Celeste Lyon

Element: Veil
Power: Command
Age: 26, but mary sue mode stopped aging at 14. Birthday's June 20.
Appearance: She's an undersized 14 year old by all appearances. She's still got those big blue eyes that can cast a thousand accusations of idiocy with a glance (even though she's mellowed out and mature a bit, she's no Tara). Her straight blonde hair is much longer than both her sisters', not to mention of a different color than both. She tries to dress without looking too childish, even though she shops in the section appropriate for 14 year olds and sometimes even younger due to size; it's cheaper, after all. It's best not to ask, because just bringing the subject of her age up pisses her off. The dummies think she's 26, which is true, but can't recognize that her body obviously isn't, while Seers who treat her like a child are getting socked. Best not to bring it up.
Costume: She's dressed up like some kind of king. Or queen. Something weird like that; it's mostly rich gold and purple with a shimmering veil of a cape on the back. She has a golden scepter with an eyeball carved into the top and a crown on her head.

Who am I? I'm Celeste Lyon. Celeste. No, not Celly or some other silly nickname; that stuff's dumb and I'm not as young as I look (I got past five foot before I stopped growing, I swear). I've got two older sisters, Skye and Tara. No, I'm not going to talk about what they're both like right now. Shut up and listen, this is important. Back when I was 14, I thought I got smashed to pieces by some idiot that didn't know how to drive whatever piece of scrap metal it was they got moving that fast. That's when everything got weird. No. That's when I REALIZED everything had gotten weird. Don't distract me, I'll talk about what happened after the accident next, but that's not the big thing. See, Skye was off with her lover or studying or something like that-don't worry about it-but we heard from and saw her occasionally. It'd been that way for a while, 'cept no, that's not true. Anybody who thinks that's a dummy. Not like us. She was GONE, and I don't even know where, but we hadn't been hearing from her, and we hadn't been seeing her. Everybody else seemed to think so, though. Since that incident, I've been stuck like this. Fourteen, that is. Being permanently barely a teenager seems like it'd be pretty hard, doesn't it? Well, it is, but I can deal with it. 'Cept, see, everybody else seems totally oblivious to the fact something's not normal with me. Or with Skye. That's why I call them dummies. Either they're just dummy-people fakes and this Earth is just a fake one or there's some kind of veil brainwashing everyone into thinking stuff's normal. Not sayin' that I'm sure or anything, but I think I was one before I became a Seer. You know, because we see beyond the veil. You'll get used to it if you're not a dummy. Then there's the Scape. It's a magical sandbox. Kinda dumb if you ask me, but I bet part of the truth is hidden there. Okay, that's enough. Letting me go off on that tangent was your fault. Moral of the story is don't be a dummy. I'm tired of this. If you've got any questions, find someone else.

Seeds Acquired: 2

  • Sanguinis
  • Mystique