Little girls are still fixing everything up. Please be patient while they're "hard at work" (Read: I'll fix this up better better later.)


Age: 17
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 102 lb.

A short, awkward looking… Kid. Caleb isn't exactly the most outgoing and friendly person. Looking into his past, though, it'd be a bit hard to blame him, as it's a feeling he's seldom had shown towards him. Ever since Caleb was young, it seemed to him that people just… Didn't want to be near him. People'd stop in their tracks whenever he drew near; the polite ones would just try and shake it off and ignore him, and the not-so-polite ones would antagonize him, calling him a "weirdo" or a freak. His parents didn't seem all too fond of keeping him around, either, often hearing them talk while he lay in bed about how they wish they had a "normal" son. Eventually, after hearing enough of that and getting into enough arguments with the two of them, Caleb decided he just wasn't necessary there, and took off from home with the wad of cash his parents kept under their mattress.

Physically speaking, Caleb hasn't exactly developed quite proper. Having "picked" the worst time to run off, and having sustained himself on mostly cheap vending machine snacks and the like on his five-year-long trek across Eurasia, his physical growth was a bit stunted… Okay, being not even 5 feet tall is more than "a little." He has a ragged appearance to him as well resultant from having spent the past five years pretty much just hopping from place to place, with quite a bit of homelessness and sleeping out in the wilderness. A couple of recently acquired scars from being slashed up by a panda bear don't help his appearance much, either.



Item Effect / Description Quantity
Clothing Hobos are lacking in things. For this hobo, after having used his pants to stop the bleeding from Rini's mom's wounds, and his shirt to stop the bleeding from some guy he didn't mean to kill but totally did, clothes are now amongst the things that this hobo's lacking. Hardly Any
Dirty Hobo Moneys The tattered remnants of Caleb's wad of money that he jacked off his parents a long time ago. That was totally their life savings he squandered on a five-year-long trip across Eurasia. That it's been reduced to this little, he's surely going to hell for this if the Grabby Hands don't drag him down there first. Not a Lot
Friends Friends are cool. Friends are awesome. Friends are something Caleb never really got to have in his life before all this retardedness started. So… Yeah. He's keeping count now that he actually has some. 1
Pocket Dictionary A small English-Cantonese translation dictionary that Caleb picked up with his dirty hobo moneys. Because seriously, fuck these gay moon runes! 1
Sol Katti A magical sword born of vidya that Caleb seized after surviving the Fire Emblem ordeal. Imbued with some sort of unusual power, it granted Caleb's grabby hands great strength… At an even greater cost. Aside from that, it's just a normal sword with a Weapons:2 rating, but the damage adds on with his Supernatural Strength because it got gifted Weapon of Choice: Swords for some reason when using Fists Attacks. Currently confiscated, and apparently bound to him in a manner such that their continued existences are intertwined. If it's broken, he dies. Well, ain't that some shit? 1
Unusual Book A weird book Caleb gave to Arae. He's noticed that the context shifts upon the page, which Arae later discovered is a PUZZLE! It is a game! She MUST beat it! 1
Warp Staff A magical staff that whisks an adjacent (probably allied) target far, far away. Provides 10 shifts to a single Athletics Check made. 2/5 Uses


