Amaryllis Middleton

Campaign : FFIX-2

Laying down the basics

"Balance - Tragedy is merely the necessary counterpart to triumph. It is only by sinking to the lowest depths that one can appreciate the rise back to the greatest heights."

Name: Amaryllis Middleton
AKA: Ammy
Age : 25
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8''

Job: Tonberry Knight
Level 15
EXP: 0/5
AP: 300/300 
Destiny: 14
Phantom Destiny: 1 per session
HP: 585/585
MP: 90/90
Stat Value Bonus Total
PWR 28 0 28
RES 21 0 21
DEX 1 0 1
MND 4 0 4
Force: 12
Finesse: 1
ACC: 2+7=9
AVD: 4
ARM: 140
M. ARM: 60
HP/level: 18+21=39
MP/level: 2+4=6
Weapons: Blade, Huge, Brawl, Concealed, Dual Wield, Arcane, Ranged
Armor: Heavy

Stronger Together record: +4 PWR, +4 RES


Life: Find the truth. (Completed)

Theme: Something like this



Alt Portrait

A tall young woman, usually dressed in a large coat or jacket when not donning her armor. A neutral, waiting expression adorns her soft face, and her normal demeanor is taciturn and unassuming. However, she springs into a more theatrical posture to spin her tales, yellow eyes lighting up with life and delight.

She wears a necklace of 12 one-gil coins around her neck, often stuffed into her shirt when she is not signaling her allegiance to the other Gates. Scars from deep, repeatedly reopened wounds run up her right arm to the shoulder, a visible sign of years of Darkside use. Long, emerald hair flows down to her knees and ends in a tied off split, similar to a fish's tail. Though rarely worn now due to its state of wear, she has a ragged brown cloak with the Aitchison House insignia on the back - a stylized onion.

A repertoire of tales

Perform 15 (signature skill)
Lore: Eidolons 8
Synthesis: Cooking 8
Mercantile 6
Lore: General/History 4
Awareness 3
Stealth 3
Athletics 3

Darkside (Innate)
Golden Gaze (character bonus - modified)
Night Sword
Black Sky
Bad Blood
Words of Power (Scholar homebrew)
The Knife that Severs
Mark of Karma

Limit Abilities:
Dominate (Currently Marked: no one)

Black Magic
Novice: Twilight, Sleep, Hex, Blind
Intermediate: Melt, Bio, Zombie
Expert: Arise, Sleepaga, Advanced Illusion
Superior: X-Zone, 14
Ancient: 15

Everyone's Grudge

Limit Break
Karma - Attack:Magic (Everyone's Grudge) - 3 Points
Debilitate x2 (Shadow) - 4 Points
Elemental (Shadow) - 1 Point
Revenge (full HP loss damage) - 8 Points
Piercing - 4 Points
Area Effect - 5 Points
Status Effects (Stop, Poison, Blind) - 6 Points
Power Item (Knife and Lantern) - 1 Point Refund

Trance: As yet unnamed
Regain all 1/session and 1/combat abilities
Cured of all status effects
Gain Fastcast
+2 Damage Steps on all attacks
Darkside no longer costs HP
Super Opus
Duration: 3 rounds

Tonberry Queen


R. Hand Weapon: Atropos (Knife): The Steel That Severs Stagnant Stories - Tier 8 Blade, Reliable Strike, Break Damage Limit, Chronopocket, Accurate (+4 to Opposed Rolls), Piercing, Triple Critical, Impact, +5 Cooking, Random Gemini (d6: 1 Arcane, 2 Brawl, 3 Concealed, 4 Huge, 5 Ranged, 6 Reach)
L. Hand Weapon: Clotho (Lantern): The Light That Leads Lustrous Legends - Tier 8 Arcane, Quick Cast, Break Damage Limit, Auto-Haste, Auto-Regen, Sentient (Chocochick perch, also 1/combat shadeblade misses allies), Job Ability (Center Stage), Job Ability (Seal Evil), Auto-Protect, Auto-Life
Armor: Lachesis (Robes): The Fabric that Fortells a Fable's Fate - Tier 8 Heavy Armor, Auto-Shell, Adamantite (resists piercing)
Accessory: Memento of Noah (Tier 8 Add-on, Fear-Proof, Charm-Proof, The Place I'll Return to Someday - Standard Action no MP teleport back to the Stray, Volatilize - cast from HP: 2 HP = 1 MP)

