Bruin Duskmaw

The Bear Facts

The Ego

"Balance - The sun rises and sets. The moon waxes and wanes. Life is born and at its journey's end will die. Your journey ends here."

Name: Bruin Duskmaw
Age: 10 (Which is like 30 in bear years)
Sex: Male
Height: 7' 1"
Weight: 613 Lbs.

Job: Dark Dragoon

1. To fight a space kraken.
2. To taste S-Grade Honey. Yes, space honey.
3. To devour a space dolphin to gain its power.
Life: To secure a planet for my people to adopt as home.

Theme: Bears, toads, close enough.


Level 7
EXP: 2/5
Destiny: 1
HP: 175
MP: 56

Stat Value Bonus Total
PWR 13 2 15
RES 9 0 8
DEX 4 0 4
MND 8 0 8

ACC: 5
AVD: 6
ARM: 12
M.ARM: 4
Force: 6
Finesse: 3

HP/level: 25
MP/level: 8
Weapons: Blade, Brawl, Huge, Reach
Armor: Heavy, Medium
Skill Points: 30




Cap: 7
Athletics 6
Awareness 6
Scavenge 6
Synthesis (Weapons) 7
Synthesis (Armor) 7

Jump (Innate)
Bad Blood (Dark Knight Job Ability)
Last Resort (Dark Knight Job Ability)
Forceful Intentions (Dark Knight Job Ability)
Unusual Species (Beast)
Ride the Storm (Dragoon Job Ability)
Velocity (Dragoon Limit Ability)



Weapon: Carnivorous Reach (Tier 3 Reach, Man Eater, Man Killer)
Armor: Berserker's Plate (Tier 2 Heavy, SOS-Haste, 12 Arm, 4 M. Arm)
Amulet: Feeding Time (Tier 3 Accessory, Spellburst: Drain)


Duskmaw Tribal Totem
2150 Tree nuts
Pocketwatch: T2? SOS-Haste
Nightcloth x2
Void Crystal Shards x2
Giant Dinner Plate: T3 Heavy Armor, Fire Proof
Dwarven Bladeaxe Thing: T2 Blade, Poison Touch
Iron Ore x5
Cybele Ash


Black Magic:
Intermediate: Drain, Aspir/Osmose, Melt

Killer Moves:
Major: Scared Stiff
Minor: Submission

Limit Breaks
Rank 1: Miasma
Rank 2: at level 10
Rank 3: at level 11+ with accomplished life goal

My Pact


Chronicle of Balance