Superb (+5) Conviction
Great (+4) Stealth, Lore
Good (+3) Alertness, Discipline
Fair (+2) Athletics, Endurance
Average (+1) Intimidation, Investigation


Physical Armor:1

Fate Points

Current Refresh
2 2


High Concept

Your Local Amnesiac Very Sad Gamer Ghost Tourist Martyr
"In the end, it seems that…I don't have a choice. At least one I can live…or you know, be dead with. At least I'm still gonna be me to the bitter end, right?"

In the end, Arae is still Arae. She's died once, and she remembers how that happened, so doing it again can't be worse, right? And asking someone else to die in her place…that just can't be done! No way! It can be done, but

Invoke - Good at games? Hell yeah. Good at being a ghost? She's as dead as they come! Determined to be a martyr? God damn, is she. She'd like an alternative, but does not believe there is one.

Compel - Despite everything, she is still distracted by the vidya. Not if it's directly interfering with her martyr business, though (do note that's 'most things'). Oh, and the whole 'martyr' thing. Find ways to NOT compel that.


Very Aware Of Her Fate To End Instead Of The World

To think she was interested in housing. Too bad for her (even though she got that housing in the end)! She is now fully aware of the reason she's dead yet alive in the first place, and what she's pretty sure she has to do. Though she can pass this fate to someone else, she is determined to bear the fate herself, even though it hurts. She can't just tell someone else to do it! And she can't waste anymore time!

Invoke - Well she certainly has something to live for, either way! Be dead for! If she double dies before then, everything ever is fucked. If it has to do with her destiny, she'll certainly give it her all too!

Compel - Arae is finding it harder and harder to talk to the people she's fated to leave. And she's pretty determined to go along with the whole 'she dies' thing…even though she's scared as shit about it. Fear was her original manipulated emotion, you know! In any case, loafing around isn't an option. She needs a force, and she needs to use that force to take the chakras so she can keep everything from ending!


"I get dizzy when I look in the mirror! But…well, it'd be nice to look at someone without expecting them to run away…though I guess that'll come in handy now!"


Invoke - Seriously, just look at them. It's scary shit. If they are not used to and don't like weird, then these things will make people flee. If not, it's still kinda disturbing to tack on to the whole being dead thing. However, when one can get past the whole 'jesus christ her eyes are fucking rainbow vortexes', they're rather distracting and almost soothing to stare it. Incidentally, the vortexes spin faster when she's mad, which might cancel the whole soothing thing but freaks people out more.

Compel - Seriously, just look at them. It's scary shit. If they are not used to and don't like weird, then these things will make people flee. Even if she doesn't want it to happen, it sort of makes talking with people that aren't freaked the fuck out by rainbow eyes very hard. If she could possibly appear as not a ghost, the eyes still remain as fucked up as always. If she has a blindfold or has her eyes closed, MAYBE she can pass as a normal anything.

Rising Action

Not-Casper The Curious Ghost
"And when I got out of there, there was like…everything! I didn't know what any of it was! So I went to find out! And then decided to find out on my own when the nearest person began to freak out. And now, I have more reasons to be…well, curious!"

When she first came to, she had a lot of things to discover. She probably wasn't even done when THIS started to happen, and now she has a lot more reasons to be curious about everything. And as of the moment of writing, even MORE reasons to be curious about her former self. All and all, she doesn't think she NEEDS them answered, but she wants them answered anyway. She'll never be able to rest in peace otherwise! …Not like she'll be doing that anytime soon.

Invoke - She's gotten good at finding things out with all the discoveries she's had to make!

Compel - 'What does this button do?' (AKA: Curiosity killed the…ghost…hold on this isn't working), urge to figure out the past is rising


Strategy Guide To The World
"I found this book on my dead body. It's really weird! But with it, I can make people super terrified! It's come in handy. …I don't want people to run away, but sometimes it's better than what they're doing now! But the best part about it is that it knows things. I'd be lost without it!"

Once upon a time, someone that wasn't named Arae died thanks to an overdose of generic drug letter combination. Said someone that wasn't Arae woke up, clueless, but decided 'maybe the book that rather dead-looking person might explain what this is about'. So, she flipped to a page, to discover it apparently being a game set in Hong Kong (or at least taking place in Hong Kong at one point in the game), talking about a hotel in Hong Kong, and how there's going to be a firefight in a place very, very similar to this room, complete with body, and ghostie. It then gave helpful hints on how to make it out of there slightly less dead. Confused and rather bewildered, she grabbed a few other things before having to get out thanks to GUNFIRE, and that she'd better listen what that book says, lest things get a lot messier than they should!

Invoke - Learning! In addition to invoking for LEARNING purposes, she really likes it and will probably make great lengths to get it back if she loses it somehow.

Compel - Hello important book, how would you like to be separated from your owner today? Incidentally, strategy guides have been notorious for typos (potentially in terrible places), but she'll probably take it for what it says anyway. Unless it sounds like losing.

Guest-Starring #1

"…A-after all this time alone…"

She knew how to treasure her friends all along. In fact, that's why she's in this situation to begin with! Isn't it sad?

Invoke - Her friends are important, she must defend them! And she doesn't like when, you know, someone impersonates them and they're suddenly ink. That's just mean as fuck. She'd like to make friends too, but now it's sorta late for that! The invoke is less broad, now.

Compel - And if she must put herself in harm's way for friends, she'll do that too. HELLO, PLOT!

