Game: Treasure of Mana


Lilliputian Pugilist

Name: Breezy
Race: Sprite
Job: Boxer

Supershorttermnotreallyagoalinthesamesenseastheseotherones goal: Get money, get fed.





Level 5
XP: 0
HP: 100/100
MP: 36/36

Stat Value Bonus Rating
STR 14 18(+4) 6
VIT 10 0 3
DEX 6 0 2
INT 4 0 1
SPR 1 0 0

ACC: 2+6=8
EVA: 9

HP/level: 18
MP/level: 4
Weapons: Brawl, Reach (lolnope)


Race: Sprite
Height: 3 feet, claims it's an advantage because of having less to hit
Weight: Hopefully enough not to get blown away by Wind Saber
Hair: Lots of long and pretty silvery hair
Eyes: Red
Gender: …Claims to be male? It's kinda tough to buy, just looking at it.
Age: Young and stupid

Skills and Abilities

Skills: 0 to spend
Skills: 20 (14 monk, 4 int, 2 level)
Athletics (DEX): 2
Awareness (INT): 1
Diguise (INT): 1
Monster Lore (INT): 1
Stealth (DEX): 2
Swimming (STR): 2
Thievery (DEX): 2
Escape (DEX): 2
Riding (DEX): 2
Survival (INT): 1
Strongarm (STR): 5

Martial Arts
Fist of Mana -
Drunken Master


*(500g) Earthshaker - Damage: 3xSTR+2d6 (Counterattack/3, STR+2, SOS-Protect) [Earthshaker+Robofist+Diamond]
*(500g) Rainmaker - Damage: 3xSTR+2d6 (Counterattack/3, STR+2, Construct Killer) [Rainmaker+Robofist]

Inventory: Flat broke. Please feed me~!
Pink and white dress


Wind Saber (4 MP)
Target: Single
Type: Status, Elemental (Wind)
Gusts of air surround either the caster's fists or a comrade's weapon, imbuing it with the powers of Jinn. The target's weapon is treated as having the Wind Strike property until combat ends.

Flame Saber (4 MP)
Target: Single
Type: Status, Elemental (Fire)
Flames surround either the caster's fists or a comrade's weapon, imbuing it with the powers of Salamando. The target's weapon is treated as having the Fire Strike property until combat ends.

Limit Breaks

  • Rank 1: WRITE THIS UP
  • Rank 2: At Lv. 15
  • Rank 3: At Lv. 25 with accomplished life goals

There's a Nice Breezy


Attack: 2d6+8, +54 damage (+50% if counter, +50% if wind combo)

Epic Ability: Blitz – Instant, Self
By tapping into some immense reservoir of power, a monk’s hands and feet become
almost a blur, pummeling a single foe with a series of punishing blows. On the Monk’s
next normal attack action, he instead makes a number of attacks equal to his DEX or
SPR rating, whichever is higher. Attacks made during Blitz can be critical hits but not limit breaks, and this
ability may only be used against a single target. Furthermore, Blitz can never exceed a total of eight attacks and is never less than two.
5 attacks

Innate Ability: Martial Arts – Passive
Monks have mastered a variety of combat styles, allowing them to strike more rapidly than warriors encumbered by equipment. A Monk who is wearing no armor is always treated as though he is dual wielding, allowing him to reroll one die during every attack roll.
Furthermore, an unarmed Monk deals damage and possesses weapon properties as though he still had his standard weapon still equipped.

Counter - Passive
Moving with superior speed, the Monk is able to make a series of devastating counterattacks. Upon taking this ability, the Monk can use the ‘Counterattack’ weapon property on Brawl weapons 2 additional times per game session. In addition, any other weapon category the Monk wields gains the Counterattack property as well, usable once per session as normal.

Hamedo – Passive
The Monk has taken the ability to counterattack his foes to an entirely new level, able to anticipate blows and respond with brutal retribution even before they land.
After obtaining Hamedo, rather than counterattacking after damage is calculated, the character may perform a Counterattack as soon as a foe makes an attack that beats their EVA score, and prior to damage being determined. In addition, counterattacks now have a 50% chance of causing a Short Range knockback. This often means that an enemy who attacks a Monk and is stopped by Hamedo loses his attack altogether, as he finds himself sent tumbling backwards from a surprise retaliation.

Drunken Master: This martial form consists of techniques and fighting philosophy that appear to imitate a drunkard's movements. By using momentum and attacks that take their foes by surprise, a Drunken Master can perform explosive counterattacks. All counterattacks performed by the character deal an additional 50% damage. Furthermore, when the character is actually drunk - or afflicted with the negative status effects Berserk or Confusion - their EVA score increases by +1.