Aspect Name Aspect Type Description
Power Unlimited, Power Uncontrolled High Concept For some reason or another, Caleb is able to draw upon the raw magical energy in the air to power his Grabby Hands. With unchanneled, unfiltered, and uncontaminated energy like that, surely he could perform great works… Or become the harbinger of great disaster.
I-It’s Not Like I WANTED to Act Off Those Emotions or Anything… Trouble With zero magical training, the astral projections that Caleb is capable of conjuring have a tendency to act upon their own accord, though always along the lines of whatever Caleb’s thinking or feeling at the moment. This can provoke his grabby hands into performing actions Caleb otherwise wouldn’t.
Danger to All Around Him Okay, so… With the fact that Caleb's blacked out and gone completely apeshit on multiple occasions over the course of three days and stabbing the only person he's ever tried to call a friend right through her leg, it's not too much of a stress to assume that them throwing a friend into (or through) a wall when they do something to freak him out isn't anywhere near the beginning of his troubles, right? With his Grabby Hands, Caleb can basically turn into a human wrecking ball and can destroy anything he can get within two zones of. Awesome, right? … Not so awesome when you're also equally capable of becoming a mindless monster hellbent on slaying all surrounding you thanks to a curse you accidentally bound yourself to. And if the ever present threat of him losing sanity isn't enough to put all those around him in a constant state of danger, just think of the havoc he could possibly wreak just as unintended consequences! … 'cause really, if you can throw someone cleanly through a wall and into a support beam… Well, you just threw them into a support beam!
Unsettling Presence Growing Up For some reason or another, magical energy seems to gravitate towards and surround him. It doesn’t necessarily CAUSE anything to happen on a magical level, but the increased concentration of energy in an area does create a “tension” of sorts in the air, leading people to naturally be wary of / aversive to him.
A Bit Extreme, Don't You Think? Rising Conflict Caleb never got along with his parents well. They fought… A lot. At one point, at the young age of 12, after a particularly bad fight, he simply decided he didn't wanna deal with it anymore, and took off with a wad of their money and little more than the clothes on his back… All the way to China. On a years-long trek from Denmark. He may overreact to things and take measures far more drastic than necessary, but when he means to get a task done, he fucking gets it done.
He’s Just As Scared As You Are First Adventure At one point, somewhere in Asia, having found himself lacking enough money to take any means of transportation available to him, Caleb decided it was a good idea to cross the "short" gap from one city to the next by foot. Even better, he decided to cut through the forest as a shortcut. Needless to say, this was a stupid idea, and he got attacked by a pair of pandas on the way through. His fear, reaching critical levels as he was pinned down by the bear that was just about ready to maul his face, reacted with the magical energy that surrounded him, and resulted in a pair of phantom hands bursting out from his chest, pushing the bear away with astounding force. This pretty much sent the bear flying through a tree, which then fell on and killed the panda. Needless to say, the other panda fled in terror at what just happened. But the boy, drained of a good chunk of his own life essence by the sudden burst of magical energy coarsing through him, collapsed shortly after.
The Price of Victory (Mind) Plot Twist In his time of "crisis" (because getting tasered is so much worse than taking a bullet to the arm), Caleb relinquished control of his mind in exchange for immense power. As a result, he is now the most dangerous stick of dynamite to walk the streets of Hong Kong… Least the ones without proper anti-magic set up, anyways. … Or hell, maybe even those places, too! Who even KNOWS with all this power?!? From what I understand, when Caleb is in trouble, logic and common sense go out the window, giving way to tremendous power stemming from unbridled emotions. In this state, he'll do anything to ensure his survival and that his goals are met.
Hey, Check Out that Weird Kid! Guest Starring (Rini) The magical energies that gather around Caleb create an air of sorts; as previously mentioned, it doesn't exactly DO anything, but the off placement of magical energies, even if they aren't aware of what it is exactly, is something that even pure mortals can pick up on. Caleb's already an awkward enough kid. Add on doing something out of the ordinary, and he sticks out like a sore thumb! Surely he'll attract all kinds of attention… Appended Side Note: Oh yeah, and if he wasn't already ridiculous enough, walking around with a giant pair of monstrous demon hands bursting out his chest and waving a bloody sword around probably doesn't do much of anything to help him, either.
I Don't Need Her Help Guest Starring (Siyao) Caleb's managed to get himself in a fine kettle of fish lately, and has found himself forced to accept aid, much to his dismay, from girls no older than he is. Well, now that he's stuck with 'em, he wants to prove he can do shit on his own! He's not gonna be the princess in this fairy tale if he can help it!
Can't Do This Alone Guest Starring (Modified) At one point, Caleb had thought that the only person he could ever depend upon in this world was himself. But when he can't even trust himself to not just up and start murdering people on the tip of a dime, who can he lean on for support? Even if he doesn't enjoy the prospect all that much, he needs help, and at the moment, Rini and co. (minus Arae because bluh bluh huge bitch Caleb's a douchebag etc. etc.) are probably the only ones in Hong Kong who would neither run away scared shitless of him nor try and fill him up with lead. Holding onto this faint prospect that they might be able to help him gives Caleb the glimmer of hope he needs to carry on, but when all alone and with no friends in sight, it's hard to avoid succumbing to despair.


