Campaign : FFIX-2

Vital Info

Laying down the basics

"Fury - Even if the world is content to let the slaughter of Cleyra's citizens go unpunished, and let her destruction be entirely forgotten, I will not. I will draw my blade and fight in Her memory!"

Name: Celina Mirach
Age : 23
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9"

Job: Dragoon/Time Mage/Warrior

1. Earn recognition from one of Burmecia's Dragon Knights. COMPLETE! Lady Gretel <3
2. Defend New Cleyra from invaders.
3. Earn the favor of Bahamut, the only Eidolon who dared stand against Alexandria.
Life: Punch Odin in the dick Defeat the monster that destroyed Cleyra.

Theme: This Burden is the Weight of Life, This Meaning is the Reason to Live


Level 6
EXP: 2/5
Destiny: 2
HP: 144/144
MP: 66/66

Stat Value Bonus Total
PWR 2 0 2
RES 6 0 6
DEX 16 2 18
MND 11 0 11

Force: 2 (6 (7) with Mind over Matter)
Finesse: 6 (7)

ACC: 6
AVD: 11
ARM: 19
M. ARM: 11

HP/level: 18+6 = 24
MP/level: lol what am mp
Weapons: Reach/Blade/Brawl/Concealed/Huge/Ranged
Armor: Medium, Heavy, Light, Shields
Skill Points: 18



A dancer's tricks

Athletics 6
Perform 5 (6)
Tinkering 7
Lore (Esper) 2 (4)
Lore (General) 2
Awareness 4
Stealth 2

Jump (Innate)
Defy Gravity (Racial bonus)
Whirling Spear
Deep Breathing
High Jump
Mind Over Matter
Limit 1: Velocity
Paradigm Shift (Ravager, Medic, Sentinel)


Weapon: Glove of Tantalus (Tier 4 Omni, +2 Perform)
Armor: Unbelievably Shitty Armor (Tier 2, 12/4, BATTLE COUNT: 8/25)
Bracers/Shield: Saboteur's Escutcheon (Tier 3, 7/7, 2 AVD, Special Ability: +4 to SKILL CHECKS made in combat, herp derp)
Add-on: Gardua Clip (+2 Dex)
Food: None

Current Inventory:
Bottle of Ochu Ashes
Stone of the Whisperer x1
Assorted books on Eidolons
Real Inventory:
Moonstone x1
Map of the Mist Continent
Ametrine x1
Gossamer Vest (Tier 3 Medium, +2 Dex)
Lamia's Bangle (Tier 2 Bracers, 1 AVD, Confusetouch)
Baby's First Book of Eidolons (Tier 2 accessory, +2 Esper Lore)
Dancer's Ribbon (Tier 3 Flexible Reach, +2 Perform)
3625 gil


Limit Breaks
Rank 1: Broken Heart - Weapon Attack, Armor Break, Speed Break, Power Item: Lashknife
Rank 2: at level 10
Rank 3: at level 11+ with accomplished life goal

The Play Begins