Game : Some goddamn trainwreck

Vital Info

Character Creation Menu

Name: Cael
Age : 3
Sex: Male
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 132 lbs
Quote: "Life simply isn't worth living if you don't live it well, you know."

Race: Sylvari
Job: Thief

1. Make a name for myself in this vast ocean of stars.
2. Pull off a damn good heist.
3. Visit Tyria at least once more and tie up a few loose ends.
Life: Establish the first Sylvari village in space, sowing the seeds for welcoming future generations of Tyrians when the time comes.

Theme: I am completely shameless

Hero Panel [H]

Level 7
EXP: 0/5
Destiny: 2
HP: 203/203
MP: 28/28

Stat Value Bonus Total
PWR 1 0 1
RES 15 0 15
DEX 16 4 20
MND 4 0 4

Force: 4
Finesse: 4 (5)
ACC: 4 (6)
EVA: 9 (10)
ARM: 25
M. ARM: 25

HP/level: 29
MP/level: 4
Weapons: Blade, Concealed, Dual Wielding, Ranged
Armor: Light, Medium
Skill Points: 24 initial, 8 extra



Skill Slots


Acting 5
Athletics 5
Nature 6
Negotiation 4
Stealth 5
Swimming 4
Thievery 5
Synthesis (Weapon) 4


Steal (Innate)
Unusual Species (Plant)
Double Up (Gambler Job Ability)
Covering Fire (Gambler Job Ability)
Sneak Attack (Thief Job Ability)
Steal the Spotlight (Thief Job Ability)

Quick Hit (Limit Ability)

Racial: +2 Nature, Immunity to Zombie, minor intuitive plant magic


Weapon: Mighty Bronze Pistol (Master); Tier 3 Ranged; +2 Dex property
Weapon: Double Up Pistol; Tier 3; +2 Dex
Armor: Cybelle Jacket (Tier 4 Medium, Earth Proof)
Accessory: Tiger's Eye Copper Amulet (Accurate property, +2 Acc)

Current Inventory:
Credits: 260

Smoke Bomb x3 (Blind Touch)
Confusion Dust (Confuse Touch)
Eye Drops
Flare Baselard (Tier 3 Concealed, Fire Strike)
Sweetie-Pie Pumpkin Candybar (30% HP, 15% MP)
First Light. Tier 5 Blade Indestructible/Holy Strike
Lobster Ravioli in Tomato Sauce (Water-Strike, +2 Attribute-Variable) x4

In Storage:

Resilient Seeker's Coat; Tier 3; Special Ability (Withdraw - Evasion shared ability?)
Confusion Dust x2
Eye Drops
Rickety Gauntlet x2
Chipped Metal Claw
Phase Gun Tier 2 Glowing
Toy Gun Tier 3 Broken/Spellburst ChocoBall
Cael's Spicy Chocolate Cookies (Fire-Strike)
BBQ Steak and Cereal Sandwich (Auto-Stun)
Boring Curry (HP Restore)
Lemon-Breaded Fish (Water Enhancer)

I'm a Thief, I don't know magic!

Killer Moves

Major: Blinding Barrage - Cael throws down a seed that sprouts into a plant turret, which then begins to assault the enemies with ammunition that explodes into black clouds. 45% MP, targets entire Group of enemies with M.Arm damage and Blind.

Minor: Unload - Unleashes a flurry of pistol shots. You wanted a more exciting description? TOO BAD. 30% HP, Increased damage step +2, increased HP Cost.

Elite Skills and Tricks

Rank 1: Sigil of Blood - Cael upgrades his pistol mid-battle like a boss, giving him the ability to drain HP on a hit. (Upgrade: HP Drain)
Rank 2:
Rank 3:

My Personal Story