over

Life Goal 1/20

Life Goal: Rise to a high position in the world, like a major position of honor that would immortalize his name in history. Something that makes him the legendary chobin all Chobin would aim to be like, as well as raise the worlds opinion of Chobins in general.


Tech Gauge Rules v.75


  • When a creature achieves a Limit Break they gain a Tech Gauge.
    • At 1st limit break, they gain a Tech Gauge of 4.
    • At 2nd limit break, they gain a Tech Gauge of 7.
    • At 3rd limit break, they gain a Tech Gauge of 9.
  • All Monsters level 5 or greater can utilize a Tech Gauge of 4.
  • Every time you successfully hit a foe with a attack, your Tech Gauge increases by 1.
    • Attacks that CANNOT become Critical Hits CANNOT increase the Tech Gauge.
  • Death/KO and Rest reset the Tech Gauge.
  • Your Tech Gauge persists after battle if you do not travel too far from where you fought.
  • There exists spells/items/Limit Breaks which can directly effect the Tech Gauge.

Power Attack

  • If your Tech Gauge is at 4 or higher, you can completely expend your Tech Gauge as a instant action before the attack to increase the damage to 200%.
    • This CANNOT be used on attacks that CANNOT become Critical Hits.
    • If you have Triple Critical, you can increase your damage to 300% instead of 200%.
    • If your HP is at the right amount, you can use it to perform a Limit Break. See Limit Breaks.

Critical Hits

  • Critical Hits don't do bonus damage, all other effects that happen on a Critical Hit happen as usual.
  • When a creature achieves its limit break, their Tech Gauge increases.
    • At 1st limit break, achieving a Critical Hit increases its Tech Gauge by 4.
    • At 2nd limit break, achieving a Critical Hit increases its Tech Gauge by 6.
    • At 3rd limit break, achieving a Critical Hit increases its Tech Gauge by 8.
  • If you score a Critical Hit, you may immediately expend your Tech Gauge to affect that attack.

Limit Breaks

  • If you are at 25% HP or less, instead of expending your Tech Gauge to increase damage, you can instead use it to turn that attack into a Limit Break.
    • Having Overdrive or Limit Break allows you to perform the Limit Break at 50% HP or less.
    • This attack automatically hits.
  • The Level of Limit Break you perform is based on how far your Tech Gauge progressed.
    • At Tech Gauge 4, you can perform a Level 1 Limit Break.
    • At Tech Gauge 7, you can perform a Level 2 Limit Break.
    • At Tech Gauge 9, you can perform a Level 3 Limit Break.
  • Attacks that are part of a Limit Break CANNOT increase the Tech Gauge.
  • By expending 3 DP as a standard action, you can expend your entire Tech Gauge and perform a Limit Break as if you your Tech Gauge was maxed.


Crafting Bench

When Briar is crafting and putting materials together in the perfect positions to unlock their hidden potential, that is as close to doing magic as he has ever been. Crazy stuff happens when project goes just right, and crazy stuff happens when it goes wrong. One would never think that being a craftsman could be so entertaining.

Proposed Recipes from the journal of Briar

Confirmed Recipies

Crafting History


Pages from the the journel

Gained 50 lucre from mugging gobs
320 from robbing fishmen who were extorting Topplefolk.

Wendel Inn:
By the way, in Briar's room is a small, fancily-written note saying "Buy low, sell high. Bring me some good materials so we can do business next time we meet, won't you? — Niccolo"