Skill Av Fair Good Great Superb Score Trappings
Fists O O O O O + 5 Brawling, Close-Combat Defense
Endurance O O O O - + 4 Long-Term Action, Physical Fortitude
Stealth O O O O - + 4 Ambush, Hiding, Shadowing, Skulking
Weapons O O O O - + 4 Distance Weaponry, Melee Combat, Melee Defense, Weapon Knowledge
Might O O O - + 3 Breaking Things, Exerting Force, Lifting Things, Wrestling
Investigation O O O - + 3 Eavesdropping, Examination, Surveillance
Alertness O O O - + 3 Avoiding Surprise, Combat Initiative, Passive Awareness
Athletics O O - + 2 Climbing, Dodging, Falling, Jumping, Sprinting, Other Physical Actions
Burglary O O - + 2 Casing, Infiltration, Lockpicking
Survival O O - + 2 Animal Handling, Camouflage, Riding, Scavenging, Tracking
Craftsmanship O - +1 Breaking, Building, Fixing
Lore O - + 1 Arcane Research, Common Ritual, Mystic Perception
Scholarship O - + 1 Answers, Computer Use, Declaring Minor Details, Exposition and Knowledge Dumping, Languages, Medical Attention, Research and Lab Work
Contacts - 0 Gathering Information, Getting the Tip-Off, Knowing People, Rumors
Conviction - 0 Acts of Faith, Mental Fortitude
Deceit - 0 Cat and Mouse, Disguise, Distraction and Misdirection, False Face Forward, Falsehood and Deception
Discipline - 0 Concentration, Emotional Control, Mental Defense
Driving - 0 Chases, One Hand on the Wheel, Other Vehicles, Street Knowledge and Navigation
Empathy - 0 Reading People, A Shoulder to Cry On, Social Defense, Social Initiative
Guns - 0 Aiming, Gun Knowledge, Gunplay, Other Projectile Weapons
Intimidation - 0 The Brush-Off, Interrogation, Provocation, Social Attacks, Threats
Performance - 0 Art Appreciation, Composition, Creative Communication, Playing to an Audience
Presence - 0 Charisma, Command, Reputation, Social Fortitude
Rapport - 0 Chit-Chat, Closing Down, First Impressions, Opening Up, Social Defense
Resources - 0 Buying Things, Equipment, Lifestyle, Money Talks, Workspaces

Stress Tracks

Track (Skill) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Consequences?
Physical (Endurance) O O O O - 1 Mild / Scene
Physical Impact (ST) O O O O - Sorry.
Mental (Conviction) O O - Nope.
Social (Presence) O O - None here.
FATE Points ( N/A) O O O O O O - N/A
Refresh (N/A) O O* O* - N/A

Combat Stats

\ Initiative Offense Defense
Physical (CC) Awareness (+1) Fists (+5) Fists (+5)
Phys (Melee) ^ Weapons (+4) Weapons (+4)
Phys (Ranged) ^ Weapons (+4) Fists (+5)
Mental - Conviction (0) Discipline (0)
Social Empathy (0) Intimidation (0) Empathy (0)

Caleb currently has the Extreme Mental Consequence: "The Price of Victory (Mental)" - In addition, if Caleb ever has to sustain a Mental Consequence, he must spend a FATE point or instantly "black out." This… Can't end well. Especially not with how much of a killing machine Caleb is.

In addition, he has the Severe Consequence: "Near Catatonia", and the Moderate Consequence "Cowed Beast." Will provide more details on these later.

Stunts and Powers

Channeling (Kinetomancy via Grabby Hands of Doom) [-2]

Description: Raw emotion on its own is a great and powerful force. But turning it into "Hulk Smash"ing the everloving fuck out of your enemies isn't all it's good for. The Grabby Hands are every bit as sharp as Caleb, and can be put to quite a few crafty applications, given the right motivations.

Skills Affected: Discipline, Conviction.

How To:
1. Figure out just what kind of bullshit I wanna pull with the Spirit Element, and how I intend to fluff it.

2. Is it a Block? A Maneuver? A Counterspell? ( If it's an Attack, I'm just gonna punch 'em with Fists anyways, so not bothering with that. :3 )

3. How much power do I wanna put into this? For every shift of power I wanna put into this, take 1 point of Mental Stress.

4. Roll a Discipline check, the target number being equal to how many shifts of power I stuck into it. If I meet or beat that roll, awesome :D If not… Well, uh, time to release some Heart Overcharge on the world! … Or maybe Fury. One of the two.

Item of Focus [+2]

Magical Energy. It's not quite an "item", per se, but it's a source of power all the same, and not only is it a potent one, it more or less exists the whole world over. For reasons unbeknownst to Caleb, he's a "magnet" of magical energy, so to speak. Anyone who can detect the flow of magical energy would notice that it just seems to be drawn towards and encircle him.