Current Inventory:
Real Inventory:

  1. Admiral's Knife (Tier 4, Blade, +2 PWR +2 Negotiation)
  2. Combat Scissors (Tier 4 Huge. Properties: Heavy Swing, Berserktouch, Special Ability (Paperslayer - Instant KO's any enemy made of paper, even if they would normally be immune to instant death))
  3. Wristband (Tier 2 Bracers, 1 AVD, SOS-Haste)
  4. Fancy reading glasses (Tier 2 Accurate: +2 on opposed rolls)
  5. Storytellers' Voice-Enhancing Herbal Tea (Job Ability: Power Chord) x4
  6. Hearty Chowder (Food: Earth Strike) x3
  7. Bottle of Lifestream
  8. Tonberry Training Knife (Tier 3 Blade, Shadow Enhancer)
  9. Fancy Chef's Hat (Tier 2 Accessory, +2 Cooking, only wear one at a time)
  10. Brandy-Covered Holiday Pudding (Shadow-Proof Food) x1
  11. Pub Style Beef Stew (+4 PWR food) x0
  12. Echo Screen x4
  13. Revivify x4
  14. Spicy Bomb Meatballs in Tomato Sauce (Food: Fire Strike) x2
  15. Antidote x5
  16. Stop Heal x4
  17. Eyedrops x5
  18. Hi-Potion x6
  19. Hi-Ether x2
  20. Potent Carved Bone Charm (Tier 2 Accessory, +2 PWR)
  21. Valkyrie Shields - Tier 4 Shield (12/12, 2 AVD, Job Ability: Shield Bearer)
  22. Synth Lens (Tier 2 Accessory, +2 to Synth rolls and Acc, Fragile, can only wear one)
  23. "Ignis Aurum Probat" - Tier 4 Heavy Armor, Fireproof (35/15)
  24. Prism Potion (Consumable: +4 to Lore: Eidolons check) x1
  25. Martyr's Mixture (Consumable: Spellburst Chivalry) x4
  26. Stormwatchers' Coffee (Tier 4 Food, Water-Proof, Lightning-Proof) x1
  27. Semi-sweet Angel Food Cake (Holy proof food) x3
  28. Desert Tears (perform bonus component) x1
  29. Mandragora Root x1
  30. Bard's Ale (Tier 4 Food, +4 Perform) x0
  31. Dancer's Draught (Consumable, +4 Perform) x1
  32. Vial of Ambrosia Drops x2
  33. Potion x4
  34. Espionage Espresso (+4 Stealth consumable) x2
  35. Curse Powder (curse-touch consumable) x5
  36. Sprinter's Shake (+4 Athletics consumable) x0
  37. Perceptive Potion (+4 Awareness consumable) x5
  38. Phoenix Down x5
  39. Energy Drink x5 (Spellburst: Sprint, for chocobos)
  40. shark fin with blood orange salad x1 (+4 pwr, hp drain)
  41. Eidolon heal x3
  42. Sashimi Platter (+4 MND Food) x3
  43. Lewd Brassiere - Tier 2 Accessory (Job Ability: Center Stage) Enchanted to help with mood lighting~
  44. Dark and Stormy - Wind/Lightning/Water Proof food x2

309325 gil

Key Items:

