Great (+4) Deceive
Good (+3) Stealth Burglary
Fair (+2) Athletics Contacts Fight
Average (+1) Notice Physique Provoke Will



Fate Points

Current Refresh
2 2



"Play a Game?"

  • Make a verbal challenge to a target, asking them to play a game. If they accept, make a Stealth check at a +1 bonus (they chose this for themselves, after all) versus their Notice and, on success, place a 'Cheated' or 'Conned' aspect on them, or alternatively something like 'Accepted' or 'Challenged.' It represents not only some sort of method to beat them being hidden, but the guilt they'd have to deal with if they attempted to flee or back down from the challenge.

"I'm Standing Behind You"

  • Likely to be "Use Deceive in place of Athletics (or anything else) for Defense in Physical Combat solely in situations where the opponent must make direct eye contact, such as aiming a gun or lining up a punch."

"Soul Siphon"

  • This is going to be the weirdest stunt ever and I'm going to thoroughly enjoy writing it- Tentative is "When succeeding 'with style' to create an advantage on a target in a way that involves using Cherry's 'power' (ie. staring them down), the user erases a minor mental consequence or empties one filled mental stress box if they had none."

"Spin Spin Spin Spin Spin"

  • Any attempt to use Empathy on Cherry for any purpose must first be followed with a contested Will check; on success, they may do whatever they were going to as intended, and on failure, nothing happens.
  • (May change this, maybe to something knife combat-related because having 3 of them be about the same thing is kind of silly)



High Concept

La Petite Filou
"Un jeu? Very simple rules, Monsieur- stakes? Perhaps, lovely green paper…"

Cherry's earned herself a reputation for her love of fun and games, but not in a good way - although nobody has been able to prove underhanded means yet, she almost always wins. That cheery smile of hers starts to look nothing short of smug once it's kicked your ass with no effort.

Invoke - Easy, you can't win without effort. And this is the effort. Who cares what it actually entitles?

Compel - The problem with 'being too good' is that people start to go out of their way to prove it's fake. There are obstacles everywhere, and the pressure not to slip up on keeping up the illusion gets tighter and tighter…


La Grande Perdante
"Mon amitiĆ© is a gift! But…"

The long road to becoming a pseudo-gangster and all the sob stories that led there were for the purpose of one thing: companionship. Friendship? A childish desire to have somebody to latch onto and not be alone- and latching definitely happens, all right. To extreme degrees. Once she's found somebody, she's practically physically attached to them and never lets go, much to the victim's dismay.

Invoke - One way to put it is that it's the power of FRIENDSHIP. Only… not really. It's more 'overwhelming desire to be close to somebody,' which just happens to be able to trigger extraordinary willpower or some kind of adrenaline rush. Not to say anything of what comes afterward…

Compel - Pretty much exactly as stated above, much as would be expected of an orphan of her age Cherry is terrified of letting a victim- er, friend go and will do anything not to be alone again. Fortunately for her sake the guys she plays Poker with and cheats out of their money count, if only for a brief time; when they leave? That's a different story.


"But Monsieur, if you look away… you'll miss my smile, non?"

Those eyes of hers swirl like a vortex. At least, that's what those who've seen them claim, but they're usually passed off as delusional. The few brave enough to decide to look at them just to prove that they're normal eyes find themselves waking up alone in an alleyway with an empty wallet and no clue what they just spent the past hour doing… or so it goes.

Invoke - It just takes one good look to put someone under the spell… or at least, to distract them long enough for them to loosen their grip on their weapon, or their money, or maybe even to let the other Daughters come out of their hiding places and do their dirty work. And a sweet smile to go with it always helps!

Compel - Having crazy eyes doesn't make everything sunshine and rainbows, if anything it's kind of the opposite. As rumors spread, it becomes more and more of a challenge to find people to play games with who don't immediately flee in terror. Even normal civilians crank up the "don't play with her, kids, you'll get herpes" to the extreme, making the world a lonely world. More importantly, though, they're just unnerving to look into in the first place. Maybe even the Red Boss gets a little uncomfortable?


I expect this to be something to the effect of "I fuckin' love being a criminal"


No idea what this one even COULD be, HGWT route confirmed


So it goes: Once upon a magical time, a loving(?) French couple gave birth to a beautiful daughter, whom they had planned to cherish and raise until old age. Or that was what they had hoped; when the baby girl finally opened her bright green eyes, she never looked them in the faces. In fact, her eyes never followed anything at all, constantly staring straight into space, up through her todlerhood and beyond. At first the ignorant couple suspected she may be blind, but baffled doctors were convinced that wasn't quite the case. She was, if anything, an anomaly. The blank stare was just an optical illusion, reflecting what wasn't truly there- it wasn't long before it was questioned just WHAT she was seeing. Was it the same thing everybody else saw?