Guest-Starring #2

"Addy~ You're so cool~ Teach me what you know~"

If Rini is 'her best friend' (at least, as far as the party is concerned, though she's likely to be among the ranks of Zhang and Xiaohua if she isn't secretly the BBEG's sidekick), then Addy is who she'd love to actually BE. Jolly, carefree, great cook, pretty adorable, so on! And despite the weirdness of both parties…no, because of it, Arae's most loneliest moments had a unique shine.

Invoke - If she gets a spirit snack, this could be invoked for damn well everything. That aside, when it comes to defending Addy, she can very well stack this invoke on top of friends whenever it applies to Addy. Incidentally, she has a like-minded opinion of any necromancer that's cool, but not as strong as with Addy.

Compel - If it involves protecting Addy you bet your ass she'll listen to anything they say. And she'll probably listen to anything Addy has to say (bar requests that wouldn't end well for Addy, of course)! Even if it's a (well made, now) apparition! Unless she knows it's actually an apparition


Being Dead (???): Is being dead a stunt? No? A power? ARE YOU SAYING ARAE ISN'T COOL? YOU WOULD SAY THAT, CALEB!


(All things with a * have a modified cost.)

Incite Emotion [-3*](Previously -5*)
Item of Power: Strategy Guide to The Closed Circle [+2]
Description: Arae's book of wonder. In addition to the magical qualities of knowledge it has, it can be used to scare the everloving shit out of people. Or things. If it can fear, she can make it fear. It's rather unfortunate that she can make people scared instead of happy, but what can you do?

The answer is 'get a free upgrade'. After a flashback, it seems that Arae can mess with more than before! With her happy memories, she has both received the ability to inflict 'joy' and 'calmness' on others. But what good would those do? The former has its uses against beings of evil that run off it, alongside potential positive uses in non-combat situations. The latter could be used for nearly anything! Calmness can easily stop someone from flipping the fuck out (use against Caleb), help allies, or ultimately oppress them in a vegetable state of serenity.
Skills Affected: Conviction, or Deceit/Intimidation but why would I do that
Basically, it's a ranged weapon that can target the foe to inflict fear, something, or something else, which has uses for maneuvers, or more frequently, mental stress. It gives +4 to damage, and uses Conviction (or something else), most likely VS Discipline. Scary as shit. Or really great. Or soothing.

Spirit Form [-2]
Description: She's dead, Jim.
Skills Affected: A lot of them
Since she's dead and a ghost, she can go through walls and such. She has trouble with anti-magic, however, and can still be hit just fine. She can fade out and basically go invisible if desired, but can't perceive anything useful and can be found out by someone with good Lore or other special means anyway. She can touch things like a Poltergeist (and may use Conviction instead of her non existent Might to do so), along with other physical skills she doesn't have. She can also fly at basically +2.

Demesne [0*]
Description: With the amazing power of MAGIC and MEMORIES, she has fixed her small housing problem. In a place of significance to her past self, she may OPEN THE GATE using her key, and enter the world of her mind.
Skills Affected: Discipline
Effects: She can bring herself and others into a world of her own using the key she got from her first trip down memory lane. She succeeds at any declaration made about it's physical form, and may roll Discipline to place scene aspects on it during combat, as well as roll Discipline to attack anything in it physically.

Being A Ghost: Not Dying Twice Edition [-2] ([-4] + [-2] + [+4])
Description: Arae has finally figured out how to actually be a ghost, at least when it comes to 'getting hit doesn't hurt, and she can get better'. She also figured out that high levels of salt are very troublesome! It shouldn't mess with eating unless she's having something with a high sodium content, but hey, she's GOOD AT NOT BEING DEADER THAN SHE IS. You can't ask for much more.
Skills Affected: There's armor involved, but not really any.
Being a ghost that gets how to be a ghost does loads for her. But let's get this out of the way: it doesn't work against salt. A ring of salt could entrap her (likely, this would be a scene aspect that, while she has it, whatever hits, hurts!), and if someone swings a pillar of salt at her it won't be pretty. The catch, as you call it, is salt. What's boosted, follows.

Toughness: As Inhuman Toughness, Arae has 2 more stress boxes, and Armor:1 against all attacks that have nothing to do with salt.

Recovery: As Supernatural Recovery, Arae can recover from any physical wound, given nothing but time. Though she doesn't have much, it would do wonders for the Epilogue if all her limbs are hacked off or something. Unless they were hacked off with salt, then she's kinda boned. In addition, Endurance will not restrict skill use, Arae doesn't actually need sleep through this entire game (a week), Arae recovers from physical consequences as if they were two steps lower, (Mild and Moderate heal off at the beginning of next scene, Severe is like Mild, and Extreme is like Moderate), and twice a scene, she can simply shrug off a Mild consequence as a supplemental action.


Note: Arae can take an additional mild mental consequence!

Ghostly Hole in Chest: It got better!
REMEMBER THE SENSATION: That was a killer headache. But I'm ready now! For whatever comes my way!
Karmic Axe Wound: Really need to stop getting hurt like this.
JAVELIN THROUGH HER GHOST HEART: Kinda need to conserve my energy.
Two Consequences That Were Healed Instantly: Getting slapped (like a bitch) hurt (like a bitch), but only for a few seconds!

Force Cast to compel the eyes to come out of their sockets and freak everything the fuck out one of these days.

…Time to claim chakras. There's no point in thinking too hard about much else.