As anyone would know, magic is a powerful and dangerous force, especially so when it's out in the open. In areas highly saturated with magical energy, weird shit happens when exposed to the right catalysts. To this effect, Caleb's thoughts, emotions, and desires, in sufficient "strength", can provoke the magical energy.

The mechanical lowdown on this is that Caleb's powers only work when he's in an area with magical energy. Without magical energy present, how can it react to him? Caleb's Fists, Weapons and Might Skills, all of his Stunts, as well as his Supernatural Strength, Channeling, and Lawbreaker Powers, are all directly powered by the conversion of magical energy into the Grabby Hands. If it's not present, well, can't do shit with any of 'em, cap'n! ( Fists and Might Skills are reduced to 0. )

In addition, Caleb's been… Busy doing… Things… And in the process of doing these… Things… He's come across a couple of interesting trinkets.

If the go-ahead is given for it, the first is an Enchanted Item, a magical bracelet with the outline of a rooster etched into and carved into one of its sides, fueled by simply drawing in a negligible amount of the magic drawn towards Caleb by the Grabby Hands, creates a repulsive force. So long as the item has a steady flow of magical energy within the immediate vicinity, if it can be moved by physical force, it will be stopped in its tracks and repelled back or off course, or at the very least slow down but a small bit before crashing into Caleb. Provides a static Armor:1 to collision-based physical stress (a bullet striking Caleb, rubble from a destroyed building trying to crash down on him, etc.) exclusively (because, yes, fire is indeed physical stress, but have you ever tried to push away fire?)

The Force is Strong in This One… Does that Make Him a Jedi? [-1]

Caleb doesn't like getting shot at… Or stabbed… Or being brutalized in some other horrid manner. To this extent, his Grabby Hands are out for blood. When a foe in the same zone as Caleb attacks him, and he successfully passes with a Weapons Check, they WILL find the sword plunged into their chest immediately following.

Mechanical Lowdown: On a successful defense with Weapons, you may sacrifice your next action to turn that defense into an immediate and automatically successful attack.

Killed it With My Beared Hands [-1]

( Lawbreaker - First ) [- - -]

Taken for killing a bear to death during his “awakening.” Upgraded at no Refresh cost for the Price of Victory.

Slippery Slope: If Grabby Hands magic is used with the intent to kill, add +2 to the check. If three things are killed, an Aspect is horribly perverted to reflect that.
Trouble Comes in Threes: If two more Laws are broken, the bonus for each of them increases by +1.

The Not-So-Invisible Hand Guides Us All [-1]

Everyone acts in the act of self-interest. For the Grabby Hands, that includes preservation of its host. To this extent, the Grabby Hands, in times of crisis, will take actions of its own accord to ensure that Caleb stays safe. The Grabby Hands gain the "Grappling Hook" mod, allowing Caleb to use Fists in place of Athletics to avoid all physical attacks in combat. Oh yeah, and if I didn't say it before, he can totally use his Grabby Hands as a grappling hook. 'nough said.

If You Can Dodge a Mailbox, You Can Dodge a Ball… You Can Dodge a Mailbox, Right? [-1]

It's already established that Caleb's Grabby Hands have tremendous force behind them. So it's not an unlikely assumption that they could easily heft something massive, or at least relatively sizable and bulky, out of the ground. Now, how far away do you think Caleb could TOSS these massive objects? A few feet? A few dozen feet? Perhaps a good half kilometer? To be perfectly honest… I don't know. But the answer is "waaay too far to care."

Supernatural Strength [-4]

Description: You are able to lift more and hit harder than the average human can when the Grabby Hands of Doom are involved.
Skills Affected: Might, other physical skills.

Superior Lifting. Whenever lifting or breaking inanimate things, you gain a +6 to your Might score.

Bludgeoning Strength. Roll Might at +2 whenever using that skill in conjunction with grappling (see page 211). This also allows you to inflict a 3-stress hit on an opponent as a supplemental action during a grapple.

Superlative Strength. Whenever using your Might to modify (page 214) another skill, it always provides a +2 regardless of the actual comparison of your Might score to the skill in question.

Lethal Blows. With attacks that depend on muscular force (Fists, thrown Weapons, etc.), you are at +4 to damage, increasing the stress dealt by four on a successful hit. Be careful; it’s casually easy to kill someone with a simple punch at this level.

Supernatural Toughness [-1]

Why did I have this noted as PLUS one?