Given years to mull and attempt to love their daughter anyway despite her 'oddities,' the couple nevertheless grew more and more frightful. It was multiple years before she even spoke her first word, and beyond that they never once remembered her frowning at them. Only a happy, blissful smile. Some parents would consider this a blessing, but in this era, or maybe just in this particular home, they were convinced they had birthed a monster. A monster who was always staring, and was hardly ever expressive. Only eerie. Even then, they made their best attempts not to be deterred from their mission to raise their child. Even though their income was barely enough to feed another mouth, they struggled to do so.

It's arguable when it was. Maybe it was only after a few years, maybe a decade? She'd never tell. But one day, things began disappearing. Not objects, but pieces of existence itself; that is to say, both parents would regularly start losing their recent memories, or their sense of time. Day would become night, objects they never purchased would suddenly appear in their home- reality was being torn apart at its hinges. Rather than to report it or suspect criminal activities, they turned to ghost stories, and placed the blame solely on their daughter's pair of otherworldly, spiraling green eyes. They tried to do all they could to avoid resorting to something so extreme, but when they began to lose tracks of months at a time, entire cities, and all their lifetime's savings, there seemed to be no other road for them than to decide they had never had a child. As for whether they were exaggerating, and what became of them? Nobody knows. There are no records of them existing, nor names to confirm them by. Perhaps they never existed.

As for the girl herself, however, one day she was simply 'aware.' Her memories may have been repressed, or maybe she actually didn't remember them before a certain point. But by her account, she was suddenly on a train one day. Or maybe it was a boat? The story changes each time - if the listener can even understand it - and consists of being in a cramped room, with boxes full of 'Cerise' stacked ceiling-high. Cherries. It wasn't, by any means, the first word or term she knew, but it WAS the first one to have a significant 'meaning.' So, as a gift to herself for becoming aware, she decided it would be her name. No barrier to language, a cherry is always a cherry. She never even considered it being misinterpreted or taken to mean something other than what she'd intended. In fact, what she intended is something she hardly knows, as she'd never eaten cherries before.

Past that moment, she was already on the streets. Not of France, of course- and whether by choice or otherwise she still remembers nothing of France, or if it even WAS France. The only clue to go on is the language she mostly speaks, which she'd argue is remembered more by her heart than by her brain. Though she wouldn't call it amnesia- for all she cares it's 'being a person with literally no past.' A ghost? Spirit? Or maybe it's just fun to be mysterious and make people guess? Regardless, to sate her basic survival instinct all she could do is stare. Not even beg, not even ask. But just stare and hope, wish for the best. Whether by miracle or by coincidence, the best came: She discovered competition, starting from card games and moving up to things nobody would think to have let a child play in less turbulent times. In essence it just happened.

But that strange talent couldn't sustain itself on its own, and even armed with what may be extraordinary supernatural abilities a child is still a child, and loneliness is the worst thing for a child to have. Her eyes weren't incapable of tears, and never went a night without crying. Though that's not to say they didn't seem just as eerie to the public as they did to her existence-in-flux family, and even as she first arrived the girl called 'Cerise' was rumored to have 'eyes of the devil.' There wasn't any explicit proof to pin on her, as they were only 'unnerving' at worst to look into. Maybe some just became 'unlucky' after seeing them and had nowhere else to place their blame. Maybe some were freaked out by how she never looked straight at them and made up stories in their heads. But only one story was true, and that was that she hardly ever lost a game she'd challenged somebody to.

Note, that isn't "never." Even with 'talents' like hers she was no God or Wizard, but her wins were astronomically higher than losses. Paired with the unnerved feeling her opponents tended to have, it wasn't long before she earned a reputation as a cheater, deserved or not. Even now her secrets are not unlike a magician's, never revealed to the audience and for the most part never understood. But that wasn't enough to stop whispers in the city from warning other civilians about the 'witch' who lurked in alleyways or street-corners and would cheerfully challenge passerbys to games of chance, sometimes in full French and other times in broken English. Maybe close-to-fluent English on occasion, picked up from overhearing bickering and shouting in town.

The questions people would ask about this sort of situation, though, don't go unanswered: Why would people let a child do this to them? Why hadn't she cheated(?) the wrong person and taken a bullet to the head? The answers are so simple that you probably knew before asking: People very much get frustrated losing to a little girl, and she almost definitely has pissed off the wrong person more than once. However, the moment they pulled the trigger or dealt the finishing blow is something they fondly remember… in words and stories, but not in anything concrete. They just aren't there. They had every reason to happen, and logically should have happened, but didn't. Unrelated yet informed parties who see her around after yet another tale of her gruesome death chalk it up to 'luck.'

One day…

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