  • Stone of the Corrupt
  • Bottle of Cornelian Red circa 332
  • Bottle of Spring 1402
  • Bottle of Ooh La La
  • Formal Wear (evening gown in an earthy brown color accented by hints of green, comes with detached sleeves that end like a robe sleeve. Hem, neck and ends of sleeves have pale sections with a runic looking inscription in darker brown)
  • Mist Bottle
  • Tantarian Compass
  • Ayane's Map - Marked: Gate of Gaia (in a mountainy area between the desert palace and the earth shrine) (There's a red teardrop next to "Gate of Gaia" that reads "get blood"), Iifa Tree, Desert Palace, Earth Shrine, Madain Sari
  • Gran Grimoire
  • Photo of Maliris and Kraken (?) at a dance

Fluff Inventory:

  • Cutting board, small pan, spatula, other various cooking materials
  • Book of stories~ (cursed with obfuscation, whitelist: herself, Noah, Nat)
  • Booze (Whiskey, Wine from Aitchison cellar)
  • Contraceptives

History book of the events of FFIX

O Muses Bless My Tale


Ammy's Assorted Annotations

Moogle Mannerisms

  • Moogles love kupo nuts.
  • Moogles prefer to live alone in isolated and dangerous locales, even if they feel terribly lonely for it.
  • Moogles ask the first travelers they meet to deliver letters for them.
  • Moogles share the contents of their letters with strangers.
  • Moogles know how to set up Mog Tents. Anyone else trying gets bitten by a snake.
  • Moogles give away mysterious packages to those who deliver letters to them. Even the starving Moogles living in dreary, oppressed towns.
  • Moogles have tents that are larger on the inside than the outside and contain modern amenities such as plumbing and heat.
  • Moogles think laser fences are neat.
  • Moogles have either a supernatural sense of coincidence or impeccable hearing. It is almost disconcerting.
  • Moogles are the best judge of the attractiveness of human females. Bar none.
  • Moogles are definitely not creepy stalkers sometimes. Reading one of their creepy stalker diaries journals is bad luck probably makes them feel really self-conscious and embarrassed about their unedited writing.
  • Moogles have too much free time.
  • Moogles do not judge. Anyone. Even the homes of Kuja fetishists bent on recreating the world in their image are fine habitats for a Moogle.
  • Moogles will do bloody anything to get to you if you call them with a Moogle Flute
  • Moogles run a global newspaper now.

Moogle Manifest

  • Mogster, Moggy - Tutorial Moogles
  • Stiltzkin - traveling moogle
  • Mookapa - underneath Daguerreo, had a letter for Mogar
  • Mogar - Lesetira Port, gave Stone of the Corrupt and Moogle's Flute for letter
  • Mogantz - Lesetira, pugilist, beat the shit out of Nat
  • Kumool - Ipsen's Castle, had a letter for Mogcid
  • Mogcid - Durandal, gave Moogle Shield for letter
  • Mooel - Oeilvert
  • Mogriarty - South Gate
  • Elvis - Gimazaladuke's…ask Celina when I feel better Gizamaluke's Grotto. Am I sure that name is right? Moglines Reporter.
  • Muggy - Cursed Repository - helped us use a moogle tent for the first time, had a letter for Mogantz
  • Mogsam - Desert Palace - how did he even get there?
  • Erik(upo) - Alexandros Underpass
  • Moguo - the Enterprise - we called him to help us set up a tent there, and he flew straight through the window to get to us…higher than any airship has traveled…with his wings alone
  • Mogrika - Esto Gaza - has insecurities about her appearance as she grows older, kind of depressed
  • Chimomo - Madain Sari - A big Moogle apparently? Why do some of them have names that buck the trend?
  • Mogryo - Black Mage Village - He loves chocobos, kupo! I should tell him about the time Nat and I tried to be chocobo knights.
  • Mocha, Momatose, and Morrison - Madain Sari - Eiko's friends. They miss her dearly.
  • Kupoppa - ??? - Interviewer/Reporter for Moglines
  • Dr. Kupophagus -??? - "Adventurist", a sociologist and psychologist specializing in adventurers perhaps?
  • Mog/Madeen - Lindblum - Eiko's friend and a powerful (and thankfully sensible) Eidolon. She enjoys popcorn and whiskey.
  • Kulpo - Lindblum - delivers mail for Eiko, uses a wooden board with wheels for locomotion.