Not so much a result of any physical fortitude that Caleb might actually possess than a part of the Grabby Hands' naturally seeking to protect their host, Caleb's Grabby Hands are able to shield Caleb from the slew of horrors that attempt to beset him.

The Grabby Hands, while magically oriented, are tangible just as any other living creature would be. When they can be deployed, they have their own physical stress track which exclusively protects him from impact-based physical stress (IBPS). In addition, so long as this stress track isn't full, they can soak up to two points of IBPS per hit as if they had an Armor:2 rating. Of course, it only works against that kind of stress, because how can you push something away if you can't hold it? You can't hold fire! It just doesn't work that way! He'll just burn like normal.

Of course, this feat is only possible when the magical energies which the Grabby Hands draw from are even present. The Catch to his Grabby Hands is as follows: His blockage ONLY applies to physically based damage, though how that's to be interpreted can vary. For example, the Grabby Hands won't protect him from a gust of wind blown forth with the intent to chill his body, but they CAN mitigate the damage caused if that gust of wind was conjured with the intent of sweeping Caleb off his feet and throw him into a wall.

In addition, this power can only work at full strength when the flow of magic in the area, save by his own Grabby Hands' doing, goes relatively undisrupted by anything other than the Grabby Hands. Taking a sheer physical form that allows them to stop bullets in their track takes an even greater concentration of magical energy than the Grabby Hands usually need drawn to it. Even if an anti-magic field isn't up, the Grabby Hands won't take well to any item which draws a significant amount of magical energy towards it such that the normal flow of magic is interrupted. In this case, though the Grabby Hands can perform their usual slaying motions just fine, Supernatural Toughness is moot.

Mechanical Lowdown: An additional 4 points of IBPS can be taken, to be kept track of on a separate track. When stress is being dealt along this track, treat it as if you have an Armor:2 rating against it. Excess damage is inflicted to the regular Physical stress track. (Specific damage type only - +2)
This can only happen in places where the flow of magical energy goes undisrupted. No magic? No toughness. Something else in the area is altering the flow of magic? No toughness. Not even the additional stress. Simple as that. (Anyone in the know when it comes to magic who has knowledge of Estisse, or the Invisible Hand and its properties would know of this: +1… Maybe +2? Idunno. Going with -1 for now.)


Addy - Think someone could put a muzzle on 'er or somethin'? Maybe put some shackles on 'er too so she can't blow up anyplace else with 'er cookin'… An' could'ya get her t' stop sayin' Rini an' me are boyfriend an' girlfriend? 'cause we're not! >:| … An' the fuck thought it was a good idea t'give 'er a whole mess a' booze, anyway? For serious, the girl's, like… Twelve or some shit!


Arae - Fuckin' ghosts… Never liked 'er to begin with, but she's hella lot more trouble than she's worth… Seriously, 's hard enough tryin' not to get shot. Gettin' sliced up an' near gutted open ain't somethin' 'at sounds much like my idea of fun… World would be better if we just took 'er an' sucked 'er up into a vacuum to rot or some shit. Hopin' 'at Rini passes word along to 'er 'at if she does anythin' near as stupid again, she's gonna get a facefulla fist right 'long 'er way, though, 'cause I ain't givin' a single fuck if she hears otherwise. … Better yet,

Bears - Fuck bears. Seriously. Just fuck 'em all. 'specially them pandas!

Rini - Dunno. I just… Don't know. Thought it was weird she was tryin'a be my friend at first, 'cause, well, 'sides the fact no one ever tries, she seemed a bit too happy t' jump into it. Didn't help 'er case much when she basically out an' told us 'at the only reason she bothered to make friends with any us was just 'cause we had some crazy ass-backwards magic powers an' shit. Was sure as all hell I had every right to be mad, but… Idunno, seemed like she actually felt bad 'bout it… An', well, never had a friend before… So just thought it'd've been a good idea tryin'at whole "bein' friends" thing out. An', well… 'mittedly, if I knew bein' friends was 'is much of a hassle, pro'bly wouldn' ever a let the thought cross my mind. We said we'd be there fer each other an' everythin', but just seems like every time anythin' happened she takes the opportunity to run off an' leave me with one a' them other idiots

Sir Kittyfish - … Feels like he's the only one a' this whole fuckin' mess who's got their head set on any straight.

Siyao - Hey, you're a nice lady an' all, but bein' serious here. Decorum kinda goes out the window once ya hafta wipe yer ass with a dead panda's fur.