Carrion Riot


High School. A time for making friends that will last your whole life. A time for making enemies that will haunt you forever. A time for arrivals, departures, and revelations.

You just had maybe the worst night of your life, and it's about to get worse.

It started at the dance. Dances are supposed to be fun, right? Social gatherings where you can make friends and get closer to the ones you already had. A romantic atmosphere great for that first kiss.

A brawl broke out during the dance. You're not sure if it was a gang or a simple disagreement between friends escalating or what, but it happened and ruined the night you'd been looking forward to. Whether you ran like a wuss, or participated and got really hurt, or had to be carried out by a friend, or something else had happened, you found yourself ending up with other people who are just as mad as you are.

But at the same time, you all want this night to get better. Or to maybe get some payback on the people who ruined your perfect evening. These other people who you bumped into, whether you knew them before or not, seem pretty cool, and you've (maybe) found that you want to stick with them in the future, or help them get their revenge, or some other thing.

You all decided that maybe you should try out an occult ritual. Whether it was to summon a demon, or to grant a happy future, or some other option, you all opted in and contributed.

That was the stupidest mistake of your life.


Carrion Riot is going to be an Unknown Armies (or some other system, if the players desire something else) horror multi-shot inspired by Corpse Party that's expected to get real lethal, run by some Owie Radish Jew. Survival is unlikely, and if you ask real nice Aori might let you roll up a backup character. Depending on how many players there are, the plan is to split up all the players into groups of 2-3 that each individually have one session, and, for those who survive the initial session, a finale session where all the survivors finally meet back up and try to find that light at the end of the tunnel. If there's few enough players, Aori will just run the whole thing as a oneshot.

Starting time is pending and will depend on schedules of those interested. The current starting time is looking to be Monday, January 28th, at 5:30-6 PM EST.

Character Creation notes: This'll be a street level campaign, with all the default skills as well as a Free "Bond" skill under the Soul stat that starts at 15% for everyone, no cost. Players of course can propose unique skills. No Adepts or Archetypes , sorry, although Authentic Thaumaturgy is allowed.

Unknown Armies can be torrented from or downloaded from (apparently "" is needed as a password, but…I don't think it really is.)


Player Character Obession tl;dr Killed By
Anise BIFF VANDERHUGE Top Dog Why am I here? Shit's for nerds, bro. Murderloli
Vandaeron Don Jones ??? He's a DJ named DJ, who cares what else Nothing yet
Roara Larissa Loveless Occult Some weird girl Poison Gas?
Tree Lorelei Loveless MINE Bratty Kawaii imouto Still alive
Cracky Steve Rogers Martial Farts Probably a stoner? Captain America says no to marijuanas Still alive and righteous.


The Prologue, where the GM realizes he loves every single one of the PCs and our lovable heroes end up in a much less lovable mess.
Chapter 1 Part 1, where Don and Larissa wake up and get themselves hurt over and over again, and there's exploding cell phones too!
Chapter 1 Part 2, where the other members of the party wake up and investiDEATHTRAP DEATHTRAP DEATHTRAP
Chapter 1 Part 3, where Don and Larissa spend a lot of time talking and not getting anything done
Chapter 1 Part 4, where Biff punches a zombie and almost gets eaten by a flower. Shit's for nerds, bro
Chapter 1 Part 5, where Larissa and Don muck about a bit before finally making progress!
Chapter 1 Part 6, where Don and Lari only actually visit two rooms and while they technically got things done they're still kind of sloooow! But maybe they'll speed up soon!
Chapter 1 Finale, where Lorelei starts thinking strange fluids are tasty, a book demon pops up, and Biff gets his brains blown out. ;_; Biiiiiff, we'll miss you! <- Fucking pig


Prologue: 121 parentheses
DL1: 341 parentheses
SLB1: 59 parentheses
DL2: 77 parentheses
SLB2: 42 parentheses
Total: (640)

Deaths: 1
Deaths by Aori: 0