Rise of the Black Tide


For the past few weeks there have been reports of a strange disease striking a nearby town, but thanks to the blatantly obvious media blackout all anyone gets are random snippets of military trucks and CDC personnel. Seeing as this happened nearby, there is an uneasy air around Cherryride (colloquially known as bumfuck nowhere whose main exports are, unsurprisingly, cherries) for those who care for that sort of things. And thus life goes on as normal; no one bats an eye at what happens around them as they do their daily chores.
All of that changes when one day there is a rumbling from underground and large tower draped in a veil flowing darkness emerges in the middle of the city, quite literally everyone knows about it, it sticks out like a sore thumb. An hour passes without incident until the sounds of panic and turmoil can be heard from almost everywhere and before you know it the concrete cracks underneath your feet and a shadowy tendril pierces your body.


This campaign is gonna be pretty grim, and maybe dark depending on how the characters react.
The mood I'm going for is pretty much something similar to the first 7 minutes of this video but with less giant robots: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maXtgLtXli4

Chargen, Advancement and Alternate rules

40 point buy: stats are to be between 3 and 9, stats of 10 and above cost 3 points and stats below 3 cannot roll for tests.
Resolve system changed: Formula (Highest magic attribute+highest of cool or agro+5) determines your STARTING resolve.
Experience: Will arbitrarily grant experience at the end of every official session(Whether your character is there or not), by spending 5 xp you can do several things: Increase magical attribute by one, increase non-magical attribute by one, increase resolve by 4 points. By spending 10 xp you can get an extra finisher or combat effect (Perhaps a new power/element to accompany it, talk to the GM).

Bursts are replaced by corruption: Add temporary corruption and permanent corruption. The GM gets to dictate how a player's character is to behave for a certain scene an amount of times equal to the the temporary corruption points they gain (Which they get by getting 8+OC), this is resisted with a relevant stat with a base DC of 3+2*Perma corruption points. Regardless whether the command was resisted or not the temporary corruption point is removed and then added as a permanent corruption point.

Your character cannot automatically fly, so if you want to pretend you're a bird you can get a flight power, otherwise you gotta hustle.

Upon character creation you can choose between one of two traits.
-Resolve upgrades grant 2 additional resolve
-Additional combat effects and finishers cost 8 xp.

Character list


Name Player
Eberi DuskDancer
Einya Genshuku
Eloise Bardycute
Evan Giantree
Elijah Blaxypie


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