Broadrick Paranormal Investigation Agency

In a nondescript city, filled with nondescript people.

Lies a secret no one knows about.

It is a world filled with wonder, magic, aberrations of science, steampunk robots…

A world once thought to exist only in the minds of men.

A world that has become real. Real dangerous.

Welcome to Broadrick, WA.

The Broadrick Paranormal Investigation Agency is a light-hearted Magical Burst Game. By light-hearted, think Cardcaptor Sakura meets Hellboy.

Broadrick isn’t a decent-sized town, it’s a sprawling city on par with San Francisco or something. The BPIA is a tiny, tiny agency. And Paranormal things happen. Things like tiny hamsters suddenly become huge fuckoff tanks powered by JUSTICE and BUTT KICKING. Lost robot girls. Rips in the time space p-brane that lets in adorable horrors from beyond our mortal ken. Or perhaps just a vampire walking in the daylight. Reactivated steampunk robots looking for a job. Yeah, that kind of stuff. (Note: No these are not potential scenarios I am throwing at the PCs.)

Chargen Rules:

  • Magical Origins have to be approved by the DM.
  • Instead of using the book stat distributions, distribute a total of 40 points between Magical and Normal Attributes. No two Attributes in a category may have the same value. Max of 9, min of 3.
  • Magical Effects and Finishing Moves may be custom made - talk to DM for approval.
  • If you got a good concept, don’t feel constrained by rolling. It’s optional.
  • Robot Girls get +1 XP. The DM loves his robot girls. Also has to be approved.

BPIA is open for business? Will you join as a junior investigator? We're really shorthanded, and Broadrick is a huge city.

(Translation: The game is now seeking players. Tentatively Saturdays 0000GMT or 1400GMT)

List of players

Name Player Element Power Attributes
Athena Angelis The Bard Draconic Nightmare F>M>H
Chrysanthemum Lynn Espel Giantree Scaling Exaggeration H>M>F
Lindsay Telenand Charm Gambling Random Number Generation M>F>H
Hasu-Hasu Plutonis Change Extreme Omnivore M>H>F

Logs n' Shit

Episode 1