Baddies Of Gaia

Notorious Figures

Gilgamesh and Enkido

Legendary vandals who have stolen and plundered from anyone foolish enough to let their guard down, these two brothers came into prominence over the past five years as self-styled "sky pirates", boarding other airships and seizing any valuables on board. Gilgamesh is said to be an excellent swordsman who collects the weapons of those who challenge him and lose; his most terrifying weapon being the legendary sword Excalibur II. His little brother Enkido, on the other hand, is a smooth talking ladies man with a penchant for magic. Together, they're a deadly force to be reckoned with. It's rumored that a third member of their group exists: a blade-for-hire stronger than either of them, but no one has been able to confirm this beyond the shadowy glimpses of a cloaked figure following them.

The Glutton

An enormous Qu standing nearly twelve feet high, packing a ridiculous amount of both fat and muscle. The normally cheerful expression of the Qu is replaced by greedy eyes with an unknown intent. A master of Blue Magic, he is the wealthy leader of an influential mafia in the Forgotten Continent settlement of Durandal, and reportedly owns his own fleet of airships. He has a rather deep voice, surprisingly fluent in speech for one of his kind. Because of his strength and the remote location of Durandal, he's able to get whatever he wants - but is that enough for this hulking kingpin?

Chell and Belle

A pair of twin mimes from Alexandria who don't adhere to any particular code of silence, these sisters aren't particularly nasty or unkind, but they often find themselves in the service of shady employers. When speaking, they seem to possess a verbal tic where they talk in antimetabole phrases. They're skilled at using magic, and are unfailingly optimistic and polite, even to opponents.


A Kuja impersonator that for some reason seeks to repeat events from ten years prior. This female genome is the ultimate fangirl - even her powers seem to reflect this. When Theta presented his Black Mage designs to Mikoto and the others in Black Mage village, Ayane replicated them for her own nefarious purposes. What are the depths of her abilities? And what are her motivations? Only time can tell.

The Fiends of Chaos


The most knowledgeable of the Four Fiends of Chaos, Lich has a way of digging up secrets that no one else should know, and uses them in conjunction with Transform to confound the enemy. Perhaps a bit too full of himself though.