Athena Angelis

Element: Draconic
Power: Nightmare - You can create a region of nightmare.


Fury: 9
Magic: 5
Heart: 3


Aggro: 8
Sharp: 7
Cool: 5
Social: 3


Dragon Lair: You surround the area of fighting with a Nightmare, isolating the combatants from reality. On your turn, you may spend your action and apply one point of OC for every two turns this effect will last; you may prematurely end the effect as a free action, but OC is not refunded. No one may run away from the fight for the duration of the effect. In addition, traps harm any enemies within the Nightmare for damage as determined by a Support Roll. On a result of 11 or less, they take 1 point of damage each round, 12-14 causes 2, 15-17 results in 3, and 18+ will deal 4 points of damage per round. You may take up to 3 OC or whatever puts you at 6 OC—whichever is less. All OC taken goes to the Support stat, and OC may not be taken to help the roll.

Pierce: Your strike thoroughly penetrates the opponent's defenses, leaving them vulnerable. Upon declaring your attack, take 1 OC to attack. If you successfully hit the enemy, they take a -3 penalty to their defense stat (if they swap stats, the penalty applies to whatever their defense stat changes to) until the end of your next turn. If you hit an enemy currently under the effect of Pierce with this effect, the duration resets.


Killer Lance: Your golden lance's lethal strikes feed off of luck. Any OC taken gives +4 to damage rather than +2, not including the 1 OC spent to perform a finisher. Manual OC provides the +4 bonus as usual.