Bridget Macdonald
  • Age: Oi? Wot'r'uuu askin' fer? Some stoooopud survey? Eh? Aye be faertaen yaers ol'! Prime marrin' age 'coordin' ta' ma' pa!
  • Height: .86 o'a smoot! What'be a smoot ya' ask? FOOK YOU! (scribbled in in a very neat hand is 4'9)
  • Weight: Less than me bloody claymore! (scribbled in in a much neater hand is 80 pounds)
  • Bust Size: Wot'sa'booost? Ae caen booost allat! HA! Laek that desk!

*The text here is in much better handwriting* Princess Bridget Elaine Anastasia MacDonald is the daughter of Lord Morgan "Mad Morgan" MacDonald and his wife, the Lady Elisa MacDonald. She is the niece of the Emperor and Empress and a member of the Royal family; the current seventh in line for the throne. As a child, Bridget went through the standard training for one of her rank; elite schools and training to be married off. While she did take to them, the influence of her parents was present and she learned the arts of warfare and being a proper Highlander alongside being a proper Lady. While she can conduct herself perfectly well as a lady of her rank, her heart is not in it and she prefers swords to balls.

When not having to act "high class", this petite 14 year old is a hard drinking, hard fighting, impossible to understand highlander that can swear and scrap with the best of them. She takes heavily after her father, Mad Morgan who himself lost a leg (which he has since replaced with a machine gun. I don't get how it works either) in the previous conflict; and her mother, Elisa who is reported to have the worst temper in the Empire. It was Bridget's demand that she receive a pendant and her father used strings to get her a front line posting. If he's not giving his all for the Empire, who will? Besides, he'd be a damn rotten father if he didn't let his firstborn daughter have some fun.

So far, Bridget has proven to be reckless and a bit crazy; the pink hair and golden eyes are a result of her training (her first use with her amulet, she ended up obtaining a number of permanent changes). She's eager to fight alongside her comrades and is glad that they're as strong of heart and skilled as she is. Live or die, win or lose, she'll give her all and if she ends up looking different when it's done, well, they'll just have to deal.