Beatrix Von Braun

Name: Beatrix von Braun

Age: 12
Height: Like really short
Weight: Really skinny

Beatrix is a frail girl that has always been sick and rarely had been able to leave it without putting much strain on her body. As a result she is anemic and always short of breath, which causes her to miss school a lot. However, because her family is filthy rich due to stock trading, she has been able to live life without mancy complications. She is a coward by nature, mostly because of her condition, and her magical weapons show it, but is extremely warm hearted and if pressed whe will power through her fear. She like playing starcraft (any of the 9) on her free time and will not hesitate to make references to it. Her parents travel a lot but she is always in contact thanks to the redundant amount of holocams/projectors at her house.

Though her abilities let her fight from an extremely safe distance (maybe from the safety of her own home) she is not immune to the pain since whenever a bit gets destroyed she gets a surge of feedback. However this degree of safety also puts her away from her allies' support abilities.

Beatrix is extremely cheery whenever she feels good (Mostly soon after she takes her meds) and her mood gradually dampens until she really isn't amused by your antics anymore.